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Why I love Thesis WordPress Premium Theme

Why I love Thesis WordPress Premium Theme

Thesis WordPress Premium Theme

I think it was around 2010 when I started using Thesis theme and I have seen it growing from version 1.5 to latest 2.X, and even after years I’m using Thesis theme.  I’m sure you have heard a lot about Thesis WordPress theme. In most of the review you will read that Thesis is one of the best SEO optimized WordPress theme or the fastest WordPress theme. The fact is all such comments are true and I could say that after using this theme for long. As a part of my interest, I try many WordPress themes like Genesis, WooThemes, Elegantthemes and, I found all of them to be good but finally it’s the Thesis theme which I finally use and recommend to others. There is one thing which you should know about Thesis is, if you are not a coder, you would find it hard to customise Thesis theme, and I suggest you to either buy a Thesis skin of hire a Thesis developer to design your site.

Before I started using Thesis Theme, I already used 5 WordPress theme and I found it really tough to get a theme which is feature rich and also SEO optimized. Using different theme also crated issues for me, as it added lots of options in my WordPress database tables, many themes were not SEO optimized, so many useless part was also become a part of Search engine.

Why I love thesis WordPress theme?

Bounce rate : Earlier shoutmeloud bounce rate was almost 80% but after using Thesis wordpress theme it comes down to 72% and it’s due to amazing typography and loading time of this theme.


Another simple reason to love Thesis wordpress theme is because I’m not a coder. I enjoy writing articles and editing your theme all the time is a complete waste. Once you start using Thesis skin or a custom developer Thesis WordPress theme, you can always make changes from Thesis > Site content.  More over Thesis has a support forum for it’s member, where you can find unlimited Thesis customization tips and you can always seek for help, when ever you are stuck in a situation.

Adding Adsense into Thesis Theme

Inserting adsense code was always a tough task for me. With the help of whytodowork wordpress plugin you can easily add adsense to any place in your theme.

125*125 Ad spot for Thesis theme : April was the first month when I started getting private advertiser. Adding 125*125 ad spot on sidebar is again made easy with the help of hooks and Adrotate WordPress plugin.

To cut the long story short, thesis helped me to customize the theme the wordpress theme in simple and easiest way.

Though people have different perception about Thesis theme. IMO it’s worth to spend 164$ to acquire developer license of Thesis wordpress theme and use it effectively on bunch of websites, or you can also grab the single user copy of Thesis theme for 87$.

link : Get smart buy Thesis wordpress theme

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1048 articles.

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  • fareed

    really the good theme,

    hello harsh can u put about, how to put search box on sidebars of thesis theme ….this is my humble request

  • Fatos

    Could you tell me how did you add the bluehost ad on the header and the ad on top of the page. I guess your using adrotate plugin but please how did you go about placing the codes…. where and how? Thanks a lot

  • Jaydip Parikh

    It’s hard to believe that Bounce Rate is come down so fast to this level but I believe Harsh. It’s magic man. Let me try this theme

  • Rajeel

    Hi Harsh,
    Many of my friends told me about this template.I can’t use it since i’m in blogspot.But I think I could design a blogger template just like this template – I’ll try for it.

    But I don’t think it was good for you to spend an 87$ just for a template.I think there are a lot of template with the facilities you mentioned – for free.Aby way – Let me tell – This template is extremely fit for your blog.It gives a elegance, style, simplicity and professionalism for your blog.

  • mohan

    Hi dear i am regular reader of your blog . You have really good knowledge of wordpress and after reading your post i have decide to shift in wordpress and i have done that.
    I am still new in wordpress and i hope that your post is usefull 4 me
    actuly i am searching 4 good them like your but i didnt know that from wher i got that?
    Plese tell me a them ,

  • Nirmal

    There is a big horizontal scroll bar on your theme, that is one the first things which end up with bad user experience, open your blog in 1024 resolution and you can see what I meant here.

  • Pratyush

    Hi Harsh,

    I have been using helping my friends with Thesis for quite some time now. I like it, cause it works out of box, also there theme options are good. Another reason for preferring Thesis is a free plugin for it called Openhook (plugin for thesis).

    The Openhook makes everything look like piece of cake and makes Thesis super easy.

    Thus I personally love its plugin more than the theme itself.

    Overall, Thesis is good, but not without any good free competitors.

    • SelfMadeCelo

      I second the awesome-ness of the OpenHook plugin. Makes everything so much easier.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Pratyush you are right. openhook plugin made editing Thesis very easy. Before thesis I searched for all the premium theme but when it comes to customization, support and feature. I missed one thing or other in them.
      I feel lucky that I have Thesis.

  • Mayur Somani

    I have been using thesis for some time now. I also used it for some of my clients. I think that thesis is somewhat more complex for average joe. If you are comfortable with wordpress programming and thesis hooks, it does gives you a lot of flexibility without writing much code (which is what their marketing campaign is all about). But if you are new to wordpress, you can’t do much with it, except for playing with its admin settings a bit. Although, you can still use it because of its really clean and elegant look.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I have a differnt perception Mayur about it. Reason being I know how bad I’m with coding part. Though playing with hook is like copying pasting codes and adding any element, widget, advertisement at any place.
      An example

      Just before the block which usually contains the site name & tagline.
      Just after the block which usually contains the site name & tagline.
      Determines the content of div#header.
      Within div#header, before the site title.

      Using this hooks in your custom.css file you can add and remove anything. Is int it sound like piece of cake??

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Raju to be frank even this was my reaction when I saw people talking about it. I find it like a marketing tool and that’s why its viral. Though most of Themes, software’s and books run in the same manner. Talk about hosting, ebay, amazon ( Everything has their marketing strategy)
    I also used to think like you that thesis is no more but just a simple theme which is growing because of it’s marketing strategy but I found myself completely wrong when I started using it I can see the difference. I’m not only talking about SEO but also the typography. There are hundred of themes which can give best of SEO features but the theme design option, Typography makes it unique. In the end It’s the stats which can tell the difference and we have that in terms of bounce rate here.

    As I mentioned earlier, Though I’m an engineer but I have no experience of coding and playing with .php files. I actually hate editing theme all the time. I remember how much time I have spent editing my previous themes which I could have utilized by writing posts. If you will notice shoutmeloud post frequency, it’s almost 5 a day, because now I don’t worry about theme.
    I really feel thesis hooks are the best thing that happened to thesis theme. Any thing can be edited and added with the help of the hooks. Just two lines of codes and you will end up editing your theme without any issue.

    Now coming back Why most of people running Thesis doesn’t customize the theme to the fullest?

    One simple reason, without customization when you are getting everything you need in a theme. premium ad spots, widget ready theme and lots more. I feel Instead of changing every inch of color its better to do what we are best at writing post.

    • Raju

      I have used Thesis for a while and didn’t feel comfortable with the so-called hooks. Just Google for the review of Thesis theme and see each of the results and you find all of them talking BIG about it without mentioning how exactly it makes life easier.
      I wish you come up with a series of tutorial posts explaining about the mysterious Thesis hooks.
      And coming to Typography, providing different fonts & font sizes is no big deal. I actually feel irritated seeing big fonts everywhere, but yeah I might just be an odd one out.
      Just to let you know, I have to scroll horizontally if I want to read the right sidebar contents completely. This is on 1024×768 resolution screen.

      • Harsh Agrawal

        Raju talking about reviews and affiliate money invoolved in Thesis. There are more then 1000 wordpress themes and most of them have the great affiliate offer. Though none of them get such kind of success.
        I may be wrong here, but People like Darren who are one of the most respected person in the blogosphere are advocating Thesis and using it on one of his blog just because of the simplicity of the theme.

        My point here is choice of theme is always a personal decision and somehow after installing 5 wordpress themes before thesis, I settle down with it because I love it.

  • Nihar

    Hmm… I am impressed due to the bounce rate change.

    But, i am little skeptical in paying 87$ :(

    I feel it is bit costly. Need to find a theme which fits my requirements and more importantly without making any changes in code.

    Hope i get it soon.

  • Raju

    Let me be honest in my comment here. Thesis is a marketing gimmick. People endorse it because they get paid for it. i have not seen even a SINGLE review without an affiliate link embedded.

    Ok, I might be a bit harsh. Thesis might be good wrt SEO, but it’s no big deal. With a slight knowledge of SEO, any theme can be made SEO friendly. Thesis hooks are not as simple as they sound. Forums are useful but still you need to dig up and understand how those hooks work.

    Thesis is marketed saying it is easily customizable. Still I find 90% of blogs using Thesis having the default looks. They have successfully sold many themes and I get to see it way too often.

    As for Bounce rate, it must be due to manual linking of your old posts which you do beautifully in each and every post. Add to that, 7 related posts under each article. Still, I would love to see if the bounce rate remains the same in the month of May.

  • Blogging for llarfors

    You must be kidding me .. 17% bounce rate? How is that even possible? My blog has 43% bounce rate…weird but I’ll check out the theme anyway

    • Harsh Agrawal

      The funny part is I never considered Bounce rate before buying Thesis. After using Thesis theme , the stat is a history for me. !7% from 72% bounce rate. I realize it later that I should have bought it before. :|

  • Mayur

    OMG: 17% bounce rate. I can’t believe it. That’s gr8 man..
    Thesis is awesome. I’m also using it and really impressed.


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