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Why Thesis Theme for your WordPress Website

Why Thesis Theme for your WordPress Website

Why Thesis Theme

There are many free & Premium WordPress themes that can work remarkably well for a WordPress website but Thesis Theme seems to be a standout. A popular choice for business sites, Thesis offers plenty of terrific options and features that can be used to create a great combination of form, looks and function. Here are some of the reasons to use Thesis for your WordPress website.

Why Thesis WordPress Theme for Serious WordPress site?

I’m not going to sell out this theme by saying it’s the only best SEO WordPress theme in the market as there are many other good themes too, but Thesis has created its own standard. #thesiswp is a popular hashtag on Twitter, and people using Thesis have a community of their own. If you are completely new to Thesis theme, here are some info for you: Thesis is one of the popular and old Premium WordPress theme, certainly not the cheapest but comes with kick ass SEO options which will let you kick out many memory hogging plugin from your WordPress site. Thesis comes with two license option: Single use license and developer user license. Anyhow, lets look at the some of the reasons, why Thesis theme is easy to use and why it should be one of your choice for WordPress premium theme.

Thesis options panel offers plenty of customization features

A reliable user interface that is easy to use and modify helps define the way the website will look and feel. Thesis offers an excellent options panel for configuring and customizing the site. It allows the most basic configurations options for website design, layout and navigations menus and even lets the account user tweak multimedia files and images and RSS feeds to suit his fancy. Thesis works well for someone who does not have a lot of designing (Php & CSS) skills or experience but still want to take full control about the way his website turns out.

Works with your SEO goals

Apart from Typography, One of the major selling point of Thesis is SEO. Thesis in-built SEO feature, allows account users to customize everything from title tags, meta tags & robots meta tags. Users can even choose whether they prefer to customize on a per category page, per post or per page basis. If you have been using all in one SEO, WordPress SEO by yoast to add meta tags and descrioption on single post, it’s time to kick it out and import all settings to Thesis.

Great community support

Buying a Premium theme, my suggestion is to look out for an active community and support forum. Thesis offers support forum for people who have purchased Thesis theme. Only registered member can enjoy the benefit and apart from support, you will be able to find many customization tips for Thesis in the support forum. None the less, you can always tweet with hash tag #thesiswp and ask your query.

Improved access to upgrades

The problem with other/older WordPress themes is that getting new upgrades can mean backbreaking work, particularly if files are a mix of HTML, PHP and CSS. With Thesis, it is possible to upgrade at any time a new version is available and to override theme and functions via a separate folder. To start customizations via an upgrade, simply copy new files over the directory to begin enjoying the new functionality. Also, when ever Thesis get an update, you will get support from community in terms of how you can upgrade without breaking your site. Also, none the less, Thesis theme is popular among WordPress users, and you will find enough tutorial for customization and working with it, via a simple Google search.

Thesis skins:

If you have gone through our earlier post on Thesis customization, you would realize Thesis theme customization requires knowledge of CSS and php. Though, if you are still new to it, you don’t need to sweat. As, there are many free and premium Thesis skins are avilable in the market. More over, Thesis 1.8.3 supports WordPress multi-site functionality.

Free Future upgrades:

Well, I’m the kind of person, who doesn’t like pay for something again and again. Thesis theme offers free upgrade for any future release. It means, once you buy Thesis theme, you don’t need to pay for any update Thesis theme gets in future. Specially, if you have been planning to buy Thesis, it’s the right time as Thesis 1.8.4 has been released and next update should be Thesis 2.0, where price is going to be higher. Though, if you buy now, Thesis 2.0 will be free for you.

Thesis page templates:

Thesis also offers page templates, where you can quickly create pages with no sidebar. This is very useful for your resource pages and one such example can be seen on WordPress Guide page. You can quickly create Archives page using Thesis default template without using any plugin. Also, if you are a Thesis designer, you can always design custom Thesis template and spice up your landing page.

301 redirection in Thesis theme:

If you are into affiliate marketing, you don’t need to spend money on affiliate WordPress plugins. Thesis offers inbuilt 301 redirection and here is a guide on using 301 redirection inside Thesis theme. Yah! another cool feature for Affiliate blogger.

Affordable solution for business websites

At under $100, the Thesis theme is very affordable for all the types of features and functions it offers. It is a great solution for those looking for a solid theme to use on their website and an excellent substitute for those wanting to make the switch to WordPress.

Buy Thesis WordPress Theme

Being a product from DIYthemes, they also give out some amazing tips on their blog for serious WordPress sites to enhance and make their blog better. Well, as I mentioned above it’s not possible to sell out any theme by saying it’s the best WordPress theme, as there are many other top WordPress framework in the market like Genesis and Swift. Though, if you see most of serious blogs including ShoutMeLoud, are using Thesis theme from long and they have dominated search engine with their quality articles and SEO performance of Thesis theme. Do you want me to add more reasons to justify Why Theme theme is still the top choice for serious Website owner? Or why don’t you add your own?

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    • shashank chinchli

      I have been using Thesis since a year or so ,planning to Switch to Genesis hoping for change in traffic! Could you lemme know how to optimise/tune your thesis to max extent so that it may load faster better with less load on CPU ?

    • Peter Lee

      Thanks! Glad you dropped by Nhick :)

    • Constantin Druc

      I used this theme in the past. It’s very customizable and easy to use. Swift is an alternative, but not even close as good as Thesis.

    • Nhick

      One of the best thing I like about this theme is that, you can drastically change your blog’s look without going through all the codes because everything can be setup right thru its option panel.. Nice post Peter.

    • Rahul kuntala

      I’m gonna buy Thesis next month. Many are saying that thesis is not upgrading from a long time, so choose an option between swift or genesis. But, I really love the customization in Thesis.

      This article has excellent sources for every one who have confusing in their minds to buy it or not. BTW I’ve heard somewhere that Thesis can be modified only once, we can’t customize all the time, is it a myth?

    • Amit Shaw

      Hey Peter Nice Post. As you know i am changing my theme from swift to thesis.
      But i haven’t heard some of features you listed. I saw most of sites are using thesis and upgraded version is quite good and with full of features. Currently i am getting Google Page speed 95/100(Swift Basic) will i able to get this speed on Thesis? Is it Mobile Friendly?

      • Peter Lee

        They’re many things that affect page speed, I wouldn’t say using any particular themes would cause your page speed to be faster or slower.

    • Amrik

      I don’t think Genesis is a terrible option by any means. Its still very flexible, has great SEO options, and provides you with an efficient framework to build on. If you have the coding skills to do the design stuff yourself, its certainly a viable competitor. Improved typography and some semblance of a design options panel would turn what is already a pretty close comparison into a relative coin-flip.


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