Why is Enabling Email Subscription Important?

Email Subscription might be a famous term in bloggers. Email subscription means subscribing to a blog using your email address so the latest updates about the blog can be delivered straightaway to your inbox. Email subscription is a very useful step to increase your reader base and for your information, that is the main reason for email subscription. Keeping that in mind, email subscription makes sure that your blog is doing fine and is getting readers. It also makes you believe that you are not blogging for nothing.

Whenever I get to know that someone has subscribed to my blog, I get happy and motivated. I try to make sure that the new person is not disappointed by his/her decision and I should continue writing quality content for which the subscriber has come. Sadly, many people are still unknown to this great feature and they are not using it for more productivity and reader base. This post would contain three tips that may convince you to enable the email subscription option for your blog/site.

1. Increases Reader-base

I have already mentioned in twice in this post and this time I would explain it. Internet is full of lazy chaps who are just too lazy to open a blog for content which are profitable for their own use. So, what is the best option for them? Subscribing to email. They do that and hence they receive the updates all the way in their email inbox. There are many such lazy chaps so if you haven’t set up email subscription on your blog, you are most likely to lose all these important readers and your reader-base may decrease other than decreasing.

2. Ease for Readers

So as email subscribers have increased the reader-base, it is your responsibility to ease the convenience with your blog for your readers. And email subscription totally helps in this case as well. Whenever someone becomes a regular reader to a blog, they do that mainly because of the content. It won’t be good if your reader visits your blog every time to search for new content and if he/she fails, he/she must be disappointed. So, for the easiness of the readers, the email subscription helps because the reader will get new content directly to his inbox and he doesn’t has to visit the site every time in search of new content.

3. Constant Traffic

Of course! It begins with your blog’s frequent and quality content. If you post such content everyday, the constant traffic is supposed to come flowing your way. Email subscribers almost give you permanent visits and that’s why the traffic never seems less. What you got to do here is post frequent articles to make sure that the subscribers receive an email almost everyday to ensure you the constant traffic you want by the email subscribers. That’s all you have to do and make sure you do it perfectly.

That’s all. All of the things above have been tried and tested by me and they may totally work for you. Do tell your opinions about this post.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Praveen @ Geeks4share says

    So true!
    I agree that a mailing list is very important as it helps our blog to increase the no. of returning visitors and becomes handy during traffic downfall.

    It also works well in affiliate marketing…

  2. Prem Pandit says

    Good points mentioned here .Email Subscription is Very Useful for Every Bloggers. It should be always on top on sidebar and second one below the post.

  3. Bhaveek says

    I have more than 250 subscribers in feedburner, but still only 15% visit by blog daily. Can you suggest me some tips to improve that.

  4. Irfan says

    Usually i do not click on the article i get from email but i do click whenever i open my blogger account. As i have followed few blog’s under my niche i always logged in to my blogger account just to check what all my niche blogs are up to.