[WordPress Solution] Your Jetpack has a glitch

WordPress has just released a new plugin call Jetpack which will bring the power of WordPress.com into self hosted WordPress blog. Though I will get into details about this plugin after this post but for now, while I was trying to activate this plugin by connecting to my WordPress.com account, I got this error message:

Your Jetpack has a glitch. Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen. Guess you’re just lucky: xml_rpc-32601


Now if you happen to get stuck in situation like me, here is a simple solution to this problem. Disable your cache plugin and try to connect.  Or you can try clearing your cache and connect. For me later one worked, so I didn’t had to disable my cache plugin [W3 total cache].authorize-jetpack-wordpress

And once you authorize it, you will be able to use the power of many WordPress.com features into your self hosted blog with just one plugin.

Do let us know if you got stuck into this situation and if above tip helped you or not.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. says

    Please help! mines keeps saying Oops! An error occurred while saving the post.
    The Jetpack site is inaccessible or returned an error: transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 (404) [-32300] ….everytime I try to post its frustrating!

  2. jasneet says

    Hello sir,I followed the steps but still getting the same error “jetpack error is xml_rpc-32700”.Tell me what to do now?

  3. Nick says

    OK, found the extra two blank lines in the functions.php file.
    Removed those and all is well.

    Thanks mtr!

  4. says

    I faced the same problem, I tried to inactivate the catch plugin but no success, finally I found there is the issue at my function.php theme that left some blank space and html comment, normally you might see it via: http://yoursite/xmlrpc.php and the you might see some blank line before: “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”

    So no issue with cache plugin but other issue as above. Solved it.

  5. Young says

    Jetpack isn’t compatible with W3 Total Cache, some sharing button of the Sharedaddy may be missing on Firefox and Safari, but not on Chrome.

  6. George Serradinho says

    I had the same issue and tried it on numerous browsers. I then went to Thesis forum and looked around. They said that one needs to disable your cache plugin and then activate jetpack. I did that and it worked 100% :)

  7. Kavya Hari says

    Hello Harsh, great data to all the blogger. And, it has an great features in one plug itself. Thanks a lot for given info on here.

  8. Jasmine says

    Howdy, this looks like a pretty good plugin. I like to bring WordPress.com into my blog too! :)

  9. Anoop Sudhakaran says

    Hey Harsh,
    but what are the features of wordpress.com that are not there in wordpress.org?
    I am confused I thought that wordpress.org was more advanced than .com. am I wrong?