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    Why does Statcounter show more Ad clicks than Google Adsense?

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    StatCounter is one of the popular site stats software which many bloggers are using. Though people who are using stat counter and Google AdSense are facing issues in terms of actual number of clicks and impression.

    Before getting hold of the pattern in which the clicks are reported on the Statcounter dashboard, I used to think some guys are trying to frantically disable my Google Adsense account! This was a long time ago! There are other webmasters and bloggers who accuse Google of cheating them of hundreds of clicks. Some “Gurus” try to spread the myth that if the Advertiser’s page hasn’t loaded fully, the click is not reported. That’s not the case, rather the click is reported with no earnings. It is not entirely the fault of the blogger.

    statcounter Why does Statcounter show more Ad clicks than Google Adsense?

    The root cause of the problem is the reporting process of Statcounter. It reports the loading of ad code from the doubleclick.net website as an exit link. That is entirely different from an ad click! It’s not the fault of Statcounter either. They just report it as an exit link, not a click. Thus tracking your Ad clicks from Statcounter reports is not at all accurate. Thus the only possible solution I know of is to just rely on your Google Adsense reports, as advised in the Publisher FAQ, and not pay attention to the Statcounter Exit link reports for Ad clicks.

    If you want to make sure the cause of inflated clicks in the Statcounter reports is the same as in my case, just observe the number of exits per page view reported with time. If it is the same as number of Adsense ads on your page, you can stay assured that Adsense is not cheating you.

    A popular concern is that Adsense might not be reporting invalid clicks. This is not the case, since I have seen all invalid clicks (accidental clicks on my own ads a couple of times) reported with $0.00 revenue. Thus, irrespective of whether the clicks are valid, all clicks on your Adsense ads are reported by Google on the dashboard.

    Some other reasons why Google might be reporting fewer or no Adsense clicks are:

    1.Improper Publisher ID/ Ad slot for Revenue sharing sites (including Shoutmeloud!):

    This leads to zero impressions and clicks in your reports, and thus if you are getting even ad impressions, your ad slot is fine. All you need to do to solve this problem is create a new Adsense ad and give the correct Publisher ID and  Ad slot.

    2.Improper Ad code:

    This may be because of accidental change of the Ad code, or formatting issues. Make sure you are using the HTML/Javascript widget in Blogger and not the Text widget. Re-paste the Ad code in case you have doubts.

    These are some reasons why Statcounter and other site trackers report fewer Ad clicks than Google Adsense. If you know of more reasons and possible solutions, please share them with us.

    Do you face any issue which using Google Adsense and Statcounter together?

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    I think Google tracking system is accurate and outside system can not generate the correct data



    Exactly! Even if you find out Google is forging the click reports (which I don’t think is the case anyway), you couldn’t do anything…so why bother at all!


    SK @ Earn Money Online

    Now that explains the huge exit link activity of adsense via statcounter.



    Well written! I will integrate a new AdSense click statistic module next in my WordPress plugin which prevents malicious and invalid clicks:

    It is able to count clicks on your ads very accurate because the technology behind is a complete other one, than statcounter uses:)

    Cheers, René



    oh well, i understand now.. :D i research my statcounter last day, there are 3-5 clicks but no click at all on my adsense dashboard. :)

    Thanks. :D


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