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    Will Google+ Survive?

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    images Will Google+ Survive?

    This is a guest post by Peter who blogs at Computer-How to Guide. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

    As soon as the porn industry gets involved, you know you’ve got success on your hands.

    Today’s twitter seemed a little preoccupied – the pornbots have found Google+.   Surely then this is the sign that it’s here to stay?  Well, maybe.  We’ve all been on forums where the spambots have taken over such that the moderators have struggled to cope.  But it’s like a band finding that someone’s bootlegged their merchandise or is eBaying tickets to their gigs – before you get angry, you’re flattered.  But will Google+ survive?

    Increased Activity

    Anyone who was on G+ before it got famous can’t fail to have noticed the massive increase in activity over the past few days – which yes, has included some spam.  Notifications were a problem at the outset, with some settings badly needing adjustment to prevent utter bombardment, especially for those with huge numbers of followers – some celebrities finding it particularly off putting.  But those who have stuck with it have the satisfaction of having been an early adopter, and more than one “I was on G+ before it was publically available” pictures being +1-ed.  It has to be said though that the experience is altogether more enjoyable now that it’s not just the usual digital hardcore hanging around.

    Google+ vs Facebook

    google vs facebook 300x222 Will Google+ Survive?The survival of Google+ will depend somewhat on Facebook.  The latter’s new profile page is actually okay – and it feels pretty odd to say that about a change to Facebook.  But the new format isn’t due to be released until the very end of September, and in the meantime the changes that have been rolled out over the past week have been almost universally despised .  In particular, as has become the norm for the Empire of Zuckerberg, it’s the element of privacy that’s causing the most concern.  The twitter-esque feed that displays everything you do to a mass audience – not so great.  Especially if you’ve got a stalker, a psycho ex or estranged family members.   All of this, of course, is great news for Google, whose “circles” feature seems to allow more control than most Facebook users are used to.

    Show Us The Numbers

    Google+ haven’t released any official statistics as to how increased availability of the service has affected take up, although www.slashgear.com is reporting unofficial figures from Paul Allen that suggest something like a 30% increase in membership since it went public.  At 43 million, it’s not a patch on Facebook’s membership, but if these figures are anywhere near accurate, G+ have had a pretty good opening weekend.

    Mass Adoption

    In the end, the only thing that will make Google+’s future any more certain is mass adoption, something which will also make it more attractive to brands, for whom pages aren’t due to be rolled out until later in the year.  As the Facebook model proves, even if your users hate your format, even if they complain endlessly about what you’ve done, they’ll stay as long as their friends are still about. Though one big problem which Google+ has failed so far is attracting general (College, School, office) users to it’s social networking empire. Most of the time you will see only social media gurus being promoted or more visible on your timeline. More over, despite of simple privacy settings of Google+, Facebook oriented crowd is still finding it hard to get along with a complete new social networking site: Google plus. Only the numbers will tell if Google+ will survive – until then, it’s anyone’s guess.

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    kavya Hari

    Google plus has been increasing day by day and it has an huge numbers of followers in it. And, Google + is one of the most popular one without any doubt and it has an lot of features in it. Thanks a lot for given up here :)



    Hi Peter,

    Actually, when I think about Google+ I asked myself this exact same question, will it survive or will end like Google Buzz.

    I personally, haven’t joined in Google plus LOL, apart of it may take my time, I will wait for a few months to come and see if I will join or not :)

    Thank you


    Peter Lee

    @Kimi : Well that’s fine Kimi. I find myself juggling between 2 social networks now and that’s really a pain in the ass sometimes :)
    Thanks for the comment.


    Yousuf Khan Jee

    Maybe Google+ won’t get as much users as Facebook because most of my friends don’t even know about it!


    Peter Lee

    @Yousuf Khan Jee : Even those who knew about it are playing “wait and see” just like Kimi:)
    Thanks for dropping by.



    Though Facebook is creepy with FB changing it;s privacy terms every 3 months, one main reason of it’s popularity has been that there has been no credible alternate to Facebook. With Google + around, at least people like me who are do not feel comfortable on FB, they have a place for social networking.


    Peter Lee

    You’ve got a point there NITYIN. Thanks for the comment :)


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