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WordPress Landing sites plugin to Decrease Bounce rate

WordPress Landing sites plugin to Decrease Bounce rate

When ever a visitor land on our blog we expect him to take couple of action and one of them is subscribing to your blog, read more articles, use your contact form or forum. I already shared about Wp Greet WordPress plugin, which give a warm welcome to your visitors based on what site they coming from and help you to increase your subscription.

Now, one of the most easiest ways to decrease down bounce rate of any website is by offering more posts on related topic. This will help readers to quickly find more relates posts based on topic of his interest. One simple way is by using related post plugin like YARPP, now here is another plugin which you can use along with Yarpp to decrease down your bounce rate.

If you are not interested in showing the related posts with a plugin,, You can refer to my previous post on

When visitors come from search engine, they come for a specific query and when they don’t find the exact result, they hit back and goes to another domain. To keep them sticky to your blog, it’s very important to show the related posts based on their search query at the top of the post. This might help them to find the post they are looking for and also help you to trust domain authority from Google.

Landing sites, wordpress plugin take care of this. Once installed it will show the related posts on the basis of search queries.

See the screenshot for an example. I searched for Digg beginners in Google and at the top I got this message. This increases the chance of lowering down your blog bounce rate.

Download : Landing sites wordpress plugin

Technically, if your bounce rate is high, this is one plugin which I would suggest you to try but maker sure topics which you cover are relevant.

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  • Jigar Doshi

    I have already installed YARPP but this Landing sites plug-in seems interesting.
    Will try it out.

  • Nagaraju G

    Thank you very much, i have been trying different methods to decrease bounce rate, Now i am gonna try this :)

  • Mezanul

    Thanks Harsh for sharing about Landing sites wordpress plugin. I was searching for ways to reduce bounce rate and found your page.

    I will install this plugin now and see the result. :)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Mezanul I’m glad you liked it. Also try Wordpress insight and Yarpp plugin. That will also help a lot to reduce bounce rate.

  • bilety na koncerty

    Hi there!
    I would like to confirm the drop of bounce rate.
    You still have to remember about the bad google images traffic that will rise your bounce rate.

    Loving it!

    best regards

  • Steve


    Would appreciate your help knowing how to use the Landing Sites Plugin. I activated it but don’t see how to use it. Using Wordpress 2.8.4 and newest Atahualpa Theme. Could you email me a simple 1-2-3 step instruction? Thanks very much. -Steve

  • Nihar

    Thanks for suggesting this. I have 70-80% of total monthly traffic from Google Search Engine.

    I will use it. But, before that one quick question. Can this be used along with WP Greet Box?


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