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Why is Backing Up Your WordPress Blog Important?

Why is Backing Up Your WordPress Blog Important?

Do you have a blog on or any self hosted website?. Well, I learned the lesson that backing up your blog is important in a hard way. I’ll explain. It all started with me wanting to change my hosting. I told a friend of mine and he did it. What I later found out was that some of my posts went missing because I hadn’t backed up my blog. I had lost a single month of my blog. I didn’t knew how to bring all that data back but Google saved me. Thanks to Google cache I found my blog posts’ caches and copied the posts to my blog which finally ended the problem. By this incident I learnt the problem that taking backups of your WordPress blog is important. If you still need more reasons for backing up keep reading this post and you will find them.

1. Enables you to take risks

You may know, life is nothing without risks and the same is with your blogs. The risks you take with your blog may turn out to bring some amazing changes to your blog and make your blog better than ever. But it is not important that if you take risks it would only go in the good way. If it goes in the bad way, your blog would drastically change and all your efforts would go totally waste. But you if you backed up your blog, then it doesn’t matter whether your risks go in a good way or a bad way. You can always restore your blog from the backup you have and that helps you to do all with your blog without thinking of the dangers that it may cause.

2. Blog content is totally safe

My blog’s content is like money to me. I would never want my blog’s content to go into trash. Backing up the blog totally secures the content and if  a hacker hacks your site and deletes all the content, you know where you can find the content you need and want. This makes your content more secure than all. Not only, your blog’s articles are safe, all the settings, plugins, themes, widgets are safe in a closet.

3. Blogging free of worries

This is the main thing backup is done for. So that you can blog without any worry of that particular thing getting deleted and not coming back. The settings being change and you forgetting what were they, etc. Taking backups of your blog lets you enjoy healthy blogging free of worries and tensions so that you can actually have fun while you are at blogging.

When you are blogging with the latest backup already taken, you know that even if any problem occurs with the latest thing you are doing, you can revert to the older version of blog without any problems. You can focus on new posts ideas, etc without worrying about loosing your blog’s content in times your hacking attempts or server failure. Just needs few clicks and your blog goes back online.

I don’t think that you need more reasons for knowing the importance of backing up your blog. You might find this article interesting: 3 ways to take automatic backup of wordpress blog.

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  • Jasmine

    Great, thanks for the reminder! We must backup our blog regularly to avoid or rather to minimize the potential of lost of data!

  • rakesh

    Backup, backup and backup this is the golden rule of computing, if you are not taking backup on regular basis, you are compromising with your business

  • ashish

    Something similar amused me for more than a week when my all new site with 10 posts and 100+ visitors went down but thank god saved it..

  • Amrish SIngh

    taking backup of our data is so important .We have to take backup on regular basis to avoid any faults in the blog . taking back is so important when we are making any changes in blog

  • shashank chinchli

    Taking regular backup permits me to work scripts online without any tension or even bothering for a second! i prefer taking backups every weekends.

  • Amit

    Yes Dude your are correct ,I learned lessions in the past when I lost data and I did not back up..Thanks again reminding me ..:)

  • Tushar Agarwal

    i have had a bad experience when i did not took a back up and my blog was hacked. This was the most painful experience. so taking back up is very important. do not neglect its importance. thanks for the article

  • khalid


    Backup is really very necessary as a safety step. Your content is your asset as a blogger and you have to protect it from being lost.

    So it is better to back-up your content.


  • Aamir

    backup is very important!!

  • Sandeep Singh

    Taking backups regularly is a must. Donno when and from where faults can come .

  • arramuse

    Hi, I agree with you, Backing Up our blog is very important, but on Hosgator this free back-up feature is automatically running on Cpanel. So, if you hosted your blog on Hostgator, you can feel more comfortable at there. :D

  • Himanshu

    people only start backing up when they face the damage. this post can be an eyeopener

  • wprack

    I backup my blog to drop box using the time machine plugin.

  • Viet Nguyen

    Thanks for this post. I usually back up data once a week


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