Why You Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Sites?

Traffic exchange sites are those in which you visit other people’s sites and they visits yours. Examples are Traffic Center and EasyHits4U. Let me elaborate. You sign up on these sites. Then you are asked to open a few sites(by entering some captcha) for some time(15 to 30 seconds) and then visit another. This process continues until you close the tab or window. Just like you open the sites, the other people open your site and you get hundreds of visitors. The main thing is, the more websites you open, the more traffic you get.

I used it twice or thrice and my blog got thousands of visits in just a week but then I just left it because of the reviews which were against these type of sites. Today, it just struck my mind and I thought that I should warn the bloggers, eespecially new bloggers that these websites are not of much use and why you shouldn’t use them. Read on!

1. Fake visits

Yes, the visits are not real. It is often that users use bots for these sites(that don’t contain captcha). And for the real ones, they rarely look at it. Let me tell you what I did while using these sites. I opened the site, I switched to Orkut(yeah, I used these sites in 2007-08), surfed a bit, returned to the traffic exchange site, entered the captcha and moved to the next site. This process kept repeating for a while until I got bored and closed that site. I am pretty sure the majority of these users used the site like this so the visits you get from these sites are nothing less than fake visits.

2. Increase in bounce rate

Bounce Rate(according to Wikipedia) means “It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and “bounce” (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site.” As I have mentioned above the time is maximum 30 seconds(mostly) to visit the sites in these traffic exchange sites. So, when you will get hundreds of visits with 30 seconds maximum time, your site’s avg. time is going to decrease with the increase of your bounce rate which should be as low as possible. If you won’t avoid these sites, your bounce rate is bound to increase.

3. Nobody cares about your site

The users of these traffic exchanging sites visit multiple sites in a single session. What’s the percentage that they would stop-by and get attracted by some time? In my opinion, just 5%. Why would they care about someone else’s site when they just want quick traffic to theirs’. So, that really means that almost nobody in these traffic exchanging sites actually care about your site. What does this lead to? Just hundreds to fake visits(Refer to point 1).

Really folks, these kind of sites are a waste of time. Leave these sites and try to optimize your sites for search engines, write quality articles on your site and you won’t only get more visits than these traffic exchanging sites, but on the top, you will get original visits.

Share your opinions or experience in the comments.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. ansgar says

    I cannot agree at all.

    First, eespecially on easyhits4u and some other GOOD exchanges you will only receive real human visitors. Show me one working bot that can break their captcha !!!

    You are right that the quality of the traffic is rather poor because peoples main interest is getting their sites seen and not visiting yours. But if You advertise the right way ( and that is sending people to a splash page ) then You can catch their attention and only after they are interested enough to click on your splash or enter their email You forward them to your website.

    This way you will not increase your bouncerate at all. The splash page is getting all the spammy 20 sec. views and when your catchy headline makes the viewer want more info You collect his email or get a real visitor on your site.

    If You expected that people stop surfing the exchange to spend half an hour on your blog then you shouldnt blame the traffic exchanges or say they dont work. You only used them in an inappropriate manner !

    @Sunny: Come on… “A year of working on the siteā€¦ :(” – You mean You REALLY spend a year working on a link exchange script instead of typing “free link exchange script” into google ???

  2. Al-Amin Kabir says

    Increase in bounce rate is the biggest problem. Now search engine is giving special value to bounce rate. So, bloggers should aware for traffic exchange site.

  3. Sunny Dsouza says

    I just coded a site similar to the theme of link exchange. But all i want is people to share links on my website. Never added any feature to add my widgets or so on their site.

    Now I dont know whether my site is also called link exchange or traffic exchange but this post makes me sad :(

    A year of working on the site… :(

  4. Vinayak Nagri says

    Even though you have listed some points in the opposition of the topic but the point is whether I want long-term visits or short ones… I am just getting fake visits. Nobody actually wants to visit my site and that’s one point which can take your three. By these traffic exchanging sites, you aren’t getting visits because you deserve them.

  5. The Web Traffic Reporter says

    Hi Vinayak,

    I do not agree with you and would like to point out that what you just discovered was via trial and error however it is not a brilliant deduction. Please allow me to explain:

    1) Traffic Exchange sites must be used properly to market and advertise a site or blog. Since you want long term readers and not quick one off visitors, you are correct that you will not find the kind of conversion you want for a blog via a traffic exchange.
    2) I make a solid income and know full time traffic exchange owners who would also not agree with you and can back it up with facts.
    3) You must use different methods other than traffic exchange to build a solid blog readership base plus you must have an ultra focused niche blog or be a curator of large amounts of content per day in order to get noticed with a blog.

    While I applaud your efforts for giving traffic exchanges publicity it is misdirected and you require more education or to continue on your path of trial and error.

    To Your Success,

    Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

  6. Abogados says

    I had heard that these exchanges are not advisable, I now understand better, and be very careful, taking better options and effective.

  7. KBharath @ HDBloggers says

    Using Traffic Exchange sites on the Adsense Blogs may also get the adsense account of the blogger who has adsense account i had read this on a site called amitbhawani.

  8. ragini says

    but if you got a new website than it becomes essential to share your article with all such traffic exchange sites to boost your traffic….. i tried it..

  9. Kavya Hari says

    Just now, i know about the traffic information on here. I would like to say thanks for sharing your post on here :)

  10. Ramz says

    Very good one. Its is true. We are meant to get the real traffic to visit our website and know the info from it.Its just like running a fake website if we use such things…All that we need is regularity, quality, and focus. Nicely said.And also avg time on the website is also affected.

  11. Mushfique says

    These are the reasons why I too stopped using traffic exchanges !! I used LinkReferral for my previous blog and received good number of visits. But people did not visit my site because they were interested, rather they were just increasing their ranking ! For any new bloggers, they should definitely stay away from traffic exchanges!