Why Bloggers Drink and How to Avoid Drinking?

Drinking socially or non-socially, in any form it’s harmful for out body and a practice that should be avoided by everyone. Though it’s hard to avoid drinking when you start drinking in regular break. This post is targeted to Bloggers and normal people who are into drinking habit and wish to quit it.

Blogging is a slow and steady process in which blogger use to spend 5 to 15 hours in front of their personal computer. During this time blogger use to research on a particular topic, write an article and market that article. The overall process with respect of some non technical person is too boring but blogger never run out of his work because they enjoy each and every moment on the internet.

Also, here is one thing for people who says they started drinking because of peer pressure or because of tension, it’s not a justified reason. Anyone, who is above 18 and drinks, he is responsible for his alcoholic habits, as people above 18 are mature enough to take their own decisions.

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Drunk Blogger

There are lots of side effect of blogging. Bloggers usually don’t take care of their health and involved in lots of bad habits. One of the common bad habit amongst blogger is they involved in doping habit which involve smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk foods. These types of habit should be avoided by any blogger because it will surely degrade the performance of the bloggers.

Though, one thing before you start following any of below mentioned tips to start avoid drinking, it should be your will first that should be controlling your decision. If, you are not sure why you should avoid drinking, start analyzing the cons of drinking and harmful effects in long run and you will have enough reasons to quit drinking. None the less, there are many families which is destroyed because of senior member of family is drunkard and family fall apart. Anyways, we won’t get into any of the sad stories and lets straight away get into the point which will help you to get rid of one habit which you should have never chosen for:

Why Bloggers involve in such activities

It is not hidden that the life of each blogger is alone, they love to spend time on internet and they give very less time for their friends, family members and other social activities. They do their most of the activities on the computer like reading newspaper, watching movies, listening songs, gaining any new knowledge.

This alone life tend to rise some bad habits. They drunk while browsing online, they eat junk food, they smoke regularly to make the environment near them more interesting, they want to make them adapt in the alone situation. They start drinking alcohol, beer or smoking all the time in front of computer screen.

How to Avoid drinking habits and quit smoking?

It is not possible to get rid of drink habit for always but there are some measures by make use of which anyone can Keep Drunken Self Away From the Internet.The idea here is for heavy drinkers is to minimize the addiction and live an  alcohol  free life.

Never store any alcoholic material in your home

Alcohol brings mind in a state such that reaction time of mind get increase and the person doesn’t understand the situation correctly. How anyone thinks that alcohol supports in blogging. Try not to store any alcoholic material like whisky, rum or beer in your home. This will reduce your drinking habit.

Go to pub or bar

If anyone wants to drink then he should prefer pubs or bars. Stay yourself away from alcohol while at home. Going to bar is still a better idea. Try to complete all your important work before going to the bar so that your work may not be affected.Benefit of this habit is you will find it hard to go to pub all the time for many factors time and money. Though try to minimize the frequency of pubbing with time.

Drink fruit juice

If you still want to drinksomething while blogging, prefer to drink fruit juice, it brings lots of positive energy and it is reward for you to intake a fruit juice instead of alcohol. You can also replace it with other cold-drinks. An alternative drink is great idea to ease your drinking desire.

Avoid smoking while work

Remember a time while you work in your day job, there are some rules which you need to follow, you can’t smoke while work, though this rule may not be applicable while you work full-time from your home but still you need to follow some measures to keep yourself fit. Smoking kills and when you develop a habit while work it would be very dangerous to you for sure.

Never organize drink party at home

Party at home means flow of liquor. Try to be organized. Try to make a discipline and follow it. Home is an office of blogger so never make the place filthy. Try to make its environment clean and working. Treat your home office as work place and maintain all the rules and regulations of office in your home office. Call our friends, but don’t have such wild and drunk parties, that next day you again end up reorganizing your self.

The hardest part in quitting drinking is, control after some time. Most of the people think, they have control now and they start with 1-2 glass again and it will again put them back into the same stage, which they left. So, once you started working on avoid drinking, make sure you leave it for once and all. If, some time you need moral support you can take help of rehab center or relief group. Though, people feel ashamed to go to rehab, but before you think of people, realize it’s going to help you and no one else.

These are the basic measure you need to take if you want to go away from doping habits. Let me know if anyone involved in such a bad blogging habit and want to get rid of it.

Remember when you Setup Office at home for professional blogging, you also need to  maintain  the rules like an office.

Are you suffering from same problem ? Is online life making you drink a lot? If yes, what are you doing to get rid of this habit?

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.


COMMENTs ( 31 )

  1. Yogita Aggarwal says

    Well stated points. To keep alcohol at home can actually make a person regular drinker so better to go to pubs and enjoy drink.

  2. sudha says

    Thanks for your comment Stefan but I am not agree with you that Fruit juice evr make any harm to a body, you may choose any juice according to your choice, if you are a patient of diabetes then you should take a fruit juice with low content of fructose corn syrup such as Cranberry juice.

  3. Yanto says

    Drink a lot of water. If possible, drink oxygenated water. I learnt from a book about fact of the brain. The brain needs main fuel to make it work. They are “water”, “oxygen” and “glucose”. You can’t write any good posts if you keep on yawning in front of your computer. Having a mug of glucosed cereal also fresh you up.

  4. Mr MakingUsmile says

    I enjoy a cold beer while writing. it relaxes me. I would never commnet while drinking. Thats no fun. Spelling errors while drinking. LOL

  5. roo says

    “write drunk, edit sober” Ernest Hemingway
    Bit of a fan of ol’ Ernest myself. Some of the greatest creative minds used various forms of stimulants, whether these are natural, chemical, legal or regulated I don;t suppose it matters unless they are advocating the use of ilegal or unhealthy products as being healthy or hip.

  6. Internet Tomorrow says

    Yes in deed bloggers likes to stay alone. I don’t find any problem in mentioning that they take something to relax themselves.

  7. Klaus @ TechPatio says

    “I accept your premise, but I reject your conclusion.”
    (Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory)

    Being “alone” in front of the computer is usually not why people start drinking and smoking – I’d suggest there’s something else wrong somewhere (a disease, social issues, poor upbringing?, etc.). No, the fact is that 20-30% of the population (in the US at least) are introverts. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it just means that introverts get their “energy” from being alone. They recharge when alone, then they have energy to spend time with other people.

    Extraverts are the other way around. They get energy and recharge from being with other people and don’t like being alone.

    Both “sides” are great and it’s not supposed to put people in a box or anything, it’s just a matter of knowing what type you are and use it as a tool.

    I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that most bloggers are introverts, since it does take some a great deal of your time to actually blog and extraverts wants to be out in the world and experience with real life people. I don’t have any proof though, so it’s only based on my own experience and how I feel it currently is.

    Here’s a great ressource for more introvert knowledge:

    I don’t hope you took this personally, I just don’t think it’s correct to say that people smoke/drink etc. to make their alone time more interesting.

    Now I’ll go back to enjoying my friday beer, lunch break is over :)

    • himanshu says

      Hey Klaus!
      Lots or regards for such a big input! I never said that bloggers are introvert, i said that bloggers love to live alone, this might be somewhere true because bloggers want to concentrate on their own work without being disturbed.

      World is not same every side, drinking is not a habit, its a problem which lots of bloggers develop while work. It should be avoided because that ultimately effect their work and they never realize the exact problem.

      Bloggers are extrovert more than any normal person because they have a unique quality to interact with people. Remember the time when we attend bloggers meet, we don’t need people really, we never met them before but we love to talk ad interact with them.

      Thanks for the resource, I am surely going to check it out.

      Best regards.

  8. India 365 says

    This doesn’t happen in my case. But, I’m really surprised to see this post to know that there are people who does this ( involve smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk foods). Good one.

    • Reverse Phone says

      I have started actually setting a small amount of time in the afternoon, to leave the pc, and have a break and a snack, its easy to eat junk and drink too much when your active on the pc,

  9. Kamal says

    Well I for one was a heavy drinker and a smoker too.. I quit all that by an easy method lol. Promised my new Girl that I would not. Cos I just love her too much. I know this may sound silly or old. It worked for me. All I do now is Drink lots and lots of water, Jog everyday for an hour, lots of fruits and vegetables. And ofcourse work ;)

  10. Rajesh Kanuri says

    blogging may cause side effects which is true but deviating and motivating our self to spiritual practices may help us in diverting our mind..

  11. Blake @ Props Blog Reviews says

    Fortunately for me, my wife doesn’t drink much so we don’t keep much alcohol around the house (and what we do have, i don’t like). I think taking time out to go work out, even if it’s just a few pushups and situps is important not only for your health, but it can also really increase your energy level and make you more productive.

  12. Apurba says

    Well, its not like only bloggers do drink and are at the risk of becoming alcoholic, and its also not like every blogger starts drinking once he takes up to regular blogging. Any demanding job without regulation (that’s what blog is right, a job without the regulation of an office, you are at liberty of your home) can have that affect. But your posts definitely makes some good point about a less discuss aspect of blogging.

  13. Ajith Edassery says

    It’s not about bloggers – I guess, most programmers drink and smoke. Of late this trend is coming down, I guess.

    In fact, controlled drinking – one glass of wine every night or one drink per week or so – is good for health as it helps the dilation process. But smoking – even one cigarette a day – is bad. Unfortunately, many people who drink, do smoke as well and they smoke more when they drink.

    Of late, I have quit smoking due to high blood pressure and reduced on drinking as well. And I do not spend a lot of time for blogging.

  14. Gabe | freebloghelp.com says

    Surprisingly, I actually don’t have time to do anything else but blog when I’m blogging! I’m trying to cut back on drinking anything (non-alcoholic) just to reduce the number of bio breaks!

  15. says

    Himanshu you are an excellent writer, I lov ur Posts … But some of them are quite CREEPY… esp. this one.
    Drinking is an Addictive thing …. blogging has nothing to do with it….

    and people who love blogging are not mentally stressed by it.

    Sorry to Disagree…..

    • himanshu says

      Thanks Mate for your insights, I always takes my readers words as a positive criticism.
      Actually you are right, blogging has nothing to do with drinking problem as I never dope in my life and never want to try any doping habits in future too. But World is not always same for everyone. The idea of this article came in my mind after reading an article on Mashable written by incredible writer Joel Falconer. http://mashable.com/2008/11/14/drunken-emails/

      Also I mentioned Junk food habits in my article which has nothing to do with doping and most of people gain this habit while passing time on internet , even I am also a victim of that.

    • Dinesh says

      Yes, you are right. If you love something and you are passionate about it, you donate all your time to that work and do not indulge in this kind of bad habits.

  16. Shabnam Sultan says

    Nice article :) . I know some bloggers get into the habit of taking alcohol and drugs to increase their working capabilities which is bad. Getting addicted to these things will only hamper your work in long run.

    I usually drink carbonated water if i feel the need to drink something other than water. I am also in a habit of having a burger before writing my blogposts at times .

  17. Cyn says

    I agree completely. I am nearly 40 years old, and have spent the last 3 years blogging. Too many hours spent in front of the computer was making me feel sluggish and unhealthy. I don’t drink alcohol, and I don’t smoke, but I did have the habit of skipping meals and then gorging on junk food. In the last few weeks, I have changed that. I have a juicer, and a make my own fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I also have a mini-trampoline in my office, and I jump on it for 6-10 minutes every single hour. I set my timer for 54 minutes and I work. When the timer goes off, I jump on the trampoline. When I am finished, I set my timer to work once again. I am exercising my lungs and heart in ways that I have not done during my workdays for the past 3 years. :)

  18. Srinivas Rao says

    Interesting ideas. I’m not officially a professional blogger. Perhaps I’m on my way there. But because Ihaven’t had a job, my health habits are well above the average person. I get up early, I surf 6 hours a day, and I’m getting in great shape. I also think spending all day in front of the computer is an awful habit that many bloggers develop. I try to setup my publishing schedule ahead of time so I can have the rest of the week to surf. But that’s just me. Re, not havhing alcohol at all, I don’t know if I agree. I think the occasional drink is fine. But if you have absolutely no discipline and drink while you work, that’s when it becomes a problem.

  19. himanshu says

    Alcoholic practice is very harmful for blogger in any ways. There is no place of these kind of activities in their life. Otherwise they will pay a lot in terms of health and work dissatisfaction.

  20. Surender Sharma says

    Hey Harsh,
    You are right that some bloggers use alcohol,drugs and caffeine to stimulate their capacity of Working.
    But continue use of the above said things can harm to body.
    Your suggestions are really helpful for every blogger,Even every Netizen.

  21. Stefan says

    To be fair I disagree with the part about replacing your drink with fruit juice. Sure it is much better than alcohol, but it is still packet with sugar if you do not press it by yourself. Personally I have replaced all my drinking with water. If I’m thirsty I drink regularly water from the tap and if I want to taste something good I take carbonated water.

    • himanshu says

      Thanks for your comment Stefan but I am not agree with you that Fruit juice evr make any harm to a body, you may choose any juice according to your choice, if you are a patient of diabetes then you should take a fruit juice with low content of fructose corn syrup such as Cranberry juice.

      Drinking water is a nice habit as it always good for health but avoiding tap water will be a better practice :)

    • jenny says

      I drink fruit juice but water it down and have half fruit juice and half water or carbonated water, , keeps the sugar content down :)

    • Arthur says

      I agree too, that drinking mineral water is the best idea. I also prefer herbal tea, but it must be without caffeine. Sometimes after drinking a few beers earlier in the evening I realise it’s wise to keep your keyboard shut for a while. I learned this the hard way, gradually over a long period of time.