Why Choose Customized Web Design over Template Website Design?

No business can survive today without a website. Try to promote a business solely through word-of-mouth and you’ll soon find out why. Internet is increasingly becoming our first port of call for information on anything so, without a website, your business will be virtually invisible and will rapidly fall behind competitors.

When you first begin investigating how to establish an online presence for your business, you will come across an enormous amount of information about web design, web development, online marketing and search engine optimisation which is not likely to make any sense to you. After all, you are only after a basic website and can learn about the rest of the business later.  The only decision you really need to make at this stage is whether to build your site using a template website design or consult an expert for a personally customised web design that has been prepared with just your business needs in mind.

Custom vs. Template web design

  1. What exactly do the terms ‘custom web design’ and ‘template web design’ refer to? A template designed website is formed from a collection of linked pages that are prebuilt. The pages may have a limited capacity for selection of alternate colours and font; however lay-out is generally fixed. The short answer for ‘what is a customised web design?’ is: absolutely anything you want and need it to be to promote your company in an exciting and unique way. While at first a template website design may seem like the fastest and most economic option for getting your business noticed on the world wide web, it is likely to have the opposite effect and hold back the future development of your website.
  2. Template web designs have very limited functionality and little or no scope for change or personalization. Another drawback of template websites is that many other businesses that have not opted for a customised web design will be using an identical template. If you are interested in maximising the individual online presence of your company, the last thing you want to find out is that your competitors have exactly the same colour scheme and page design as that used on your website.
  3. Although template web design can be cheaper than customised design, it also ends up having a cut-rate appearance which will instantly affect the impression that you give your potential customers. Your clients want to know that they will receive a top quality service and are unlikely to approach your company if even the design of your website appears generic and of a low quality.
  4. Unlike template websites, fully customised website designs offer a literally endless amount of design features and options for future development because they are constructed in close and ongoing consultation with your company. Perhaps you decide to add an online store to your company website? Or establish a customer loyalty program that provides each client a personalised login page? With a custom web design your website can grow and change as your business does, and thus better serve the needs of your customers.
  5. A customised website design will represent your company in a striking and individual way and can be modified to include the latest technologies and functionalities such as the creative use of images in flashing banners, shopping cart functionality, videos, newsletters, member login areas, blogs and customised Content Management Systems.

Do let us know what do you prefer more? A Custom web design or  pre-built web design?


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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Nelson Dias says

    I agree with Wasim, My site is a perfect example of a theme which i have customized to suit my needs. It already looks good but i am building it up even more on a regular basis. See for yourselves. Conclusion, get a theme and customize it, much cheaper and quicker too.

  2. Tejaswini says

    Custom Design is always better than using templates as I feel the site can be optimized properly using custom designs and coding. In case of pre-made templates, a lot of elements come in header, CSS and footer as well in PHP code. So again in order to keep site optimized, we need to remove unwanted elements otherwise the site performance appears degraded.

    Creating a custom site is almost a one time effort, but it is very easy to maintain the site in coming days :)

    Thank you Harsh for starting a good brainstorming topic as now-a-days there are hundreds of templates making the theme market overpopulated and creating a huge confusion in minds of the new users and businesses.

  3. Wasim Ismail says

    I prefer custom layouts, and I encourage all my customers to go for a custom design, as its unique to their business, and helps build their online identity.
    Sometimes if you prefer a template you can also customise the template to meet your needs, and to give it the look that you want.

  4. sreekumar sukumaran says

    Starting on templates and thinking to switch over to customized only if it clicks. Cart behind the horse and not the other way.

  5. Jasmine says

    Depends on the occasion, sometimes I use customized design, sometimes I use templates. I think the biggest advantage of using templates are they are much quicker to deploy and much cheaper (usually free). Right?

  6. Brij says

    First step is to use templates because it has many needed functionality, if it is implemented from starting then it will take so much time. It is easy to select. After this, customize look and feel of template or add/delete functionality as per your choice.

  7. Ravi reddy says

    Most of us get free templates but it is not well customized then we have to work around it to look better because looks matter a lot before reading the content of the website

  8. unbi says

    Templates are a great place for people to start, get the first site up and running. However If you’re going to pay for a site, then make the most of it, make it unique. Don’t look like another site.

  9. Nihar says

    Thanks for the post.

    Customized web design is always better than template website design. You can get lots of things done using customized web design than the latter one.

  10. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    Obviously a Custom Design is more superior as compared to a fixed template. You have loads of options during the customization process.

  11. Tim@Internet Income Rant says

    Hi Harsh,
    That post was insightful. For me, I’ll prefer a custom made design since I’ll be able to edit it and make it personal. I believe it’s important to have a unique design although on my blog now, I have the default WordPress design with no regret but that’s gonna change soon.
    So finally, a custom design is my take any day!

  12. Looking4 Purpose says

    I like that I can use predesign themes however, I do tweak them a bit because I have no knowledge on html and codes to design my own. I have wanted for so long to design my own, make it actually work the way I would like as I love designing, but someday maybe I can take a course. thanks for your post it is very knowledgeable.

  13. Abhishek Biswal says

    Oh yess, I fully agree with you. But, how difficult is it to create your own customized web design?

  14. Pippa says

    Templates are a great place for people to start, get the first site up and running. However If you’re going to pay for a site, then make the most of it, make it unique. Don’t look like another site.