Let’s Meet At WordCamp Baroda, Gujarat – 2014

WordCamp is one of the great initiative by official WordPress team, and anyone around the globe can create and organise a Wordcamp meet (as long as you follow the guidelines published by Wordcamp.org. I remember it was January 2009, when I attended first ever WordCamp event in Noida, and I met many pioneer of blogging like Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress) , Om Malik, Amit Agrawal, Honey Singh to name a few. After attending WordCamp, all I could tell you is don’t miss any WordCamp event, as it may change your life like it did for me.

WordCamp is an event for WordPress blogger, Developer or anyone who is closely associated with WordPress. You get a chance to meet and connect with many like-minded people and you will learn a lot from people experiences. It’s a great place to network with people who are making a living online like you.

WordPress Camp Baroda

Connect with WordPress Community at WordCamp Baroda 2014:

This year one of the WordCamp event is happening at Baroda, and this WordCamp session is  packed with many awesome speakers, and if you are attending you will get a chance to learn a lot from these WordPress and industry experts. I also have two entry tickets to giveaway for ShoutMeoud readers, and before I share the contest rules; lets look at the complete agenda, speaker list and other details about the event.

Speakers List and Topic:


You can check the WordCamp Baroda agenda over here. Each session is from industry experts, and something you don’t want to miss. I will be speaking about WordPress SEO on 26th January in the morning session. Also check out this interesting intro video created by Dreamfoot team for the Event:

WordCamp event is one of the best way to network with other people like you, and it’s one of the event you can’t afford to miss.  As a part of contest here are two winners who won the entry passes:

  • Harsh Dattani
  • Devinder

I’m looking forward to see you all at the event, and also keep an eye on WordCamp Mumbai which is schedule for 15th-16th March 2014. If you are one of those attendees for WordCamp Baroda, do meet me and other members of ShoutMeLoud at the event. If you have any question or query about the event, feel free to ask or check out official site here for more informations.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 28 )

  1. Ajay Sharma says

    I am from Lucknow. Working on wp blog past 7-8 months but still not got success. Looking forward to this Mumbai meet, as it could turn my fate by interacting with all those big names in blogging. Hope to meet to you too there.

  2. Afzal Zaheer says

    Hi Harsh,
    WordCamp is one of the coveted platforms where a person dream to go. It is not without a reason, as it gives a “life changing experience” as you rightly pointed as well. I wished to go, but unfortunately, it isn’t possible for me as of now. Do share the wonderful insights about it. Thanks

  3. devinder says

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for this awesome opportunity. :)

    I hope you haven’t declared the winner yet.

    I started blogging in my college’s third year, while in college I was blogging but never thought life would turn out this way.

    I got a good job in a company in Mumbai but I left the job for blogging. I am not the guy who makes a lot of money in blogging but I really enjoy this work and I know If I will work hard, money will come automatically.

    I want to be a professional blogger, just like you or Amit sir or my favorite Pradeep kumar from HBB and for that I need to learn more and more from you all, And Wordcamp baroda is one of the best opportunity one can have to interact with inspiring minds.

    And last but not the least, It’s my birthday today. I hope I win.

    Thanks and Regards
    Devinder Maheshwari

  4. Abhijit Mahida says

    Well,i would like to attend this awesome event so as to get the Knowledge of all the Bloggers.TO JUST TASTE THE FRUITS OF THIS BIG WORDPRESS TREE !!

  5. Sarvesh Darak says

    Top Reasons why i should win this ticket to Baroda:

    -This will be my first wordcamp event
    -To meet all fellow bloggers in person
    -To listen & Learn something from all the sessions
    -I’m from Gujarat (This doesn’t count but still a + point)

    That’s it :)

  6. Arjun says

    The answer is simple!
    I’ve Never Visited a WordCamp ever!
    May be this is my way to meet some recognized experts in this field.

    Hope I win!
    Thank You!

  7. Mike says

    Really nice. The video shows the importance of event and how much important it could be.

    I am not in india. but, videos attracting me to read the whole post :)

  8. Kartikeshwar says

    I would like to attend this event to meet great bloggers and experts for WordPress. Also event is in my home town and also I would like to grab this opportunity because as I am very regular reader of ShoutMeLoud.com. I am planning to start my own website in this month its still in progress.

  9. Hitesh says

    I would like to attend this event to meet bloggers and experts of WordPress. I found that many bloggers from Baroda will attend this event and Even I am from Baroda but I am not in contact with them. I missed last year’s WordCamp due to some health related issue. Looking forward to meet you guys.

  10. Taposh Kapuria says

    hello harsh, thanks for opening this contest. As a novice, we need to know many things in wordpress. I think from wordcamp, we able to know advancd guide from them.I have a question? Is There any country restriction to attend this event?

  11. says

    I am from baroda, :( But I can’t come…Looking Forward to Next Year 2015 WordCamp Baroda to meet you all WordPress Developers and Blogger….

  12. Harsh Dattani says

    Hii, i would like to attain WORDCAMP, because last year when i started to learn wordpress everything was new to me, I googled few articles, gone through ebooks.
    But never had a chance to develop a creative wordpress blog or cms website, probably due to lack of Ideas.
    I think by attaining the event, i can learn new ideas, can know about experience of best bloggers. I would like to learn that how to develop plugins for wordpress websites and which plugins do they use in their site.

  13. Abhi Reddy Musku says

    Hi..Bro..iam frm hyderabad..though i have been in blogging since 2years…i still didnt stick to a separate blog…my mind keeps on changing…..my dream is to become a Entrepreneur in the field of e-commerce….but no parents support because i currently doing my b-tech 3rd year and iam with full of backlogs(bcoz i choosen the wrong stream which is unsuitable for me)..as i can see two great people in the field of e-commerce(co-founder of PriceBaba.com and other from infibeam are attending this event) it would be a great place for me to share my views…..other than this i have been using wordpress since 2years…and iam a great fan of this and i would like to share my views(smething like q&a) with you and wordpress developers about nulled content in wordpress…..iam sure and confident that this event would be great place to achieve my dream….:D

  14. Abhijit Mahida says

    Well, I am from Gujarat and how can any blogger miss the biggest blogger meet in Gujarat. We all started blogging considering all of those speakers as an Inspiration, and in a few days they will be speaking in front of us. Thank you Rahul for Organizing the event.

  15. says

    WordPress is the great platform to work with and has a large community around the world.
    This WC baroda would be my first in baroda and hope to see you and many others and interact with them as well

  16. vivek says

    I started my new website this year. And the response is near to GOOD. What I feel is, if I get into this WPCamp I will have a chance to expand my knowledge which would help me to get BETTER knowledge and after the camp I will use all those suggestions and take my website to some other level :)

  17. Mit says

    I would like to attend this event because I have heard a lot about wordcamp events . I missed wordcamp baroda last year due to unavoidable circumstances.

    I think this event would surely enhance my understanding of WordPress .It’ll bring me closer to the wordpress community and of course meeting people with the same mental attitude on blogging and internet marketing would be helpful .

    Thank You! :=)

  18. Milan says

    It will be great to visit World camp Baroda :

    – To meet professional Bloggers !
    – To meet the inspiring People at one place and learn WordPress more !!
    – To learn new things like WordPress SEO from Harsh Agrawal !!!

    I will not miss a chance to meet new bloggers and great people at WPCamp. There will be great excitement to see everything there !

    #WordPress #SEO #Contest #WCBaroda

  19. priyal parikh says

    As WordPress has become a very useful and fully customizable CMS useful for blogs, website, e-commerce multi purpose and various plugins which are SEO friendly too.

    I had attended WordCamp event last year in Baroda at same time and it was awesome experienced meeting with the famous Indian bloggers and speakers whom just I had words on Facebook or seen them in pictures . .

    Yes it is again happening in Baroda and as I’m living in Ahmedabad, I don’t want to miss this golden chance…

  20. Heru Prasetyono says

    Hi Harsh Agrawal,

    What a great event it is!
    Nobody can miss it!
    It must give more values and unforgettable experiences to us.
    If only I could join the event.
    Thank you for your information.