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WordPress for iPhone App Loaded with Stats Feature

WordPress for iPhone App Loaded with Stats Feature

WordPress has just outed the new and updated version of it’s WordPress for iOS app with some nice new features to make blogging through iOS devices much more easier. WordPress for iOS never really got any major feature update since it’s release, and this is the first one to get more than 2 new features.

wordpress app

Many bloggers use WordPress on their iOS devices and even on other mobile platforms, specially those nomad bloggers who like to update while on the move. With the new features, the WordPress app has become even more useful, below are what’s new with it.

The Quick Photo Feature

Quick Photo Button WordPress

WordPress 2.8 for iOS now features a new button at the bottom of the page which lets you take an instant photo and then publish it on the move, with or without content. It’s known as the Quick Photo Button, and is as simple as it sounds, just use your camera to take a photo and then upload it to your blog. This is specially helpful for travel bloggers and personal bloggers as you can now directly take photos and then upload them.

Uploading Photos WordPress App

Don’t you think this is a really nice feature? A direct button for taking photos and uploading images that too on the first page is morel like a quick way to get your work done.

WordPress Stats


Wordpress Stats

Yes, at last the Stats feature is here on the WordPress for iOS app. I know many of you were missing this feature as it’s a really useful one and helps you keep a track on your blog stats. There is a small catch however, as you’d need to be running the Jetpack plugin or the WordPress Stats plugin on your self hosted blog for this to work. For blogs, this is available right away, no plug-ins required.

Finally you’re able to check your blog’s statistics on the go. There are charts for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly page views, swipe over them to see the others. You can also see Daily Views by date, as well as top Post Views, Referrers, Search Terms, and Clicks for the past 7 days.

Last but not the least, WordPress 2.8 for iOS now comes in 10 new languages providing native users with better options. The new languages are Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian. WordPress, as it is a open platform, will also let you your own language, not Na’Vi of course, but other earthly languages. All you have to do is visit this WordPress development page and start working on it yourself, you can also ask others to help you out.

If you want to know the complete list of changes, bug fixes and reports then you can check this page out here. You can download WordPress for iOS from the App Store or you could hit that update button on your iOS devices App Store for direct upgrade.

That’s all the new features and changes in the new WordPress 2.8 for iOS app. What is your favorite new feature and what other features would you like to see in the future builds?

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  • admin

    In other mobile versions or android as well I think stats is available or no?

  • pythonskynet @blogWithin

    I haven’t tried wordpress for iOS yet. Am checking the current wordpress in th mobile browser. I need to test it to my blog first. Thnx 4 sharing info.

  • Digital Bunch

    Thanks for letting me know about this. Can’t wait to see this working in my iPhone :)


    this is a great feature of wordpress and iphone, thanks for your post.

  • Stefan

    This update is useless for most of their users since we use Google Analytics for stats and doesn’t need to “snap a photo” but prefer to edit our photos and then upload them from our iPhone-library. Instead they should update so we can see the comment we are answering, like Twitter, which I assume 99% of the users does.

  • gowtham tech

    WordPress for iOS is indeed great tool for mobile blogging…Stats feature is really a nice one…. We could check our stats on the move itself… thanks for the update..

    • Dinesh

      You can do whatever you want with WordPress for iOS.


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