WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin : Insert Adsense Anywhere in the Post

One of the best ways to make money from Adsense is embedding at the place where you get maximum CTR. Here I’m talking about one WordPress plugin call “Whydowork Adsense plugin” which is one of the best plugins I have come across in recent days. As the name suggest, this plugin lets you insert Adsense ad codes or any other ad codes anywhere in the blog post.

WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin

Getting AdSense approval itself is a big task and once you get an approved AdSense account, adding Adsense on your blog seems like a big task. One of the powers of WordPress Blogging platform is it’s ability to add unlimited ads and even to add Adsense we have so many options. Earlier I have shared about,  Adsense injection WordPress plugin which helps you to insert Adsense and other advertisements in between, your blog post.

Here I’m talking about another WordPress plugin call WhyDoWork AdSense WordPress plugin and as the name suggests, it helps you to integrate AdSense or any other any ads on your blog quickly.

Simply assign a code to your AdSense unit, and use the options to show them in your blog posts.

You can see the screenshot and find it how easy it is to insert Adsense in between your WordPress blog post.

Download: Download plugin from author page

Couple of features which I liked the most about this WP plugin is, showing ads for X no. of days post. Specially, if you don’t want to irritate readers by inserting too much ad into the recent blog post, this feature is going to be very helpful. Or if you simply want to insert 468*60 ad for the all the old posts, you can quickly do the same.

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Do let us know if you have used Whydowork WordPress plugin or if you are using any other plugin which works the same way, do let us know via comment.

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Rohan says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have checked the official page of this plugin and 404 File not found error came when i tried to download.I think author has moved the file.Can you please tell any other official plugin which do the same task as efficiently as “Whydowork” adsense plugin.

  2. Azman Nabi says

    Are using plugins like these risky for ads placement, because I heard that these type of plugins share your revenue made by ad hits.
    And please suggest me some ways to increase my organic search presence as I presently get only couple of searches from google.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Ishan Verma says

    Sir, please suggest any plugin through which i can place adsense code in between my blog posts on the homepage of my theme.

    I am using genesis 1.9 and eleven40 as the child theme.

    please Help

  4. Sam says

    Well Suggested Plugin Harsh, In my opinion “WP Insert” works better for me, i just have to add my code in its panel and all goes live, it is very easy and fast in my opinion, by the way good suggestion of plugin!

  5. Rahul says

    Dear Harsh, I Am New To WordPress And Coz Of That i have some doubts and questions about wp which is bugging me big time and It needs to get resolved .so please help me out like you always do gracefully :)

    Please Answer The Following Questions

    1> Do A Theme Need To Be Upgrade If The Premium Update Is Available
    >> (Yes/No)

    2> Does The Theme Structure Gets Disturbed If I Upgrade To A Newer Version Of WordPress
    >> (Yes/No)

    3>All in One SEO Plugin Is No Longer Maintained Or Updated Do You Recommend Using It OR I May Choose From This Two

    1. SEO Ultimate By seodesignsolutions(Dot)com

    2. Your Suggestions

    >>Your Answer.

    4> What Is Better http://www.shoutmeloud.com OR shoutmeloud.com
    >> (Yes/No) With A Short Description

    5> Who Do You Think Is Better, Blog On The Domain Like Shoutmeloud.com Ot Shoutmeloud.com/Blog & Why
    >>Your Answer.

    6> What Plugin You Personally Use on This Website
    >>Your Answer.

    7> What If I Remove A Plugin I Use Other Then Seo Related, The One Related To Blog Appearance Like Random Post Widget Or Like That, Can It Affect My Spot On Google

    >>Your Answer.

    Sorry I Have Asked You A Lot Of Questions I Might Be Bugging You Sorry For That But I Am A Newbie :)

    • says

      1) When ever a theme update is available, it’s always a good idea to upgrade. As you will not only get new features, but less bugs and compatibility with latest version of WordPress

      2) In 99% cases no

      3) Use:
      WordPress SEO by yoast + SEOpressor plugin

      4) Since everyone is running behind short URL, it’s better to have non www version. Though, it’s on personal preference. Also, helps in getting more Keyword indexed when you are writing long meta title/permalink.

      5) Depending upon your goals. If you are a business or service provider, better to have blog under /blog and use your homepage as sales/landing page for clients

      6) http://www.shoutmeloud.com/wordpress-plugins-that-power-shoutmeloud.html

      7) Nope….

      Let me know if you have further questions. Kindly use http://www.facebook.com/Shoutmeloud for such questions, as it’s irrelevant from the topic.

  6. Carol says

    Thanks a lot for another marvellous article. I am always on the look-out for original WordPress tips to suggest to my own readers. Thank you for posting this tutorial . It’s just what I was searching for. Truly marvellous post.

  7. TechChunks says

    Thanks for the plugin introduction. Anyway, I guess by “whyTOdowork adsense plugin” you actually wanted to mean “whydowork adsense plugin”! :P

  8. Amandeep Singh says

    This plugin seems to be a really great feature to add as it makes changes to the existing old posts as well. I am surely gonna apply this onto my blog… but first I need an adsense account… :D haha…I donot have an approved account… :(

  9. Katie says

    Thanks for the plugin its a real life saver. I was searching how to put Adsense right in the “middle left” corner of wordpress single.php (Article detail page) and i got the solution straight from this plugin.

    Cheers and Thanks

  10. Clayton says

    Hi there, im looking for a PLUGIN that will allow me to put ads BETWEEN my posts on my index page and not in the post page content.

    Do you know of such a plugin?


  11. AboutTricks.com says

    I just installed this plugin let’s try how it works… wheather it need google ads only or any ads it supports ??

  12. says

    I’m using this plugin, if you will notice, in my latest blog post you will see only 1 ad unit and posts prior to 3 days you will see 3 ad units.
    Thanks to “Whytodowork” adsense plugin. :)