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How To Get WordPress Post Shortlink Before Publishing

How To Get WordPress Post Shortlink Before Publishing

There are times when you want to get the permalink of the post before publishing, and many of us get confused as we get the actual permalink after publishing it. WordPress has one amazing feature call short link which will be very handy for any WordPress blogger to get a link to their post prior to publishing. Here I’m sharing screenshots on how you can use short link feature.

While you write any article or click on edit article, you will see an option to get Shortlink. See image.



Like for this post URL shortener is . I like this feature but for domain with long name, this feature might not be very useful.

Also if you are using Stats plugin, you will be getting URL shortener links. So in that case I would suggest you to disable this plugin or wait for plugin upgrade.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Catalin Bratu

    great , thanx :D

  • Chadrack

    I upgraded my blog the very day wordpress 3.0 came alive but have not really considered trying out some of the new features. I’ve seen the shorten link icon but never check to see what it’s about.

    Like you said long urls, like mine, will not really found this useful. Besides, trying to use the shorten link as link back or internal linking will not be of much good as far as seo is concerned. I think we have to find ways of this being useful for us in the days to come.

  • Milan

    I checked with Rex Swain’s HTTP Viewer and it seems to generate 301 redirects. Good!

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Milan and updating us with this precious piece of Info. It’s good that this is 301 perma redirection else this could create post duplication issue.

  • Milan

    Are the redirects 301 or 302?

  • z2z

    That’s not really a URL shortener, any wordpress URL translates to http://blogurl/?p=post_id , no extra work required. Try it!

  • ravi

    Wordpress 3.0 is the best wordpress version i have ever used

  • Justin Germino

    URL Shortlink for Wordpress 3 is generally a bad idea to use, it isn’t SEO friendly and you would never want your POST ID to be used as the URL. It makes it harder to track clicks for GA as well as it treats it like a separate URI I think.

  • Technolic

    wp 3.0 has some awesome features.

  • Richie S.

    Hmm the short url (like ) was working as well in earlier versions of wordpress. The number (in this case 15018) is the post ID.

    In this update, wordpress did allow authors to get the short url explicitly. Good.

  • Eseotips

    Nice. I’m review about wordpress 3.0 and try update my site


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