9 Productivity Tips For Work at Home Bloggers

Working from home sounds really cool, mostly for others who aren’t working from home. Because, you wake up whenever you want, no dress-code, sit wherever and above all, there is no boss to shout over you. The whole thing sounds so cool and one can’t resist to take the pleasure. But it is not as easy as it actually sounds. Of course, there’s fun but, your work productivity can be dropped down to the ground.

You wake up at ten, get a pizza and with a mug of coffee in one hand, you switch on your computer to start working in your pajamas. You work for an hour and suddenly, as someone pokes you on Facebook, you keep chatting for the next three hours and when you come back, it’s time for lunch. After having too much of it, you take a deep day-nap and finally get up after four hours. Time to go out with friends. You come back after three hours and look at the clock, it’s already night. You might not want to miss this episode of Friends or The Bing Bang Theory. And finally when you look back, zero-productivity.

To work from home, you need to work more effectively, stay organized and follow some techniques. You can then watch TV programs, do your work, spend time with your girlfriend and party. Today, I am going to give you some effective and productivity tips for working from home.

Working from home? Here are some handy productive tips

Maintain A Schedule

Of course, you can wake up and work at your time of convenience. But let it be organized. Set yourself to some working hours and work during those hours. You may not have to keep it for the boring, routine, stereotype 9-5. You can set the timings according to your own comfort level and work.

Avoid Distractions

When you’re working from home, everything looks like distracting you. Your partner, parents, neighbors and even your pet. Most of the corporate employees So, the most important point to note down before you start working from home is let there by any distractions where you work. Ask your parents/partner, not to disturb you unless in emergency. This can boost your focus on the work you are doing.

Dress Up

People feel, the best perk of working from home is working in your favorite pajamas. Well, experts and successful people who work from home say that you need to dress-up and sit for working. This prepares your mind-set for the work. When you are still in your pajamas with the keyboard on your laps, you still feel dizzy and may want a sleep. Again!

Clean Your Desk

Clean desk

It is always advised to have a tidy work place, if you ever want to work better. And why do you think, offices are so shiny all the time? Having a clean desk/workplace will let you focus more effectively. Even things around you can disturb you, sometimes. Clean up your workplace/desk before ending your workday. When you come up the next morning with a mind-set, you will not go off, then.

Take Regular Breaks In-Between

When you set five complete hours for working without a break. Do consider some little breaks in-between. However, if you know the pomodoro technique, it is highly recommended. If you don’t know what it is; Pomodoro is the technique where you should work for twenty five minutes continuously and then take a break. It works with a twenty-five minute countdown timer. You can then take a little break, come back and then proceed with the same. Well, it is mostly used and applied to writers. Maybe, if your work is not so different, this can really help you. If you are a writer, you ought to read  how to concentrate on writing.

Separate Workplace

Even if you work from home, have a separate living area and work space. When you have your work computer beside your bed, you may always want to sleep or maybe, you want to work on your bed itself. This really drags out your focus and work productivity. So, always separate your workplace from your living area.

Do NOT Work Daily

If you work in an office, you have weekend holidays and some others, occasionally. Now, even if you are working from home, you should take occasional holidays. But make sure, you are not leaving your work in the middle. Do complete your work and go for the ride. It is really essential to have rest and refreshment. Else, you cannot show up yourself when you work all the time sitting on your computer. Besides, you have a personal life. Go, live it!

Have A To-do List

To DO List - Work from home

Even if you are not working from home, you should have a to-do list or a day-schedule if you want to improve your productivity. Make a list of all the things that you are supposed to do on that very day. This will help you in organizing your work timings and the time to manage your personal life and things.

Maintain Good Relations

It is often said that working-from-home people have a limited exposure to the outside world. The computer, your desk and your cell phone become your only friends. This can make you a freak. Besides, if you get used to the lonely life, you may or may not get adjusted to this world. So, keep in touch with your friends, go out and have some parties. This can refresh you and will also help you in concentrating on your work, again.


Tell me, from your experience of working from home, under what conditions do you feel like working and the converse?

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Koundeenya is a turned out blog writer from a diary writer and a broken heart. I love writing & Taylor swift. Love to spend time alone with my computer. And on my blog Diarywriter, I write about blogging tips and writing tips


COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Krishna says

    Pros & cons about this. I’ve done both and honestly, I do prefer the social aspect of working in the office – but find I do better quality [creative] work from home. It really depends on what goals you have for the job – and the level of trust between yourself & your employer and vice/versa. I’ve found a good balance is to go into the office at least once or twice a week for meetings and to keep yourself in the managers’ mind.

  2. Tushar says

    I have been working from home for 4 years now and I love it. It is challenging when you have distractions, (kids, pets, etc), but it is also very rewarding. I love being able to spend time with my family and work at the same time. I don’t have a boss standing over my shoulder and I make my own hours. The tips above are very informative and anyone currently working from home or planning to in the future could use these.

  3. sunil says

    very great article as sometime we work much n sometimes a few things are done so to do list is vry important role player. i always keep a diary write a few tasks to be done in it before starting work and also i cross the task that i complete in this way i never miss anything.
    thnx once again for such article.

  4. says

    Very well written Article mate.
    Even if we do not work from home we must have to follow a schedule so why not make our own schedule with respect to our own comfort zone!
    Really impressive stuff.
    Thanks for reminding some lacks in me.

  5. Angela Lea says

    I really liked the dress up point. lol
    Its true, i really want to work from home but unable to do as im not that expert in my field neither i have confidence on myself. but after some period of time i start working from home just due to your main points. Great article

  6. Ravi kumar says

    Hi Koundeenya,

    I am full time blogger cum freelancer. This full list, I used to follow, when I started blogger after my Software Engineering. You know what, Why I came in this field, since childhood, I have fond of doing creative things. So, I started writing.

    My Software engineering skills has boosted my skills too much.

    My Daily Life

    I getup early before the sunrise and go for a walk, If do not go outside, do exercise at terrace only, then have tea and get refresh and after having breakfast go to my office nearby my home.

    I used to live my friends, so do not feel freak, used to have breaks sometimes. I have an evening walk daily at 6 PM and have some evening breakfast with friends. I am happy with it.

    Sometimes I feel so bad due to personal reasons, I can not give attention to my work too.

    Can you suggest, how do I face such problems, so that my work does not affect from that.?


    • Koundeenya says

      Hey, Ravi Kumar!

      I’m happy to hear that. Working for both day-job and online-blog is definitely a tough thing to manage.

      But, I know. Personal things do matter a lot. At such times, I feel inspiration and motivation is necessary. Go out and have some fresh air. Spend some relaxing moments and come back. You can easily concentrate on what you’re doing. Or, make meditation, your daily habit.

      Thanks for sharing your story here.

      • Rohit Kumar says

        Hi Koundeenya,
        I am right now part time blogger. I am doing B.Tech in ECE. Your article really helps me alot. My schedule is 7am to 6.30pm college only. Its hard to find time in such a busy and irritated schedule. Now in evening time, what to do ? after a long day, anyone feel exhausted. But blogging passion makes me wake up and tell me that lets do it buddy!!. But also personal relations are disturbed. I think to gain or earn something you have to loose something. Its a fact.

  7. Kasim says

    People keep these things in mind, but thanks for reminding them again. :)

    @Koundeenya, You got a unique name, never heard of it.. :D