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    Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For WordPress

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    Many of you using videos on your blog  may have noticed that YouTube has recently changed over to Iframe with

    gp2 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpressthe option to use the old HTML code. There are some great advantages to using iframes on your WordPress blog but at the moment if you try to embed an iframe code as you would the old HTML code  you will notice that it will NOT WORK.

    There are a couple of extra steps you have to take to get an iframe YouTube Video on your blog. But before I cover that I want to cover some of the new changes and advantages of using iframe.
    1. The first thing you will notice is  you can now pause and play the video by actually clicking on the video.  This is a great feature in keeping your readers on your blog a lot longer.

    Why you may ask?

    Well the way it was set up before when someone would click on the video while viewing it on your blog they would be taken to the video on YouTube’s website NOT YOURS! Now of course this was great for YouTube but HORRIBLE for you since you want your readers to stay on your site and watch the video there (especially if you are promoting a product and/or want them to take additional action).

    With the old embed code you were helping YouTube get more traffic back to their site and pushing readers away from your site. Not to mention  how easy YouTube makes it to draw your reader’s attention to other related videos instead of back to your site.

    So now with the new iframe code this will not happen, your readers can easily pause and play by clicking the video. This is great for you as it keeps your readers on your blog for longer which is ultimately what you want.

    2. Secondly,  if you are viewing this on an Iphone or Android you will notice that you can now play videos directly on the blog post WITHOUT being taken to the YouTube Application which is installed on your phone. (You can test this out by watching the video in the top right corner of this post. ) Again this is GREAT for your blog because when people are done viewing the video they will STAY ON YOUR BLOG!

    So with the mobile marketing epidemic Youtube is staying in front of the curve and allowing you as a blogger to accomadate those who are reading your blog on their mobile phone.
    Now that you understand why you should be using iframe videos on your blog and how it can help you keep readers on your site longer let’s cover exactly how to put an iframe code on your blog. It’s easier than you might think. Just follow the screen shots below.

    1a 550x207 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    2a 550x238 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    3 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    4 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    5 550x338 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    6 550x179 Why & How To Embed Youtube Iframe Code For Wordpress

    By following the above screen shots you will be able to quickly install and insert an iframe video on to your blog.

    Again if you want to see how powerful this can be for you blog and retaining readers click play on the video in the top right of this post. (Whether you are viewing this post on your computer or mobile phone)

    I hope you found this video helpful and if you did please feel free to past this on to your friends and business colleagues by using the share buttons on this page.

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    Wow Josh this is some great information! Stopping the mobile readers from leaving the post and going to YouTube app is killer. Awesome info man, I look forward to more of your posts! :D


    kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Thanks for sharing this Joshua Zamora. its really useful because once i have tried to add a youtube video to one of my post but unfortunately the video was not displaying.


    Yusuf Chowdhury

    Awesome post Joshua! I love how you added the images and simplified these steps. Excellent work. I’ll share this post everywhere :)


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Joshua, thanks for sharing this tutorial. Till now whenever I want to place a YouTube video in my blog, i used to get the iframe code from YouTube and place them in the content area. From now on I will use your tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


    Terry Crosby

    WOW thank you Joshua. I am going to spend some time on this. I will be back with my questions.


    Joshua Zamora

    Thank you guys for the comments I’m glad I can help 8)


    Dr. SEO Haley

    OK… Your plugin technique looks better than using paragraph tags around the iframe. I’m gonna try it.


    Dani Nir-McGrath

    Joshua, this may be a silly question…but I’m a savvy business owner, not a techie! ;) If you’re using the Smart YouTube plugin, will you run into the same issues?



    Joshua Zamora

    Hey Dani I am by far a techie person as well 8) That’s why I love simple and love plugins. Smart Youtube was recently brought to my attention and have to look into it more. Seems like it can be a good solution for iframe as well.


    Dr. SEO Haley

    I checked out the plug-in… but it is not tested on the newer wordpress and has not been updated in 236 days. Should I be concerned?


    Joshua Zamora

    Hey Dr. SEO I have Wordpress 3.1 and it seems to work fine. A friend brought up an alternate plugin that you may want to look into called Smart Youtube Plugin. There are also several other plugins that you can search for based on what you are comfortable with.


    Dr. SEO Haley

    OK… I used it on 3.1 and it works great. Thanks for giving me the confidence to try it… but I do wish they would update it!



    Sorry, but argument 1 is not true. If you use the current “old embed code” it adds a “?version=3″ to the youtube url. Result: If the user clicks on the embedded youtube flash player (that is playing the video) it pauses instead of opening youtube’s website.

    For argument 2: We have <0,1% people visiting our site by mobile phone.

    So, are there any other advantages?



    thanks a lot for the post. my wordpress blog supports both the old embed code and iframe but never knew what the difference was. now i know what i should use. regards.


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