Why Google Adsense Is The Best Advertising Program For Your Blog

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One of the best way to make money online via Blogging is by showing advertisement on your blog. There are many ad networks are their like Adsense, Chitika, Viglink, Infolinks and many others. Obviously, we can’t clutter our blog with too many ads, and we should pick one of the best make money online program for our blog which works. Adsense is a product from Google, which let us show contextual ads on our blog. It’s one of the best monetization ad networks for any Website, and people are making thousand of dollars every day just using Google Adsense.

Google Adsense for Blog

Why Adsense and benefits of using it?

One of the direct benefits of Adsense is, it’s a legit Advertisement program by Google. Before I get into detail, watch this video:

When people will click on your ads, you will be earning some money. Though, avoid clicking your own ads as it doesn’t meet Adsense safe guidelines.

It’s a contextual ad network, and saying that what I meant is: Ads will be displayed according to your content. For example, if you are writing a post on Webhosting, you are more like to see ads related to Hosting or domains. Another way Adsense show ads is by using cookie method, based on user search history, they show targeted ads which converts better.  In short, AdSense makes sure that readers will see targeted ads and thus you will get more clicks and high payout than any other ad network.

When we talk about making money from blog, the easiest way is start writing content and put up AdSense on your blog. Adsense is a contextual ad program from Google, where advertisement is shown related to your blog post.

Why Google Adsense over other ad networks?

Easy to set up :

Once you have approved AdSense account, all you need to do is add a code into your theme file and advertisement will start running on your blog. Here is a complete guide on how to create and setup AdSense account.

Adsense means recognition :

Adsense is one of the highly rated and recognized advertisement program. Adsense doesn’t approve all kinds of blog and especially blogs which still need improvement. So once you have AdSense running on your blog, it means your blog is authorized. (This may not be true on all the cases).

One account for all Sites :

In most of ad network, you need to add all your sites manually and upon approval of individual sites, you can put add in it. Where as, in Adsense once you have an approved Adsense account, you can put ads on any Website which complies with Adsense TOS. You can use custom channel further to see how your ad slots are performing.

Once you have approved AdSense account, you can use it to anywhere. There is no need of setting up different account for different blogs.

Support forum :

Unlike other advertisement program, AdSense has wide range of advertisers and publishers. Adsense has lots of support forum and you will find lots of tutorials on How to increase your AdSense revenue.

Payment :

The major problem you will face with small advertising company is Payment. Despite of crossing minimum payout limit, you will end up hitting email all the way to get the payment. Do a research and you will realize how many of them are fraud. Adsense is very transparent in terms of Payment, and until unless it’s not your bad day, you will not face any issue with Adsense payment.

No doubt Google AdSense is one of the best make money online program for blogs, but for business sites, I would suggest saying no to AdSense. If you just started using Adsense, I suggest you to install Adsense chrome addon, which will help you to quickly track your AdSense earning.

There could be many other reasons for selecting AdSense, Do let us know what made you go for Adsense over other advertising networks?

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  1. Collin says

    I do love how user friendly the program is, and how easy it is to set up an account.
    I do have one question, I just started a blog, so I’m fairly new to all of this. Should I wait until I have more content on my blog before I start putting advertisements on it, or should I go ahead and begin now? I’m not sure how disapproving people are about advertising.
    Thanks, and great post!

    • Jon Page Acabo says

      Hi Collin,

      Yes, you have to wait until you get approved by Google. You will notice that once you see live ads on your blog if you have configured it already. But until google has not approved it yet, even how many ads you will place on your blog, it will not show.

      The best thing to do now, while waiting for the google’s approval, you have to post at least 10 good quality content on your blog.

      I hope this will help you. Thanks.

  2. Dinesh says

    Google adsense is good option, but one can make max money from affiliate sales. Though affiliate sales is not for every one.

    • Prabith says

      hello dinesh can you explain me how to make money through affiliate sales.. i am interested to hear from you. so that the same trick can use for my site.

  3. Manoj Varghese Mathew says

    yupp adsense is good ad prgm to both advt. adn pub.
    but things went wrong when my adsense account was disabled
    at 54 $.. so i switched over to many other ad prgm…
    actually what i shifted all was a waste of time…

    so i prefer adsense… planning to start a new adsense account.

  4. chethan says

    Nicely written,
    yeah! actually there is no good alternative for google adsense!
    i tried checking out ad programs like bidvertiser, adbrite..
    and there is huge huge difference in terms of quality and contextual ads…

    since google is most popular site in the web!, obviously whatever google releases is a masterpiece!

  5. George Serradinho says

    I like Google Adsense a lot and am still learning a bit from them and what works on my site.

    It would be great if they did direct payments into your account, would save so much time and money of send it via post/courier.

    I saw that they added a feature where I could change the currency from $ to Rands as I’m based in South Africa. That was something cool for me.

  6. IndianCashMaker says

    getting Adsense account is tough if you wanna get it approved for a free blog..otherwise it is not that diffilcult

  7. Arun says

    I really love Google adsense program it’s really gud and now a week back i got Google adsense account. This is the world best advertising program

  8. provamsi says

    Well I agree adsense is the best!! But now a days its tough to get an adsense account.. What about the beginners who start now!! They might not be able to get adsense account very easily..

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