Windows Live Writer and SEO : What’s the Solution?

When I was a Windows user (Now I use Mac), Windows live writer was one of the best blogging tool that I have used. Windows live writer is a desktop blog editor, which supports multiple blogging platform including WordPress and BlogSpot. If you are new to Windows live writer, you can learn about what is Windows live writer, benefits of Windows live writer, and complete Windows live writer and WordPress configuration guide.

Now, one question which new bloggers often ask about is, how to do SEO of post when you are using Windows live writer for publishing. When I started using Windows live writer as full fledge blog writing tool, I had the same questions. That was almost 2 years back, and All in One SEO was the best WordPress SEO plugin at that point of time. With time, many new plugins like WordPress SEO by yoast, SEOPressor replaced All in one SEO, Themes in-built SEO took over the all in one SEO plugin.

Windows live writer post SEO

Windows Live writer SEO pluginsThere is a SEO plugin call AIOSEO bridge which works on Windows live writer along with all in one SEO plugin, but now this plugin is not updated from long, and I won’t recommend to use it anymore. There is no alternative way to do SEO of an article directly from Windows live writer editor. The best way to use Windows live writer is for local writing, and submit blog post as draft. Then you can use any SEO plugin you are using, to add SEO details like Meta title, meta description.

Since, I’m on Mac and it doesn’t support Windows live writer directly, I have a local WordPress installed on my Mac OS, and I use it for local drafting and article writing. Once, my local draft is ready, I copy it to live blog, and do the final editing, and add all important SEO details.

Even if you are using any other desktop publishing tool similar to Windows live writer, they don’t support adding SEO value, and mostly your theme or plugin handles the SEO part of post. The only SEO of post which you can do from Windows live writer, is by writing quality content, use proper heading (H1, H2) and maintain an optimum Keyword density.

So, like others if you are looking for a solution to add SEO data directly from Windows live writer or other desktop based publishing tool, you need to do it from WordPress dashboard. As I said above, a good idea is use your desktop based blog editors to compile the post, submit post as draft and do the final touchup using WordPress post editor.

Do let me know if you have any follow-up question on the same. This is a part of our question and answer series.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Elisha Batuncang says

    I’ve recently switched to Mac from Windows and I really miss writing my blog posts on WLW. One feature that i really like is that WLW offers theme preview. You could have a complete preview of how does the blog post look like.

  2. King says

    I think its time to come up a plugin for Windows Live Writer which supports WordPress SEO (Yoast Plugin), developers are you listening to this idea?

  3. says

    @ Harsh. I want to know that it is safe to publish post from desktop.

    Are there any risks of uploading of malicious code/scripts from desktop to server..

    • says

      @N Jain
      When you are using Windows live writer or similar tool, there is no issue as blog publishing tool uses XML-RPC technology for communicating with your blog. If your system is infected…and you are using FTP to login to your blog, at that time chances are there for malicious code getting into your hosting.

  4. Shehu Awwal says

    Last year i used windows live writer…Yes i also supports your point above All in one seo replace by seo yoast everything is absolutely true.

  5. says

    In my case, I use Windows Live writer to compile the post, submit post as draft and do the final touchup using Blogger post editor.
    I have recently changed by blog’s theme but WLW is not detecting it. So i have to do most of the editing in the boring blogger editor :(

    • says

      I understand how frustrating it becomes when WLW doesn’t detect theme.. Here is a work around which used to work for me.,
      Install Feed pauser plugin and set feed publishing delay to 20-25 minutes.
      Disable your cache plugin and try to refresh the template using Windows live writer.. You can remove and re-add site..and it may help…
      Let me know if it worked for you or not.

  6. Nizam Khan says

    Useful article! Well yes, it’s better to prepare a draft and then do the final editing, and SEO. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Raghav Thakur says

    I have installed the tool, but it feels to uncomfortable
    Some times i want to open a window tab instantly.. and i cant do it here..

    i think its because i am not used to “desktop tools”.. I think i am going to stick to the browser based editor…

    But thanks for something new, i didnt know that desktop publishing tools are also there

    • says

      Any new tool we use, it take a little time to get accustomed with. From my opinion, if you start using Windows live writer on regular basis, I’m sure you will love it.

  8. Rashmi Sinha says

    Thank you for explaining the pitfalls due to lack of Windows live writer and SEO plugin compatibility. Provided the necessary step to be taken to solve this issue in a lucid yet interesting manner.