Why You Should Focus more On Blog Readership Over SEO?

Blog readership

Google is the most popular search engine and being one of the popular search engine, we often practice some of the suggested white hat SEO techniques like Keyword research, On page optimization, Outbound links and so on. Though, there is nothing wrong with targeting SEO for better traffic from search engines but we often miss out most important thing and that is Blog readership. More subscribed blog readers you will have, more you will be independent of search engine traffic.

What is Blog readership?

Blog readership is counted as people who are subscribed to your blog via various channel. It could be Email updates, feeds, Facebook fan page, Google plus, twitter or any other way they are keeping an eye on your blog updates. These are those people, who liked your blog and willingly subscribed to your updates. For any blogger or webmaster, the real asset is number of readers subscribed to your blog, as we never know which search engine algo update, will completely wipe out your site from search engine index and your regular readers will become the most important assets for you.

What is wrong with Search Engines?

Blogging or Writing Content for a site is a tricky business. People often delve into Search Engine Optimization a lot and concentrate on Keyword placement so much that they forget about their readers altogether. The thirst for Search Engine ranking is so seductive that writers often neglect the most important entity in online business, the readers. While search engines play a dominant role in bringing traffic to your site, they do very little to create Readership.

Readership should be the most important aspect that writers should concentrate on. Readers are the people who come to your site or blog, read about stuff and make it profitable for you and your business by subscribing or buying products.

Why Readership are Important?

Search Engines such as Google and Bing bring in a lot of traffic to your site but in the end its the readers who are going to read this. Infect, it is the reader who queries search engine in the first place to find what he is looking for. If you continue to be good with the search engines and their terms while underestimating your readers you’ll end up in disaster. If there is no one interested in reading your content then you are not producing any thing but mere text. You should be targeting converting those one time readers into regular readers.

Readers, if not accommodated properly, bounce off your site never to return. Remember, you are only here to make a good impression on your readers and make their online experience worthwhile while making money and marketing your business. So, if you target people, sooner or later search engines will love you because search engines are not the bosses around here infect they change and mold their strategies and criteria to suits the needs of people and their search terms. Imagine if your post got digged 100 time or became popular of Twitter, the results can be nothing but breathtaking.

Another important factor is social signals, if your blog has loyal Blog readership, people will share your content on their social bookmarkin sites like Su, Google plus and so on. This helps in improving your search engine visibility. If you are not sure about this, you should read about Google plus your world update.

What’s the thin line?

Social networking helps you when search engines don’t. The killer content you write should be written keeping in mind the readers and not search engines. The beauty of such content is that it creates respect for your brand name among users. Search Engines only play a middle man’s role to bring your content to your readers. But good content can make your readers your middle men by sharing your content with others, and this is, by far, the best marketing. The cool part is that if you actually create people oriented material, sooner or later search engines such as Google will bow down and make way for the traffic to reach your blog as the links to your content will increase.

The bottom line is, Readers need to like your content before Google should and in this era of Social Networking, its not very difficult to bring people to your site. All you need is Good Content.


It does not mean that good content cannot be optimized for search engines but the point is, too much consideration for search engines derail you from your ultimate goal, “creating Blog readership”.

This is a guest post by Umair. If you would like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Shevaa says

    Thanks for your tips Harsh.. Really Useful already i have a blog ur tips helps how to increase the visitors

  2. htmlserver says

    Hi, I`m totally impressed and what you write here, I have had in mind long time. I think you have positive experience and I will change my blogging “style” also to open words, because I agree 100% that readers may have a personal style and not what search engines ask for. Thanks a lot and keep up your great work

  3. DailyTechPost says

    Yes you are absolutely right, readership weighs over search engines rankings..
    Even any SEO expert would admit it…as they say “Content is the King”, that’s because after all its the readers who will be reading the article not Google Robot :)

  4. Ramkumar says

    Sometimes its real hard to establish trust amongst your readers, atleast in the initial stages. Nice that you pointed out Social Networking, its really helpful, eespecially I gained a lot using Facebook.

  5. Siddharth says

    Yeah.. whatever SEO can help.. finally its readers.. when not well served .. increases the bounce rate ;)
    Well, harsh, it would be fine if you could share a post for adding the facebook like box as u have below the post :)

  6. Umair says

    I never said that Search Engines should be totally ignored. Perhaps your ratio is correct. The need is to write for people and not for search engines.

  7. Jens P. Berget says

    I don’t write for search engines, but most of my visitors come from search engines (and eespecially google). What’s bothering me is that I get enough visitors each day, I know because I’m using Google Analytics, but because I don’t have a lot of “real” readers I don’t get that many comments.

    Real readers leave comments (not all the time, but most of the time).

    To me, comments is what it’s all about. I also know that a lot of people stay at my blog, and I think that they’re reading my posts, because the statistics show that they spend the time it takes to read my posts. But to me, as a blogger, comments are important and a real evidence of readership.

    Very interesting post, and I believe you’re absolutely right, readership is what’s important.

    • Umair says

      Comments are a very good metric of knowing the authority of your content. The better and interesting the content the more comments you receive.

  8. vijay says

    Whether we want to earn readership or money we need to create the lucid contents, then only visitors re visit our blog, Thanking you for better write up :)…