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The days are gone when you just post an article and get traffic out of it. In 2013 and after the launch of new Google algo, now authority of a blog matters a lot. One way to create authority is by creating a user interactive community. When it comes to WordPress, it’s already very interactive as we have blog comments to improve the user interaction. Though, that’s default feature and there are many other useful Community WordPress plugins out there, which will help you to form an interactive community around your Blog.

Community WordPress plugins to add more interaction:

PLUGIN 1 – Community Submitted News

This is a great way of getting your readers to actually submit content to publish on your website. You get full control of the content by being able to moderate it. This is a great plug-in to use if you are wanting your readers to have a more active role on your website.

Community interactive WordPress plugins

PLUGIN 2 – FV Community News

This is a similar plug-in which has built-in spam protection and also theability for the administrator of the blog to actually edit the submissions.

PLUGIN 3 – Gigya Socialize

This plug-in allows you to incorporate APIs such as Facebook Connect,Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, and LinkedIn. You can publish newsfeed updates and your visitors can also invite their friends from their social networks to your blog.

PLUGIN 4 – Digress.It

If you’ve ever read a text book before you have probably written in pencil notes in the margin of important points you want to remember. This plugin pretty much operates the same way. The difference here is that anyone who visits the post will be able to see these margin notes. You can use it in an educational setting or to invite feedback or to find out what points people find important in your post.

PLUGIN 5 – FeedbackByParagraph

This is another very interesting plug-in. Rather than people leaving a comment at the end of the post, they can actually leave a comment in individual paragraphs. Comments are shown in a pop-up box. A lot of people like the feature that comments are kept separate from the main content with this plug-in.

PLUGIN 6 – WPPolls

This is a great plug-in for creating polls on your blogs and encouraging interactivity with your readers.

PLUGIN 7 – IntenseDebate Comments

You can greatly enrich blog readers’ experience with comment threading,e-mail replies, user accounts, comment voting, reputations, and Twitterand Friendfeed integration

PLUGIN 8 – Co Authors

This nifty plug-in allows you to have multiple authors associated with any post.

PLUGIN 9 – Invite Friends

This plug-in has a lot of features including sending invitations, sending invitation cards, uses being redirected to a custom page after activation.

These are just the plugins which help you to give more community feeling into your WordPress blog, though real community building happens from user contribution and your work. Try to reply to all the comments, enable threaded comments and give more chance to showcase your regular reader and user. This will help further.

Do you know any other WordPress community plugin? Do let us know.


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  1. Maninder @HackTik.com says

    These are quite interesting wordpress plugin for community building. Thanx a lot for sharing these.

  2. hamarasathi says

    I know about Wp polls,remaing plugins are new for me.i will try them and will share my experience with you.

  3. Roy C.C. says

    Thank you Romy Singh,

    I enjoyed your post. I already use some of those plugin, some are just useless as they do not help.

    The Invite Friends and Invite Friends are too that I will check now.


  4. Shubham says

    Nice plugins to make your blog friendly and interactive! But for now I prefer not using these plugins on my blog… also it would increase the load time.. maybe in near future! btw, thanks for sharing this list!

  5. Zero Cost Business says

    In the past I had an idea to involve my website visitors into a community where they can contribute and interact with each other. That’s when I came across BuddyPress. However I never got to using it because I was afraid I will not be able to spend more time on that website.

    Do you have any experience of BuddyPress and how it can impact your website visitors involvement?

  6. Digital Bunch says

    These are really great plugins. I use some that you’ve mentioned in the post. But some are remain left to be used.

    I’ll implement these plugins soon in my blog. Thanks for the resources!