[WordPress SEO] How to Use Post Permalink and Post Title Combination?

How many times have you ever looked back at your blog posts’ permalink?  I am pretty sure not even once you might have revisited

the permalink after writing the post. We get so indulged in finding the right keyword density, word count and choosing the title of the article which we are about to publish that we simply ignore the fact that permalinks are as important as your content in search engine ranking.

Google or as a matter of fact each and every search engine creates cache of every page or post you publish on your blog. It’s correct that each search engine has its own way of determining the ranking of the pages for the searched keyword. And it’s also true that the content of the post plays a crucial role in getting you higher page ranking and ultimately traffic. But if you notice all search engine websites highlight the keywords one searches in the search results. That means all the search engines pay an extra attention to the page title, description and the URL of the page therefore you would want to have as many keywords matched as possible in the search results. And that is not all the mathematics behind the high page ranking but there are millions of other aspects as well.

In the search results page if you’ve noticed, for any keyword the results are shown with 3 primary traits which are related to your blog/website/page.

  • Title (the big blue line on top) – Title is what you specify while writing a new post or page. These are often h1 tags which matter to any search engine the most while serving the results of a particular keyword request.
  • Description (2 black lines) – Description is usually picked up automatically if you have not specified it however it is recommended to use an SEO plugin where you can specify the description for search engines. Search engines do take this into account however think of it as a preview for the users. You don’t want to go mad adding the same keyword again and again in the description field because its not ethical and search engines don’t like it either.
  • And URL (the green line at the bottom) – URL is the unique link to a page. It is also an essential element for the search engine algorithm therefore I would recommend including the most authoritative keywords in your permalinks.

We all know that the blog post title is what attracts a reader to click on the read more link. And there are times when you feel like a creative guru and want to have an out of the box title for your post. But at the same time not only your permalink will go for a toss but also your chances of ranking higher on a particular keyword in search engine results, which you used so deliberately in writing this post. And there goes your organic search engine traffic for that page as well. I say No because you can compensate that catchy title by having a permalink that contains all the catchy keywords for search engines.

The trick to get a higher rank in search engines for more keywords is to have different keywords for your post title and permalink. I would take 2 examples to explain it.

First, in the image above you can see I searched for 5 random keywords (100, fat, loss, hotties and working). If you notice I included the keywords 100, working and hotties in my title of the post however the permalink did not have those words instead I included different words in permalink. But If I had not changed the permalink of the post then I would not have had keywords same as my title in permalink as well. But if I change the permalink structure and introduce different keywords then my title I get to target more keywords. This can be really helpful with popular blogs like Smashing Magazine where organic search engine traffic is too high.

Second, Lets say you posted an article on how to create a blog. If you did not tweak the blog title and permalink then you would end up having the same keyword twice in blog and permalink. But you can also use variant of different languages to optimize and target specific niche. For example; you can have your title in your local language and have the permalink in English language to optimize your post for both kind of keywords. In my recent keyword research I found out that after blogging the second most searched keyword is gratis blog. “Gratis” is a Spanish word, so if you run a blog in a different language its good to have that keyword mentioned in either the permalink or the title of the post. It can be really useful for the blogs who target local readers.

3 Things you must check before pressing the publish button from next time.

  1. Keep the title of your page as short and simple as possible. Remember that title of your post is what makes people read the entire post. Some people like to have lengthy titles of their posts. Like I do. But that’s entirely up to the individual how one wants their blog posts to look like.
  2. Description of the page is of utmost importance for the users searching for a particular keyword. Make sure you keep your description unique and informational for each page/post.
  3. When you keep your title and permalink same for all your posts and pages then same keyword keeps repeating in the search results. But if you keep a certain keyword density high by having the same keyword in title, description and permalink, you would definitely get a higher page rank.

Like everyone I used to ignore the permalink and concentrate on the post title. And the result of that was a really long title of my posts. The reason for that is that you want to include all possible related keywords in your post title. Now with this trick I can keep my titles short and can have my permalinks really long and vice versa.

As shown in the image above one should not limit by keeping the titles short. You can keep the permalinks short and long titles as well. It all depends on you. What really matters is what keywords you use in your post title and permalink.

Do let us know if you are using the deadly combination of Post tile and post permalink to optimize your post for Search engines?

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Karan Bhagat says

    I have a question.
    Is it necessary that the title and permalink should be same ?
    If I edit the permalink with the keyword which has a lot more searches than that of my title?
    Will it become difficult to rank in that case?

  2. Anuj Sharma says

    Having blogs for hard-core SEO is not such a great idea. But, when you have proper use of keywords in the content that is more likely to be read and pure in nature, then it is more beneficial. Well, I had read recently that if you have proper and unique content, then you don’t even need to do SEO for the same, it may take some time but will surely come up high in the rankings, purely because of the content.

  3. Emma Ballard says

    It’s true we dont pay enough attention to permalinks. You do need to be careful when changing them as I have learnt. Once you change a permalink you can break some links where there is anchor text and off site links – so beware!!!

  4. Sonny Shants says

    Your recommendation of using different permalink and post title can be considered as ideal but tedious. You actually need to think of other possible keywords just to make two different keyword stuff.

  5. Business Proposal Writer says

    Agree with the above and would also suggest to front-load the keywords, ie instead of writing

    five great seo tips


    SEO: Five Great Tips

    then Google knows SEO is more important than Five.

    It’s a small detail but makes a big long-term difference.


  6. DiTesco says

    Great reminder, at least for me. I am one of those that really do not pay too much on permalinks (slugs) and maybe if I did, it would make the chances of ranking better up a notch. I have a question for you though. Is it recommendable to change “old” permalinks in the event that one may re-edit some of them. Would that have any impact to its current ranking? Thanks

  7. simplyDelicious says

    Permalinks and titles are only a small percentage of what it takes to get some notice for your blog/website. With the massive amount of data that the spiders are collecting each day, it’s really come down to content relevance via websites that backlink to yours to get good pagerank results.

  8. Rahul says

    This is called multi targetting the article. Thats i say every word on the page is important, which will bring some traffic from some where.

  9. venkat says

    I don’t know much about permalink and title stuff just blindly publishes post , got some knowledge about them through this article.

  10. Mani Viswanathan says

    Yea editing permalinks helps a lot. Post Slugs plugin also performs the same function incase you want an automated process.