Using the Menus in WordPress- A usability Guide

Summary: This is an article that helps WordPress users to identify and understand how to add WordPress menus to our website. It gives detailed instructions regarding customizing menus, defining them, adding items to it and finally adding the custom menu to the site.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system of the day today. More and more from every walk of life is beginning to rely on the internet for their regular demands. This is why web developers and designers all over the world are starting to take WordPress Website Design very seriously.

I can tell you from experience that whenever a client comes requesting for a website, the first option suggested by any developer is doubtlessly, WordPress. Using WordPress is very simple. However, WordPress can be used to the fullest if one can use its Menu options properly.

How to Define a WordPress Menu

Defining Menus allow you to work with them properly. In order to do so, you must add items to it. You can do this by first logging in to the WordPress admin dashboard. Then from the Appearance option in the menu on the left corner of the dashboard, you must choose the Menu option to reach the Menu Editor.

WordPress menus Page

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Once you have come here, all you need to do is put in a name for the new menu you want in the Menu Name Box. Then click on the Create Menu button. You have now defined your new custom Menu.

Adding Items to WordPress Menu

Now that your WordPress Menu has been clearly defined, it is time to add items to it, in order to make it functional. There are many Screen Options which enable you to pick the items that you can add to a menu. Certain items, like Posts are hidden by default. What you have to do is find out the pane entitle pages from your site. Now, within this pane, you will have to choose the View All Link option to pull up a list of the pages that are published on your site at present.

Adding Page to WordPress Menu

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Now it’s really simple. All you need to do is simply click on the checkboxes next to the pages to select them. Below all the pages you will find a button that reads Add to Menu. Click on this to ensure the task is done. After this, scroll back to the original Menu Editor click on the save button. By doing this, you have successfully saved your actions on the Menu panel. You can say that your Custom Menu has been saved.

Deleting a Menu Item

If you have made an error, there is no need to worry. You can rectify it by deleting the Menu items that you don’t want. To do this, locate the menu item that you want to remove from the Menu Editor window. Then, click on a little arrow icon that appears in the top right corner of the Menu item box so that it expands.
Once it expands, you can click on the Remove Link option. When you do that the menu item box will be removed immediately. Then you can hit the Save Menu button there to save the changes.

deleting WordPress menu item

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Adding created Menu to Your Site

So far, you have created a menu for your site and similarly you can create any number of menus. Now, if you are using any modern theme (Elegant themes, Woothemes), you can easily configure it to use WordPress menus. You will get an option to choose your new custom Menu. Click on it to make a selection and then, once you have clicked it, hit the Save button. This will add your custom menu to the site. For more details you can refer to official WordPress Menu help page.

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