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WordPress and SEO Go Hand in hand !!

WordPress and SEO Go Hand in hand !!

The importance of SEO is being realized by many online businesses these days. The best option to drive crowd to your website is organic search engine traffic. But it is not always easy to edit HTML manually and also to manage all the content.  That’s why Blogging is evolving every day. All main stream businesses are adding another section call Blog on their site and adding WordPress as a Blogging platform. WordPress is one of the most common blogging platforms.


One simple reasons for WordPress popularity is it’s SEO, cost effective, Widely adopted and most important WordPress support. Unlike other blogging platform, WordPress platform is widely supported and it considered as commercial blogging platform. More over, you will notice all big blogs (Popular one) are on WordPress platform and there is no debate on why they are on WordPress.

The reasons why WordPress and SEO goes hand in hand:

  • WordPress offers plugin feature and there are plenty of WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your site.
  • It’s one of the widely used CMS platform.
  • WordPress is very aptly known as SEO powerhouse too.
  • WordPress can be used beyond a blog like a e-commerce site, Question and answers forum, landing pages and so on.

Why choose WordPress?

  • Unlike other static site, WordPress offers dashboard which can be use to quickly add pages or posts and publish them. This is useful for those webmasters who are not geeky and are not  quite comfortable with publishing. WordPress makes publishing easier for everyone. And If the keywords and content is new, one will surely be able to attract search engines and new readers.
  • Secondly WordPress is known for its effective and appropriately designed plugins. One should always look for those plugins wherein the SEO campaigns and WordPress both are enhanced. WordPress contains some of the best themes, which are well structured and well designed.
  • In WordPress you can alter your permalink structure and make it more SEO friendly. This is one feature which is very important keeping SEO in mind.
  • WordPress is such a platform wherein multimedia like photos and videos can also be added. All such elements can be quickly optimized for search engines.
  • The title plays a very important role in the ranking of the content. Many major search engines look for a good title and good keywords in order to determine the relevance. WordPress provides the facility of putting the title on the page or the document, thus making the job easier.
  • There is an all in one SEO plug-in too, which automatically generates the title. Links are a very critical part of search engine optimization. Almost all the search engines look towards the links pointed on the page. WordPress has certain plugins which facilitate optimizing by internal linking.

Apart from other basic reasons, WordPress offer ping feature which notifies search engine bots when ever you publish a new post. This way, your content will be crawled instantly. If you are new to WordPress, you might like to check out WordPress guide.

This is  a guest post by Prateek from SEOexceed. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    • Bhaveek

      I am using wordpress for my 3 blogs, before i have also used blogger but i love wordpress now.

    • Al-Amin Kabir

      Wordpress is the best CMS having thousands of important plugin. Bloggers can do everything with this plugins.
      The big things is that, NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED to use this! :-)

    • Antony Pratap

      Those are some great tips! I’m glad I chose Wordpress all this way! =)


    • Vijayraj Reddy

      Wordpress is best CMS for SEO as it has got many options and plugins…


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