Why Affiliate Marketing is better than PPC Monetization?

Most of the bloggers prefer Pay Per Click advertising program to generate revenue from their blog and don’t think about affiliate marketing because they found it difficult compare to PPC programs. In fact, many bloggers, find getting started with Affiliate marketing tough than using PPC programs like Adsense, Bidvertiser and so on.

Google AdSense is most popular among bloggers because it is easy to implement and don’t take any extra efforts to earn money other than your regular blogging. At the same time bloggers complain about low Google AdSense earning compare to their blog traffic and still stuck with AdSense.

Why Affiliate Marketing is better than PPC?

Google do share how much revenue split they do with Publishers but there is no exact revenue sharing formula for publishers to calculate earning per click. One day you will find EPC (Earning Per Clicks) of $2 and other day it is just $0.50 for the same page. You don’t know how much you will earn today and how much next day. You may also not be sure with affiliate marketing on which day you will earn and how much but at the same time you know how much you will earn for a particular product sale and you give efforts according it.

If you want to increase earning from your blog you have to look for other monetization options like Affiliate Marketing. Many bloggers don’t find affiliate marketing good source of earning because they feel it don’t gives returns compare to PPC. This point can be true in some cases like you implemented a affiliate banner on your website and you are hoping that you will generate at least one sale for that day then it may go against you but at a same time if you have implemented Google AdSense or any other PPC advertisements you may find few clicks on that ads and some revenue for sure.

Affiliate marketing do not work this way it takes time and some experiments. It may not give you result just by showing banner ads. To generate revenue from affiliate marketing you have to adopt affiliate marketing techniques like placing banner ads, writing product review etc. And when you learn how to promote affiliate products they find very good earning and many times it is much better than PPC ads.

Benefit of Affiliate Marketing over PPC Ads:

Let me state clearly about advantage of using PPC ads which will give you recurring income but again if you have been using PPC based ad network, there is no harm replacing 1-2 ad slot with Affiliate banners and try how it works out for you. Especially if you get niche based

Revenue Share:

When you promote any affiliate product you know how much you will earn from that program. About every affiliate program share the information with their affiliates how much they will earn for every sale it can be fixed amount or fixed percentage. When you know how much you will earn from a particular program you can set your earning targets and can make a strategy to promote that product.

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Product of your Niche:

You will find products to promote for about any niche. If your blog is related to health then you can easily find various products in your niche. By this way you have more control over promotions on your website and promoting products similar to your blog niche may give you good conversion rate.

Affiliate Networks:

To find a product or service to promote is very easy in affiliate marketing. There are plenty of popular affiliate networks just join those affiliate networks and you will find many popular products or services at one place. You can easily find top performing products or services on affiliate networks which will help you to choose right product to promote. You can join Network like ShareasaleCJ, Clickbank to find related product from your niche.

There are many more benefit promoting affiliate products or services which can help you make better money compare to pay per click advertising programs. It may take time to master the art of Affiliate marketing but if you do it in time, the result and revenue from your blog will be outstanding.

How many of you have replaced PPC advertising with Affiliate advertising? How’s your result so far?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Salauddin says

    Actually it is reflected from the thought of a blogger. Every blogger thinks at different way. That’s why some one may get useful affiliate marketing than using PPC program .

  2. Vandhana Karthick says

    Very well explained the difference and advantages between PPC Adsense and Affiliate Marketing is there any products related Finance..Kindly help me with the same.

  3. FlaxG says

    i agree with the “Gaurang Joshi” he is right , its easy to get click in PCC rather than Affiliate Marketing, but there are some Affiliate Programs where get pay for the click also like Ebay. i use hubpages and there in every article i inserted Ebay products, and they are paying some Cents for click also :)

  4. says

    Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for sharing this blog content.

    I feel that both the model has it’s pro and cons. It will be dependent on the objectives of the blog owner.

    Just my 2 cents, I personally feel that collecting the visitors’ details to grow own list of subscribers is the most important component in the business. Having the subscribers’ details will enable me to follow up with them through email.

    Whenever there there is new blog post, I will be able to email to the list of subscribers and they will come back to the blog again. They will be exposed to the advertisement that is present on the blog which will allow the blogger to make some money.

    Thanks again for sharing this blog content :)


  5. Rohit says

    I have seen blogger completely moving over from Adsense to Affiliates like Mani Karthik, Ajith Prasad. Well, I am late to the party and hoping to make a balance between both instead of ditching one.
    Well, nice issue covered here eespecially on a blog where Harsh uses both in a clever way :)

  6. Anirban says

    Hi Ravi,
    You are right that affiliate marketing is better than PPC but I think both have some advantages add disadvantages. Just like we can get instant business from PPC programs in less time. Thanks for share!

  7. Nizam Khan says

    Informative post! Well, affiliate marketing is a great source of earning good income, but learning to promote affiliate products is important and it does requires time and experiments. Thanks Ravi for sharing this info :)

  8. Gaurang Joshi says

    Well, you are very much right. Earning from Affiliate marketing may be unlimited but it requires lots of skills to make even a single sale of affiliate products. On the other hand, getting clicks on any PPC network is much easier. BTW thanks for the useful article.

    • Ravi Ahuja says

      Affiliate marketing take some time to give result but when you compare your affiliate earning with AdSense you will find you can earn much better with affiliate marketing.

  9. akhilendra says

    well adsense is better because it automatically serve ads based upon your content which is better way to target. We can use affiliate marketing banners but there are enough studies to prove the banner blindness, so if just verify the conversion rate of adsense ads and affiliate banners then i think adsense would be the winner but yes, as far as income is concerned, affiliate products are far better, but i think reviews are better way to promote them.

    In fact on my site, i have seen much better results with affiliate links in articles than affiliate banners.

    • Ravi Ahuja says

      Yes Akhilendra, affiliate promotion performs best with affiliate link not with banner ads. So if you want to get most from your affiliate marketing you should try to write for that product or service. Placing banner will not do much.