Why Should You Consider Blogging As A Business?

Consider Blogging a BusinessIs your blog not taking off? Are you not noticing the results from your blog as you desire?

You might be doing everything wrong then!

Most bloggers (especially the new bloggers) consider blogging as fun, not as a business. This is the reason they miserably fail to build a successful blog. They don’t see any results as they expected on their blogs because their lack of dedication, hard work and consistency.

When you take blogging as fun, you will never focus on seriously taking it to the next level or to make your blog a BRAND like ShoutMeLoud.

There are many examples of the successful bloggers who considered blogging as a business, such as Harsh Agarwal, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, John Chow and the list goes on and on and on.

Reasons to consider blogging as a business

When you consider blogging as a business, you will certainly put serious efforts in making it successful. Remember that, your blog will succeed only when you know what you are talking about, and when your efforts are serious enough to build a great blog.

Here are few reasons to consider blogging as a REAL online business.

You will take blogging seriously:

One of the major reasons most bloggers fail is this, they don’t consistently do what they ought to do. For example, one of the key factors that decide in making a blog successful is it’s posting frequency. If you don’t post consistent enough, you might not be able to attract and build a readership for your blog, period! So what’s more the better way to make your blog a success than considering it as a business?

You will invest money:

Most new bloggers don’t invest any money on their blogs. They blog for several months (let’s say 2 to 3 months); they don’t see any results coming out of their blogs, and they get frustrated and quit. This is what happens when you don’t consider it as a business; you have to invest money in order to get money out of your blogs. You will put serious efforts if you invest enough money on blog design, premium themes or plugins.

You will build a brand through blogging:

Branding is what makes your blog stand out from the crowd. It’s not how much money you are earning, or it’s not how much traffic you are getting.. it’s all about how great brand your blog has. The best way to build a brand through your blog is, spend quality time in spending with other bloggers, try to connect with the influencers in your niche. Join their webinars and get to know them personally, this will surely bring your great results in the long run.

How to make your blog a business?

Start building an email list

An email list is one of the major assets that any blog can have. There are so many advantages when you have a great email list. Few are:

  • You can bring targeted traffic to buy your products/read your content, etc
  • You can always sell own products to your subscribers
  • You can build great relationships and credibility by delivering regular emails to them

Use top quality service like AWeber (it’s one of the most used email autoresponders by the professionals) by just paying $1 in the first month. If you are not satisfied with their work, you can cancel their service at any time. You don’t lose anything, right? So give it a try. I’m sure you will love their service.

Build great landing pages

Landing pages are golden, they always work to get more products sales or email subscribers because they have fewer distractions. They not only give your blog a professional touch, but they also give your readers a soothing feeling. First-time visitors who land on your sites will convert if you place ONE goal per landing page. Make sure to build an email list with your landing pages in the beginning. Then try to convert them into customers by recommending the products that you use and love.

Boost your online reputation through guest blogging

Online reputation is the effective way to earn more money, become an authority and create relationships with others. You can’t build online reputation without working hard, one of the simple yet effective ways to boost your online reputation is through guest blogging. Target the blogs that have the mutual readership and try to post frequently on the same blogs to build readership for your blogs. Never post mediocre content, always follow your targeted blog’s guidelines and always be engaging with others to build relationships.

In a nutshell:

The success rate of your blogging increases when you consider blogging as a business. Yes, there’s no doubt, blogging is also a fun, but it becomes only fun when you are bringing the results. So invest money on blog design, plugins, etc. and start building your email list. Here are few articles for further reading:

Tell me your opinions about blogging as a business. Do you agree with my thoughts or do you’ve any more suggestions? Please share them below.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Ahmed Taha says

    Very nice,

    I don’t know why would I use an email list service as MailChimp, or Aweber if I could just use feedburner? I mean, what are the advantages over feedburner?

    Thanks in advance =)

  2. rakesh kumar says

    Guest bloggers now a days submit the same story again and again on the same topic thus instead of getting any benefit from guest blog, we start loosing our brand, the same way we must submit our best work as a guest post after a long research, but before that we should also have some quality contents on our blogs. otherwise all our best guest post will bring nothing on our blog.

  3. says

    Nice article Rafi,

    Many bloggers do stress on email list, feed burner does most of the work in sending updates automatically but rumors are that it is going to shut down its services.

    Google reader is gone now. May be mail chimp too may be a handy tool to build an email list as it is free for 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month what do you say?

    • Stephen Malan says

      Another excellent post. Having to agree that not quitting after a few months is the main culprit for most. Love the instabuilder plugin too.

      Thanks again Rafi!

  4. nimish kumar says

    very nice article Rafi and for sure I am implementing these techniques with my blog.

    without investing money on your blog you can’t get much out of it, one should decorate it like home if want good outcomes.

  5. Harvilas Meena says

    Of course this article is very informative and we should keep in mind these things when we start to blog for making money or for making blogging business.

  6. Stephen Malan says

    Great post. I think the problem that I see from new people we communicate with is they don’t think they have to invest in anything for their business. We may suggest something that would help them tremendously and if there is a small price tag they always ask, “isn’t is free some place?” Wrong mindset. You have to view blogging as a business and act like a business owner.

    Anyway, great post!