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    WP-DB Manager: A Plugin a Week Keeps your Blog on Peak

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    This is a guest post by Usman who blogs at Mobile-Geeks. If you like to write for us, read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

    You must have heard the famous proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but there is a “plugin” that is very useful for steady and smooth running of a blog if used, for at least, once a week. The plugin is WP-DBManager and here I am going to share how to use it in case you have limited hosting resources.

    Initially my blog was hosted on a shared server. But after reading the disadvantages of such hosting, I shifted my blog to Virtual Private Server back in January. First I purchased 376 MB RAM with 0.6 GHz dedicated CPU, but my blog faced many downtimes in a week and during this period I started using this very handy plugin. Though I have upgraded the server but still this plugin is on the top of my list.

    island peak climbing with group WP DB Manager: A Plugin a Week Keeps your Blog on Peak

    WP-DB Manager:

    This is a must have plugin if you have not (or have) installed cPanel on your server to save the resources. You can optimize and backup the database with single click. The other important feature of WP-DB Manager is that you can run commonly used queries from within this plugin.

    For example every time you save a post, a revision is written and saved in the database. If you have run a blog with Revision turned on, chances are that you will have a lot of revision posts in your database. You can remove all those revision posts with this single query to free up more space.

    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

    I am not in favor to use a lot of plugins on a blog even the server is not deficient in resources. Some plugins cause sluggishness on admin side and others on client side, but both types of plugins take an ample share of server resources.

    So it is highly recommended that you use very less plugins to increase the speed and performance of your server and blog. For this purpose we can categories the plugins into “Permanently Active” and “Temporary Active”, and fortunately WP-DB manager falls in both categories.

    If you have got enough resources, you can keep the WP-DB Manager permanently active and schedule if for different tasks. In other case you can make it active temporarily to backup the database, optimize all the tables and run different queries and then deactivate it again.

    Well, if you are not using this plugin on your wordpress blog, start using it right now at least once a week to backup and optimize your blog’s database. You can download WP-DB Manager from WordPress Plugin Directory. Read more about Wp- Db Manager wordpress plugin.

    Which WordPress plugin are you using to optimize your blog?

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    Mani Viswanathan

    This plugin is a must for wordpress blogs.

    I liked the title of the post though :P


    Kamal Hasa

    You can use WP-Optimize plugin instead of this ;)


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