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Why You Should Not Change Post Permalink After Publishing

Why You Should Not Change Post Permalink After Publishing

Do you know Your blog post permalink is a part of ranking factor? If yes, I’m sure at times you also made this mistake of changing permalink of the published post, and later found out that your old link is giving 404 error. More over, if you changes your permalink just after publishing posts (Let’s say 5 minutes), your auto-tweets, Auto-share, all must have started giving 404 error!

There are few things you can do to take care of this issue, but first lets learn why you should now change the permalink.

Some people change the post permalink after publishing the post because they might think that the title of post is not appropriate or they find any good title for the post. Now if you change the permalink of the post then everything looks fine, your new title might makes your post more attractive but somewhere it is wrong.

As you publish a new post and the RSS feed technology update a post in different feed readers of your subscribers. There are many feed readers that watch the title of the post to decide that it is new or not.  (Google reader is an example), if you change the title of your post then these feed readers (which work on a particular algorithm) would show your same post twice.

This will make your feed readers confused and the reputation of your blog might effect. So don’t try to do this work.

Make sure that the decided title of an article should be correct and it   should tell about the content of an article.

Once the post appear in the feed reader, whatever the change you made on the content of your article it  didn’t  make any change in your feeds Also you can’t delete your feeds once it is appear in anyone’s feed reader. So be sure whatever you write in an article is true and contains no mistakes.

If you want to change , change your post title, but make sure your permalink is not changed after it, else your blog will start giving 404 page error.

In case you made a big mistake with permalink and there is no option and you have to change it, always add a proper redirection.

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  • Harry

    Recently I updated the title of one of my old posts from 2009. This happened to be the no. 1 post on my blog. A week later I found a significant drop in the site traffic. After investigation, I found that the page was no longer available. Eventually I found that the post URL had changed when I changed this title. Do you know how this could have happened?


  • Aditya Nath Jha

    I recently changed my full permalinks to postname.html and I was getting a lot of 404 errors. I used redirection plugins added all urls. But still I get lots of 404 errors daily, and my valuable traffic is being lost. So, I would suggest to all newbies to follow the tips given in this post!

  • ejewelrysource

    Hi, I made a huge mistake by changing permalinks a week ago without redirecting them. Now I have lost all my traffic and google is giving me results of 96 not found 404 errors. I realized this a week later then I changed my permalinks setting back to the original setting, do you think it is too late?

  • Amit Banerjee

    Good tip.There is another serious problem if you change the permalink after the post is published.As soon as you publish a post the ping servers get into action sending pings to all those pages that yuo have linked to.Now if you change the permalink later on,these pingbacks are all dead.Result : Backlinks are lost.

  • Gabe |

    There are plugins that help with permalink changes but you’re right, generally speaking, leave it alone once the post has been published. The key is getting it right the first time so bloggers should really think about their “killer” title before pushing that publish button!

  • Michael Aulia

    Yeah, once I almost changed the permalink of the just published post until I realized that I shouldn’t :D Spot on

  • Tech-Freak Stuff

    The main problem is of Broken Content! I have experienced it a lot of times when I have made the permalink editing mistake!

  • jaswanth

    Hey really excellent tip for the freshers., i too changed the links so far. ya i know the problem thanks for the usefull post

  • sandesh

    pretty conducive post dear

  • Dinesh

    If you have taken such a step (changed permalink) you should use permalink migration plugin.

  • Monik

    Hi, Thanks for the post.

    But as per what i have seen, if you have already published your article and then if you change the permalink then the previous link automatically redirects to your new link so you dont actually need to worry about it.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Nice article Himanshu ! ;)

    But, when I was a newbie to WP I used to change the permalinks of my old imported articles.. because I was not aware of what the hell “permalinks” are..

    Thanks for the tip.. will avoid it now ! :)

    • Himanshu

      Thanks Pradeep for the kind words. In starting phase of Blogging nobody take care of feed, which should be avoided.


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