Why Your Blog is Going to Fail in 2015 and Again in 2016.

Hey! Is that what I just said? Of course that’s what I said. I want to let you why your blog is actually going to fail this year and more years to come if…

If what? That’s the question I guess you intend asking me. Never mind, I’m obviously going to do justice to that. Before that, let me introduce myself to you as this is not your usual Harsh Agrawal you know. I’m one controversial blogger known as Cudjoe. Others call me Kabenlah, some also do call me Emmanuel but my lovely grandmother calls me Kabie. I’m sure you’ve already started mumbling and started getting bored already but please wait, before you begin to type in Facebook, in your address bar, I’m about to tell you why your blog is going to fail. So please wait.

fail blogNow, back to the main issue on board. So tell me, for how long have you being blogging? And how successful has your blog being? Remember I’ve never asked you how much work you put in your blog. That’s the point! Many bloggers want their blogs to succeed but actually lack the will to WORK much more harder on their blogs. Let me tell you this, it’s only in the dictionary that’s where success comes before work.

I don’t blame you for not working on your blog. Why? Because you’re always sabotaging yourself. You think your posts are not good enough. Yes, many bloggers have low self-esteem and always to find excuses as to why their posts are not good enough like that of Harsh or that of John Chow’s posts which we all agree they offer great posts. All these are seasoned bloggers who started out just like you. So please, working on your blog is indeed the surest to success and doing the opposite is of course, the surest way to failure.

Hey wait, WORKING has to do with writing posts and letting your readers determine whether its quality. Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. You’re unique with your own way and style. Yes, you are!

Another truth has to do with consuming a lot of unnecessary stuffs online. I mean a lot information. Let me tell you this, the craziest place to be on earth is to be on the internet. Why? And the answer is simple, there are a lot of ‘useless’ information. Tell me again, how many of us won’t quit reading this post and follow a link I might maybe recommend of bringing in  more than 1000 traffic to your blog a day? And obviously all of us will fall victims.

There are many social networks in the world more thousands of them. How can you therefore be active on all these networks at the same time in your quest to bringing traffic to your site? Just limit yourself to a few. The fact that a social network can bring traffic doesn’t guarantee that you ought to join. You’ve joined soo many social networks but are they really impacting on your blog?  I’ve just currently limited myself to two and obviously the names  Facebook and Twitter can’t be ruled out. The likes of Friendster, shetoldme, Artego, 2Tag, Tagged and several others can be on hold for now.

Doing the same thing each and every day and expecting a different result is simply insane. This was what I read on one taxi some days back. As to who said that, I don’t know. May be it was the taxi driver or the taxi owner.  These are my last words.

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Over to You

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. says

    Reading your first paragraph and its defensive tone I was expecting another stereotyped boring guest post just for the sake of getting back link. But your power observation and strength of assessment that you showed in your subsequent paragraphs are really superb that shows how firm grip you have over your subject. There was nothing bleak in the post despite of the fact that it was mostly about failure. This is the art of positive writing to convey bitterest reality in sugar coated politeness. Again well done and thanks

  2. says

    Awesome post Emmanuel. You are right about how much work it does take. And not just one day but day after day. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. And just when you do well thousands of new sites come online and Google changes things up. It’s a never ending work cycle.

  3. Toshiba Burton says

    Hey I totally agree with you! My main thing is FOCUS just because you join a social network doesn’t mean that it’s not going to take work! I think this is a big misunderstanding for a lot of marketers because they feel like they have to all over the place all the time when in reality it’s best to get started with 1 or 2 networks & start building from there. Then as time goes on may be add another one.

    You ‘ll find yourself being a lot more productive by keeping it simple.

  4. Robinsh says

    Only the title of this article blog post is responsible to attract my attention and I came here to waste my time, anyway I got a message again that the great tittle of a blog post can do wonder.

  5. Annie says

    Is it just me, or does this article not tell us anything? I feel like the headline was put there for shock value only and then the post failed to even cover what the headline was about. A lot of rambling, without direction.

  6. says

    Great post Emmanuel! We have been working very hard this past year and have seen nothing but positive results. But I can tell you when we first started blogging, between not really knowing what we were doing and not putting in the time, we weren’t very successful. Yesterday we hit a record high, both for unique visitors in a day and profits.

    Like you said, you can’t compare yourself to John or Harsh… because they are simply amazing. Just keep putting in the time and hard work and eventually it will pay off.

  7. kuldeep says

    Albert Einstein said this. “Doing the same thing each and every day and expecting a different result is simply insane”

    Great article kabie, made my day.

  8. Paras Sharma says


    I am surprised to see such posts on shoutmeloud.com , the post isnt informative much and the title that pulls everybody’s attention has actually nothing relevant.

  9. Karan Batra says

    You are right in saying that quality is more important than quantity… Moreover, my experience says that your patience and dedication to blogging holds the key in this business…

  10. Stephen Malan says

    ah, good post. Like the information overload aspect of the internet. Always so easy to chase the next “shiny object” over and over again. That will produce zero results and a lot of wasted time.

    Again, good post….your post title is really great ….

    Keep up the good work.