Why People Are Stupidly Crazy About Buying iPhone on The First Day

There is no doubt that iPhone has changed the way we use a phone, their innovation changed the face of Smartphone industry. More than the features of  iPhone, Apple has become a buzz word, and now it’s seen as a quality to hold an Apple product.

Crazy Apple fans like me wait for next apple event, to hear about latest Apple innovation. People in many part of the world, stand in line for 24-48 hours to grab the iPhone on the very first day. But, have you ever thought that why people waste their hours of time for just a phone, which they can easily get after 2 days, without any waiting. What is it about iPhone that made people believe it’s a sensation? Is it a feature of iPhone? or some innovation in it, that one can’t wait for hours to have it? Or is it people craziness to be first one in their group to hold an iPhone?

Why buying an iPhone

Here is an interesting documentary video by Casey Neistat, which explains ( or raises the questions), about why people are so crazy about getting iPhone on the first day.

Some interesting take:

  • People do it for money, as they get paid by the people who wants iPhone on very first day and they don’t have time.
  • With iPhone 5S, people wants to be the first one to hold the gold coloured iPhone.
  • Many people don’t even know why they are standing in the line for hours to buy an iPhone.

Also, don’t miss out the beautiful unboxing of iPhone 5S gold color at the end with sad ending. I would like to hear your thoughts on why it’s so rewarding to be the first one to grab any thing? Don’t forget to share this video on Facebook and Google plus.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Naeem says

    I still remember times; when I was in London and Apple launched iPhone 4. One crazy guy at White City mall queued for 48 hours. outside Apple Store.

    Mind you he was well prepared with his tent and food items. He also brought some books to kill his time. I could barely stay out for 2 hours in those chilling winds.

  2. Asif says

    Most of them do it for the Fame. you know there are blogs and local TV news channel that covers the news of iPhone’s first owner in the area.
    You will observe that mostly these people are Artists who get a bit of limelight.
    Recently, there was a guy from a music band who was the first to get iPhone 5S in UK.

  3. Candy Hazel says

    I like iphones but i don’t have money. Even if i have iphone, i would not waste my precious time for this stupid phone. All rich bitches and dogs do….

  4. Pramod says

    I think people do this to show how rich they are :P . Nice video and BTW , the women in the video and image are beautiful . Thanks for sharing the information Harsh.


  5. Michael Aulia says

    Great video :) I’ve got my iPhone 5s on the launch day as well but from a small network carrier’s shop (no way I’m gonna queue up for 15 days like these hardcore do!)

    I think it’s just that iPhone/iPad users know that Apple never disappoints when making a new product, so they know they’ll get quality, etc even before a new product is being released/reviewed