Why Photoshop is An Essential Skills for Successful Blogging Journey??

Blogging is one of the best, powerful, bright (various adjectives you can apply) career. Professional Blogging is for:

  • Those people don’t want to become part of boring 9-7 job culture,
  • Those people want to get rid from irritating boss.
  • Those people who are business-oriented and want to start their business with negligible investment.
  • Those people want to earn massive income online and by working from home.
  • Those people want to spend their maximum time with family.
  • Those people want to build their strong reputation online and
  • For those people want to spread their voice among hundreds, thousands and millions of user.

I think Harsh Agrawal has gone through all these success levels. Isn’t it? I always speak with myself that how much secure and satisfied life Harsh is living! Of course, there should be his huge efforts and 100% dedication. Ok, fine.

Today we are not going to discuss about Harsh blogging journey, we are going to discuss how much importance Photoshop software plays in blogging journey!

successful_ blogging_ journey

I think many of you will be aware from Photoshop software and it’s functioning. It is the brightest software ever to do image editing task effectively and to apply various effects to simple image to transform it into beautiful output.

Now you will see why it is important in blogging journey.

1. As I mentioned earlier, to create our reputation on the web blogging is necessary but to strike your blog name, your blog content, your writing style, your blog design in first attempt on people’s mind, your blog logo performs main role.

  • If I took the name of Problogger then you will remember Darren’s blog logo (“P” alphabet surrounded by circular path),


  • if I said Daily Blog Tips then you will remember (blue and black colored alphabets),


  •  if I said ShoutMeLoud then you will remember (ShoutMeLoud text and around this text 2 cartoons are shouting).

shoutmeloud logo

Means what, logo is the most importance aspect of our blog.

So if you have knowledge of complete Photoshop Tools and its functions then you can create depictive and beautiful logo of your blog by yourself without hiring any paid artist to create it.

2.     Many blogger’s blog, many articles have included this tip thousand times that “1 image can speak 1000 words”, yes! You all know this very well. Am I right?

  • Images in the content make our stuff interesting and easily understandable for people. Only thing is required that image that you have selected should be relevant to the content on that page. However, every time you can’t get relevant image for your content.

So Photoshop software helps you to get cutout from various images that is relevant to the content and to merge all these cut outs to create one combined, natural looking image.

3.     To attract more backlinks to your blog one of the most effective strategy many webmasters mention that to create web templates, themes and promote it for selling by placing URL of your blog with appropriate anchor text at the footer section.

  • So instead of purchasing those templates from designers by spending huge amount, with the use of Photoshop software you could create beautiful templates from your creativity and to functioning of such a template you want knowledge of Dreamweaver software.
4. Many times you might be promoting some product for affiliate marketing or you might be organizing a contest, you would require to have a custom designed template, image to make it more attractive. Or even you can quickly design a new landing page for your Facebook fan page.
Opportunities are immense and with this one skill, you can actually create a great difference for your Blog/Website and you can give a new heights to your creativity.

All I mentioned 4 uses above are easily purchasable but if you did these tasks by your own, I am damn sure, you can bring more beautiful outputs than paid one. Though you can always hire a designer or someone who can do photoshop work for you, but in that case you won’t be able to pass on the creative side of you or you might find it hard to have a guy working for you who shared the same design vision like you. It’s one of those essential skills which every blogger should posses.

As a Blogger I’m sure you must have realized the need of photo and video editing needs for your site and let me ask you final question, According to you how importance it’s for a Pro-bloggers to learn Photoshop?

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Hello, my name is Mahesh Kad, 22 years old ohh..no..no..22 years young guy pursuing Animation Film-making and working as a SEO-Executive. Strange Found!!! Is it?? Yes, friends because I am business oriented person and to expand any business you should have a knowledge of Internet marketing, SEO. My hobbies are Drawing, Article Writing, Watching Movies and Listening Songs.


COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Harry Sehgal says

    I agree with you that Photoshop is Needed in Blogging and I am also Learning it to Live a Better Blogging Journey. :)

  2. rakesh kumar says

    You have try to explain properly how important is photoshop but sometimes we can get the same effect using other tools like windows live writer. I am big fan of all these sites still love to get customized logo by some professional instead of investing a lots of time to learn how to use photoshop. Though i strongly feel that photoshop is a must learn software for every computer user.

  3. Bhaveek says

    Mahesh, I am not that good at photoshop, but i am learning it from online resources. it would be great if you can suggest article.