Best WordPress Anti-Hotlinking Plugin : ByREV WP-PICShield

I have earlier talked about hotlinking few times, and shared .htacess code to prevent image hotlinking from certain domain. Image hotlinking is really bad for website owners, as it increases the server load, uses your server bandwidth, and more over other hotlinkers are illegally using your work. Today, I will be sharing a free plugin call BYREV WP-PicShield, which is useful to prevent image hotlinking and it solves one major problem of Google image search result for Bloggers.

Features and usage of Images HOTLINK Defence plugin: BYREV WP-PicShield

This plugin serves more feature than simple stop image hotlinking. One reason I liked this plugin is, it will help you to drive lost traffic from Google image search, after recent changes.  We all know, now Google image search directly let users browse pictures on search page, and we miss out a lot of traffic because of this, and WP Pic-shield plugin, will ensure that visitor have to come to your website to see the image. Notice below screenshot, and this is a result of using this plugin. (Notice: Click here Full resolution), and at the bottom watermark is also added by this plugin.

Google image search traffic

Now, let me quickly share some of the notable features of this plugin:

  • Prevent Image hotlinking
  • Redirect images click-link to: attachment template page or to single/gallery page
  • Add Watermark
  • Add QR code to images in Search engine.
  • Specify Which image extension you want to protect.
  • Allowed domains for image hotlinking
  • User Agents list that you will be served directly (Ex: Googlebot)
  • Online translators will be served directly
  • Allow Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Anti-IFRAME Protection.
  • Log files to monitor
  • Settings for CDN

There are few more features, but I’m specifically interested in all these, as they will be very useful for any WordPress website which uses lots of images. More over, this single plugin provide great feature for protecting your blog images and providing full branding value.

Before you install this plugin, here is a note from plugin author :- “Some incompatibility with Varnish, Lighthttpd, and other “cache” services – Images must not be cached !!! CDN users must ensure that the images served by the CDNS server may be manual updated or have expiration period.”

You can download the plugin from here, and install it. Or, search for “BYREV WP-PicShield” inside Add new plugin page of WordPress dashboard, and install it directly. After installing, go to Settings > WP-Pic shield and configure the plugin. Configuration part is quite easy, and if you stuck stuck somewhere, feel free to ask me via comments.

WordPress image anti-hotlink plugin

Over all, this is a very useful plugin for bloggers, who are facing image hotlinking issues, or want to get more image traffic from Google image search. If you are only looking for image watermarking, you should use Watermark reloaded plugin.

Do let me know if you are using this plugin or not, and what are the advantages you are seeing after using it. Check out our WordPress plugins archive for more useful plugins.If you find this plugin useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Matt says

    what I hate is when people use this and then the image doesn’t even appear on the page that you click on for full resolution

  2. kulwinder singh says

    i activate this plugin , but still my images are not redirect to related page . is there any further change require in my htaccess file ? please let me know sir .

  3. says

    Image hot linking was really a great thing I got to know about. I’m just a newbie and wanted traffic which was not coming up, so was searching to improve the traffic. And now here I got one more way of increasing the traffic and this allows many other features too that you’ve mentioned them. Thanks a lot Harsh sir.