WP Roller: Create Custom WordPress Installation with Plugins & Themes

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WP Roller: Create Custom WordPress Installation with Plugins & Themes

We have various ways to install WordPress, like we can download the official .zip WordPress installation file, and install WordPress manually. Hosting companies like Bluehost or Hostgator, offer one click WordPress installation with the help of scripts. One  common thing after installing WordPress is, we need to install essential WordPress plugins.

By default WordPress comes packed with plugins like Akismet, Holly dolly, but to extend the feature of WordPress, we have a long list of plugins that we need to install. Many users whose job is to install multiple WordPress on a given day, it adds a lot to their task.

WordPress do offer profile feature, where you can mark plugins as your favorite, and quickly install it, or you can take advantage of bulk plugin installation plugin, to install multiple plugins at once. Anyways, you need to do lot of manual work, and we all know “Saving time is saving money“. Today, I will be talking about one WordPress tool call WPRoller, which will be very helpful for individuals and companies, who deal with bulk installation of WordPress.

What is WPRoller and how it works?

WpRoller is an online service, which will let you create a Zip folder of WordPress with your pre-defined plugins and themes. The best part is, this service is completely free.  This service is anytime better than using default WordPress installation for bulk WordPress installation, as with your custom WordPress setup file, you can get rid of default posts and pages, get rid of default plugins like Holly dolly, remove the sample comment, add any plugins from WordPress plugin repo, and you can also select from some of the mentioned free themes. (WordPress theme developer can contact the team, and ask them to add their free themes).

WpRoller WordPress Custom installation

In short, this service will help you to create your own WordPress installation file, with your own custom settings. Atleast, these will certainly save a lot of time, which you usually do after installing WordPress.

To get started, head over to WPRoller site, and create a free account. You can also create custom WordPress installation .zip file without registration, but it’s a good idea to create a profile, and save your custom setup for later use. Now, on the home page, you can start creating your custom WordPress installation. You can add plugins name from WordPress plugin repo or from Github. You can also select plugins from their list of plugins.

Using WPRoller

After selecting plugins, you can select the theme which you want to be installed by default with your WordPress installation. All these are optional, and you can skip it. After selecting themes and plugins, customize your installation. You can get rid of all sample stuff like comment, page, post, and default plugins.

Customize WordPress installation

Once you have set up all basic needs, click on roll it up, and it will create a custom WordPress installer for you. Now, download the .zip file, and use ShoutMeLoud manual WordPress installation guide, to use your installer. Only difference is, instead of downloading .zip file from WordPress repo, you will be using your own WordPress.zip file created with the help of WPRoller. You can also try your custom WordPress .zip file on locally installed WordPress.

Over all, as a free service WPRoller is a very handy service for anyone, who have to install WordPress multiple times.  This service will be more handy, if they allow us to add our custom WordPress plugins (Ex: EasyWPSEO, SEOPressor), or custom themes. Anyhow, with a price tag of Zero, WPRoller certainly deserves a mention.

Do let me know if you know of any such similar services. Don’t forget to share about this free service on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Phanindra says

    Really very helpful tool, Harsh. Nice to see that this is a free service which is made available for everyone.


  2. Kinjalk Tiwari says

    Very useful for who need to install WordPress many times. It can save a lot of time in installation and it’s also free .Very nice tool .

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