WordPress Update Service

WordPress is one of the best Blogging platform and top CMS. WordPress is constantly updated software and every every couple ofWordPress Update Service months,we see atleast 1-2 updates. It’s good WordPress keep updating it’s software to meet today’s technology standard but for non-techy people this is a big headache. That’s why we are introducing WordPress update service. As name suggests, this WordPress update service helps to upgrade your WordPress software, plugins, themes to the latest version.

We can always update WordPress blog using  one click upgrade but it causes issues with many WordPress blog and with certain hosting, which allows WordPress manual update. We take care of any such situation and we upgrade your blog to latest version.

In case if you are not sure why you should update WordPress to latest version:

Security fixes: WordPress keep rolling out beta updates and usually WordPress user ignores it thinking of some small updates. Though this is one big mistake, as such security patch or updates are very important and critical for your  blog.

Bug fixes: Another reason for WordPress minor update is because of some bug fixes. In such cases, you should read the release notes and check what all bugs has been fixed. Mostly, it’s feature centric like blog which allows user registration and so on, in case if you are not using any such feature you may skip the update.

Plugin compatibility: 
Over the time, plugins keep getting updated to meet current WordPress version. If you are using an old version of WordPress, it’s time for you to update it to meet the plugin compatibility and to use the new features of plugins.

What method we use here at WordPress Update service:

We ensure 99.99% uptime when we perform WordPress upgrade. In certain cases, when updating from older WordPress versions WP3.0>, it takes some time, as many things like plugin and themes has been upgraded and compatibility issues arises.

We take a complete backup of database and essential files before making any changes. This is to make sure that client site doesn’t get hampered in case of any technical issues. Since, WordPress is a software and sometime hosting and WordPress configuration mismatches and gives many errors like:  WordPress update failed, WordPress memory issues or WordPress plugin compatibility.

If you are looking for an online WordPress update service to upgrade your blog to latest version and keep it up to date, you can use this contact form to inquire about our service fees.


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