Why I Joined Internet Marketing Forums and Why you Should Too?

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Why I Joined Internet Marketing Forums and Why you Should Too?

Blogging is a platform to share self experience and expressing new ideas to your readers. Blogging can be a big platform for personal identity and to share tech surroundings. In blogging we help other people to follow our tips and to get the success with out tested ideas. You must be aware that there is a much bigger platform than blogging which is called as Forum. Forums are as much older as blogging is but they have more users online at a time and helping each other than blogging sites.

One major difference between Blog and forum is community building. Forums are solely run by users, where as a Blog is run by an individual and if you manage to get yourself a top member rank in popular Internet marketing forums, you will be seeing many advantages which includes: Traffic, Backlinks, Branding and exposure.

Internet marketing Forums

I was in big dilemma before I joined few Internet marketing forums that whether they are going to help me, whether they are going to work for me, will I will be able to create my identity among Pros and so many other question which you might be having now. As a normal blogger who keep doing experiments I also did one experiment with one of the forum and spent full days with it for commenting, helping others, asking questions, giving suggestions and many more other activities which all forum offers. From my surprise this experiment worked for me and I got too many exposure. Here I’m going to share some of the benefits which I got after joining IM Forums and how it might help you too.

This article is for Internet marketers, Bloggers and Webmasters. For other niche, the basic benefit of joining Forums will be the same but you need to find Forums related to your niche.

How Joining an Online Forum would Help you?

Online Identity

Do you want online identity? ohhhhh what a silly question from a blogger. Yes !! We all wants our identity and fame in online battlefield. Making identity in online world can e done in two ways either you commit a big online crime or do something beneficial for the society, and i think you are not going to choose first :D. So our online identity is everything for us.

I joined forums for making identity and to interact with other fellow bloggers. I took part in conversations in arguments etc and got many types of responses from many online marketers. Begin active on forums will give you reputation identity. Though always remember: Use your branded name and picture in your forum profile. If you are using Gravatar.com (You should), use the same picture on Forums, which will help you to create your own identity.

More know how

Know how for each and every minute concept is very essential in blogging. because a single wrong step in SEO or Blogging can ruin your career and you will never know about it. So in forums you can ask from experts whether you are going in right direction or not. There are plenty of people online who will solve your queries in just seconds and you will get suggestions from highly qualified industry experts.

Traffic Traffic Traffic

Everyone is dying for traffic because there are plenty of blogs online and the traffic have been divided among them. This is the reason that it takes too much time for a blog to get decent traffic and returning visitors. Forums can fulfill your this need because if you are active in the forums and helping people all the day then some people will come to your blog to see what actually you are doing and some of them will be turned into loyal readers.

And as I mentioned, if you are into niche like Internet marketing, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO or similar niche, driving traffic through Internet marketing forums will help you to get targeted traffic and you will notice low bounce rate and high avg. time on site.


Many big companies are online on various big forums and they have specific numbers of person whose duties are assigned to solve the online queries. These companies do very good promotion of their products and mane of the sales got dine from the forum links. So I will highly recommend you to be active on forums if you are selling any product or giving online services.

An example could be seen on WebhostingTalk forum where most of top Webhosting companies representative are there to take your queries and at the same time, it helps them to get new customers.

Better Engagement

I forums you will learn how big marketers respond to queries and which language they use for helping you (I am not taking about language like English, Hindi, British etc.). This is the best thing which you will learn because a better engagement is too much necessary for any online business.

Latest Informations

Whenever any new update about ALGO change, PR update etc come than they circulate in the forums first because they have more viral behavior then blogs. So you will be always in touch with the latest world and will be updates all the time about latest news.

Few Active Internet marketing Forums to JOIN

  1. http://www.v7n.com/forums/
  2. http://forums.digitalpoint.com/
  3. http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/
  4. http://www.warriorforum.com/

All these forums are very active forums and have thousands of people online all the time. Set a schedule of 30 minutes a day for Forum posting and you will be amazed with the advantage you will be getting.

Finally I would like to say that as blogging is necessary for making online identity and making money, forums have even more potential. If you haven’t joined any forum till now then it is the time for you to get more than you expect from forums.

All the very best from me. And I would like to hear from you also that what do you think and how you are going to forums for learning and for promotion?. Also, if you know more active Internet marketing forums, do let me know via comments.

This is a guest post by Kulwant from Blogging Cage. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    1. Paul D. Mitchel says

      Hi Kulwant, Internet marketing forums are undoubtedly an outstanding place to consummate your niche related knowledge as you get an awesome chance to learn and share your ideas with other like minded people in the industry.

    2. says

      Great post Kulwant! I do agree that if you are doing conversation in a forum so you need to be perfect to answer other’s questions. The more you correctly answers the question and perfectly engage in any conversation people will come to know about you. Forums are the best way to get traffic on your website.

      • says

        Yes Rekha, Perfectness matters in forums because if you will guide anyone in wrong direction then you are going to face big problem in future. That’s why I said, do research and then reply.

    3. Anup Kayastha says

      Hi Kulwant – I agree with the points what you’ve said in the post since I’ve had very good experience selling my first eBook one those forums. I got good traffic and increased number of sales.

      Insightful post!

    4. Rahul Kuntala says

      Hi Kulwant,

      Well it’s really true that we can know many things in advance when we’re active on IM forums like DP, WF etc.

      Moreover we can find the like minded guys and the bonding can come in handy in the long run to create a better network around our blogs :)

      I think paid forums can help you more better as the guidelines will be more authenticity and can add immense value to the users!

      Great share!

      • Kulwant Nagi says

        Yes Rahul, such platform are the best way to learn from experienced people and engage with them. Paid Forums can give much benefits as all big forums give some advance features to its paid users like they can sale, can add link, can buy etc.

        Thanks for stopping by and discussing about advance topics.

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