Why Nicheless Blogs can’t Compete with Niche Blog

Nicheless blogWhen it comes to making money blogging, a niche blog is the way to go. The main reason is that, by blogging in your niche, you establish yourself as an expert. Then, you’ll have more people checking your blog when they need information on the topic. It also makes Google like you more, when it starts recognizing you as an authority. When I started my Software Reviews blog I was very generic and I couldn’t compete other experienced blogger in that market who had been established already and gaining masses of visitors. I then became more specialized in promoting certain antivirus manufacturers and started seeing results. The major change in quality traffic and revenue happened when I became even more specialized in discount coupons for digital products. Not only did my traffic increase gradually, but it became more targeted. I would attract those ready-to-buy users. And that’s because of the niche within the niche I eventually moved – it reminds you of the “inception” movie ( dream within a dream), doesn’t it?

The cool thing is that it doesn’t have to be anything at all that you’re a super “expert” on. It just has to be a niche that is interesting to you and that you’re willing to put the time into promoting.

It’s also really important for your SEO marketing campaign. If it’s a niche site, it’ll be much easier to get backlinks to it. The whole idea is that all of your article marketing, directory submissions (although its power is weak nowadays), dofollow commenting and other strategies will contain a link using an anchor text and this will improve your ranking in the search engine results.

SEO And Your Niche Blog

When you’re optimizing your campaign for the search engines, the main idea is to focus your SEO efforts on your home page. To do this, you should put the right keywords in the anchor text. This helps to establish you as an authority on these keyword because it shows all of this traffic going to your site. When people hit your site, they see all of your other articles on the same topic. This means that they’ll spend time on your site reading them, and probably check back on a regular basis to see what new stuff is there. SEOing your main page is also better than doing every page because most directories don’t recognize inner pages unless you pay a fee.

If you have a blog with no niche, you can’t do any of this. You have to optimize each page on your blog separately for different keywords. You can’t just use your home page as the center of it all. This means a lot more work and time. It also fails because when people find your blog, they’ll find the one article they were looking for, but all the other ones will be about some other topic. They’re not likely to decide to read those. Why would they? Everything in the SEO world is related to niche, topic and keyword. The search engines sort everything by relevance. And unless your writing is absolutely amazing, there’s no reason anybody would be curious about the other topics you write about. When people are looking for information online, they’re targeting specific things they want to know. This constitutes a strategic advantage of the long tail keywords over the short ones. Let’s see the rest

The Advantages Of Doing A Niche Blog

  • – A niche blog is based around relevant keywords, so it’s easier to do an SEO campaign that’s effective.
  • – It doesn’t cost anything and there’s less work involved.
  • – You can take advantage of Adsense, Adbrite and other ads that are keyword and niche targeted. This means you make more money.
  • – You actually build readership so that you’ll have the same people coming back for more.
  • – Only one niche means you only need to focus on one topic.
  • – It’s easier to make money with a niche blog.
  • – Also, adding a local voice in your blog, as long as it applies of course, (like cheap ink cartridges in Bristol) will rank you first in Google.

Points to consider while selecting niche of your blog

The Hard Side Of Creating A Niche Blog

Just to be fair, there are a few things that are difficult. For one thing you have to become an expert so that you can write in the niche. This may take some research and study in the beginning of your online venture. It’s also time-consuming to come up with lots of different subtopics for just one niche. One more challenge is that you have to choose the niche carefully, and this takes some time doing marketing research to make sure it’s profitable. Since you are doing this for money and for hobby (I assume) your keywords have to be money related. There must be key phrases, which prospective clients type in Google to find what they want to buy. Remember that it’s not the quantity of visitors, but the quality which counts. That is, having hundreds of daily visitors who will likely increase the bounce rate or give you some cents from ads cannot compare with 40 or 50 targeted visitors who will land in your pages with their credit card on hand.

Not only is it easier to make money with a niche blog, but it’s even better if you target a long tail keyword. There is less competition for these, so you’d be able to completely dominate it and rule the niche. This will put you higher in the search engines and convert to more cash more quickly.

Do let us know what do you prefer? Do you run generic multi niche blog or prefer working on a niche site?

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. lee says

    I agree with Dennis. There are tons of sites that are multi niche ranking really well some even above “niche blogs/sites”.

    I personally have both a general blog and a niche blog and i can tell you from my personal experience that i prefer writing on my personal blog! This covers everything that interests me, what ive been up to etc and even reviews on things ive own or have just purchased. I think as long as you have a category for each niche you blog about and post regular as if you would with a niche site, then you can build that multi niche site up to be known as an authority.

    These days content and social signals are king!

  2. Sab says

    Thanks for writing this article! I hear a lot that niche is better but I just wonder whether a multi-niche or generic one is an easier starting place to get people interested in reading your blog?

  3. Dennis says

    Come to think of it, How did Wikipedia come to dominate search engine results by having no niche in particular?

    Does this mean general blogging is just as rewarding as niche blogging? Look at the case of Huffingtonpost.com and other media outlets who are general bloggers and yet we can’t beat them at most keywords!

    I think content is still king. It doesn’t matter whether you are niche blogging or general blogging as long as you have compelling content you will get great following both with readers and search engines!

  4. Vijayraj Reddy says

    yes niche blog will earn more money compared to general blog, but creating niche blog is harder part…

  5. ashish says

    Even I believe in targeting shorter keywords as it is very difficult but once you are able to you nwould definitely rock in this web world..

  6. Lakhyajyoti says

    Nice read.Having a niche blog always help us to make more money.Learn lot from your post Steven.

  7. Abhishek Biswal says

    Heya, Nice Post! But is it good for a Blog to have different topics? Like I have – Windows, Blogging, Social Media, etc.?

  8. HackTik says

    Very well said, Steven. However, there is no harm if rather than being highly specific to your niche, you have some kind of variation keeping relevance in mind because specific niche means you will not be drawing attention of other visitors. If your niche is something that already has a good demand and is sought after by many people, then ofcourse, there is no issue being specific.

  9. Indian Marketer says

    I agree with you on all points but what you said about long tail keywords is must for new bloggers. Generally short keywords are very competitive and it is very hard to rank for them.