Do You Know Why You Losing Loyal Blog Subscribers?

Why Loosing Blog Subscribers

One of the biggest asset of a blog is number of their loyal blog subscribers, a blog without any subscriber is like playing a movie without any one watching. Most of Bloggers relies on search engine or other referral traffic, but a smart blogger relies on those loyal blog subscriber who have subscribed to your blog using various subscription option.

Most of us today are busy asking ourselves questions like :

  • What else can I do to increase the traffic to my blog a little more?
  • Blog is doing better should I follow his tips and tactics?
  • Should I entertain my readers with slide shows, videos or music?

And the list goes on and on…

I know you need to follow your fellow bloggers for new trends in the niche. You also need to learn the magic to find more readers and customers but what are you doing to hold back already existing fans and loyal blog subscribers? It is important to find more readership and build great traffic but it is even more important to meet the expectations of already existing reader base.

Have you ever tried to ask yourself these questions ?

  • Are my readers happy with what I have to offer them?
  • Is something bothering my readers that needs to addressed?
  • And many such questions that are related to maintaining the relations with your current visitors.

Things to avoid to lose loyal blog readers:

One of the simple way to keep your readers happy by providing them with quality and unique articles. Stick to a niche and write content around that topic. Specially, this is one of the major issue with blog with multi-niche. I was subscribed to one of the general computing blog and later on that blog started talking about only iPhone and I felt like cheated. Why won’t I? I subscribed to that site for receiving computer tips and not to read just about iPhone? Specially, when I don’t have one!

Point here is: You should stick to a niche or at-least make sure to keep topic variation in your niche to keep all kind of blog subscribers happy.

Also, if you realize returning traffic helps a lot in reducing bounce rate where as search engine traffic will have high bounce rate.

1) Your blog is SEO’zed? 

I know you are worrying about showing up on search engines more often and also trying to beat your friends in the same niche but please spare me the horror of SEO! I come to your blog to get some solutions and answers for my problems and all I get is the keyword stuffed post that is meant for search engines and not me.

You hardly solved my problem and even if you did it was irritating to read the similar words again and again; because you thought it is important to write your post with all the relevant keywords. Unfortunately, for me it was like reading an article of synonyms for my problem statement!

You crook (pardon my language); you are not the same person you used to be thank you very much for wasting my time.

2) What’s up with your advertisements? 

Heard of that famous nursery rhyme ‘Old Mac Donald’s had a farm’. I think you are a big fan of this rhyme and therefore you literally follow one of those lines in the rhyme. The only difference is instead of sounds of animals you have ads!

  • The rhyme says- here moo, there moo and everywhere a moo moo.
  • Your blog says- here ad, there ad and everywhere a ad ad!

Try and only suggest me about your affiliates by displaying your ads in side bar or other relevant areas on your blog. If it really interests me then I will click the ad and you can make some money! Please do not force me to click on your ads by disguising your ads to look like informative links in the post.

Also, if with time your strategy with blog has changed and you blogging for money, don’t overdo your blog with ads. Rather, keep a clean layout and put few but attractive ads which will help. I’m not sure how many of you keep track of SEO updates, but using too many advertisement may also lead to Page ad layout algo penalty.

Stop me from running away from your blog!

3) Will you Care to reply?

Every blogger loves comments and feel proud on receiving appreciation and inspiration. But wait, I am your reader who has taken all the time from my schedule ‘n’ number of times to appreciate your work. Today when I am asking you to answer me and give some useful tips or advice on a problem that I am facing, you have not turned up.

Please let us face it. Nobody is that learned person to solve all the problems in the world. I accept the fact that you might sometimes be short of answers and words even if it belongs to your own niche. But I at least expect you to either direct me to others who might help me out with my confusion or respond me in a line saying you might come back to me later with/without answer!

I’m not saying you should reply to comments like “nice post” “useful posts”, but your informative posts have created puzzle in my mind and I need answer to few follow-up questions, being a loyal blog subscriber of your blog I expect to get a reply.

How about you ? Are you listening to your readers?

4) Your posts sucks!

Off-late I have seen bloggers coming up with stuff that is nothing more than a jungle of words! You are growing to be one among them. You started your blog to offer something to your readers be it information, entertainment, advice or tips. I turned out to be your fan but, suddenly I have lost interest in your blog either because you are serving the same tea in a fancy cup or because your tea is stale and tasteless as you are running out of your resources.

I don’t give a damn about your worries; your ideas exhausted, you are dealing with lack of inspiration or you are facing the writer’s block. I just need results because I am not your friend, remember I am just your blog reader and I can easily find answers elsewhere.

Work on writing more creative posts or go back and browse old archive, you would realize why I subscribed to your blog and how change in your blogging style made me upset. A little effort and in no time, all your regular subscribe will be back.

5) What happened to quality?

Sorry, I am here for stuff related to my queries. I am here with the same purpose that I used to come to your blog earlier. My priorities for visiting your blog remain the same. But, the content of your blog no more delivers the same quality. Instead you are trying to keep me occupied on your blog with the help of unwanted entertainment. I am not here to listen to your music nor am I here to see your slide show. Excuse me but there are other sources and sites that keep me entertained professionally. You can only try to do best in what you are best at.

You should read following two posts to improve the quality of your writing and content:

How to get back sleeping blog subscribers?

Now, these are some of the mistakes which every new and pro blogger should avoid to maintain a good blog readership. But, if you have made a mistake and trying to get back your lost blog subscribers, here are some tips:

  • Content updation : Maintain a proper frequency of blog posting. Keep it atleast 1 a day and needless to say: Keep your post unique and informative
  • Contests: Harsh has shared a good article on boosting your blog with blog contests and this is same thing which you can use to get back all your sleeping and idle subscribers.
  • Make it look huge: So, you almost killed a good blog by not updating it and after months you realize, it’s time for come back. What should you be doing?  Do a complete re-design of your blog and work on rebranding with logo and colors and make a huge announcement post with list of expectations in coming days. People like such encouraging and news posts about your blog, and this will motivate them to check your blog  next day.
  • Reply to comments: When you reply to a comment, commentator get an Email notification about reply. ( Subscribe to comment plugin). Reply to all those comments, which need a reply or help solving your query. Also, where ever required, link to your other posts in comments, which will help you to give a new birth to old posts too.
  • Email users:  If you are maintaining an Email list, inform your loyal Email subscriber about your blog is back again and it will be regular update. You can use any good email-marketing software for bloggers to manage your email list. Harsh has written two guides which will help you to get started:
  1. How to create your first email list using Aweber email marketing tools
  2. How to send automatic Email newsletter from blog updates

Well, these are just few of tips which I can think of making your dead blog alive. I would love to hear from you, what keeps you subscribed to a blog and what things a blog should have to keep their readers engaged ?

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