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Many people start blogging with free blog and once their blog start getting traffic and exposure, migrating from one platform to another one is always an headache. Specially if you are paranoid about SEO and search engine traffic. We already have solution for BlogSpot to WordPress and to migration. Specially WordPress to migration is easy as you will be dealing with same platform but again for non technical user, migration process is not that easy.

Today WordPress announced offsite redirect for user who wish to migrate to self hosted WordPress blog. This tool will help you migrate your free WordPress blog to Self hosted WordPress blog without losing traffic and search engine ranking. In short it will be 301 perma redirection.

offsite redirection 550x203


According to WordPress the process is new but I have used the same process from last year to migrate my client from free to Self hosted WordPress blog. But the major difference is domain mapping here which is a big relief for non-techy users.

Official quotes:

Imagine you’ve decided to make the move, have exported your content from your blog and imported it into your new self-hosted WordPress site. Purchasing the Offsite Redirect upgrade will take the traffic coming to your old blog and forward it to your new domain so that links to your old content won’t break and you won’t take an SEO hit as a result of your move. Oh, and unlike the old domain mapping/DNS workaround, the signup process is easy as pie.

Well in nutshell here is the process, you import all content from free to blog and take care of permalink. In free blog, you add your custom domain for which you need to pay $15/year and this will set the 301 redirection. Though you need to take care of permalinks else you might break down your blog SEO. You can read official offsite redirect guide here.

It’s good to see that WordPress is coming up with it’s own tool and easy to set up guide for blog migration.

Do you have a blog and are you looking forward to migrate to self hosted WordPress blog?

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  • Praveen-Techperk

    it is a nice move by wordpress

  • Nauman

    Dear Harsh Agrawal, you are doing very very excellent work on this blog. If you keep on doing good blogging then that time is not much far away when you will become one of the top bloggers.

  • Nauman

    There are many benefits of migrating a blog from blogger or to a self hosted wordpress blog, beacuse with wordpess blogging software you can easily install and activate different plugins for getting extra functionality.

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Good move by Wordpress. Perhaps, they have added the 15$/yr to their advantage :P

  • Kimi

    Hey Harsh,

    Good tip there, but i have a question

    Isn’t importing the posts and the content to the new selfhosted wordpress blog better than redirecting?

    I really want to know about it, many thanks!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Kimi the first step would be importing blog post and after that we set up redirection..

      • Kimi

        oh ok, didn’t see it on the post, thanks Harsh!

  • kbharath

    thanks for sharing this tool bro, as a non techy guy this tool is very useful.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Even this looks good, this will affect service providers who were doing the migration works. Anyways, Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Reshab |

    hmm sounds good…. but $15 is not so cheap… and even user will lose his PR too.. what say ?

  • Navjot Singh

    A Small typo in the article. You wrote: “This tool will help you migrate your free WordPress blog to Self hosted WordPress blog with losing traffic and search engine ranking.” It should be without.

  • Cebu Tech Blogger

    “This tool will help you migrate your free WordPress blog to Self hosted WordPress blog with losing traffic and search engine ranking.” correct me if I’m wrong, Harsh; but I think you meant “withOUT” losing instead of “with” losing… not a big deal though as it’s self-explanatory :-)


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