Who Should Never Do Blogging?

Why you can't Blog

Our distinguished pro bloggers encourage all the newbie bloggers to do lot of hard work to become successful. They very generously guide the new entrants of this field and share with them every secret to earn money as much as they can. Obviously their sincerity is above board. But simultaneously they remain so kind enough and avoid becoming straight forward. Here also their purpose is not to discourage the beginners. They don’t want their words make anyone lose his hear and quit blogging.

This does not apply to all pro bloggers. Many of them very tactfully convey the harsh realities related to the blogging struggle. I am talking about oft-spoken bitter realities like blogging needs time, hard work, networking, patience and blah blah. They very rarely write on who should not do blogging. Actually they want more and more people try their luck in this field because one who do hard work with proper planning will never fail. But there are certain basic requirements which you must have in your nature if you want to shine as a star in blogosphere. Here are these;

When Blogging is not meant for you:

If you are not even a little creative

If you don’t have modicum of creativity you should never do blogging. If we cast a look over the entire knowledge of blogging it is not unlimited. There are a few tips and tricks about its techniques and a few more about its concepts and that’s all. The art is to present them in a new way. For that obviously creativity is must. The lines which I am writing here have already been written hundreds of times by expert bloggers in their one post or separately in different compositions. Here I am giving to the same idea a new look by putting this information with a new angle. So you must have a minimum possible creativity to give your readers old wine in a new bottle.

If you are not even slightly technical

You can hire a techie to develop your blog. You can ask your friend to help you out in technical matters but your reliance on others would not let you think out of box for design and layout of your blog. You would think but the next moment you would stop thinking further just to avoid unnecessary expense in development or designing. Or you would avoid bothering your friend who you just have bothered in another technical issue.

So it is necessary that you must have a little technical knowledge about blog design and layout. In the control panel of your blog all you cannot do by one click because there are several options you have to do with the help of basic knowledge of the HTML and CSS. If you are not technical by nature, blogging is not your cup of tea.

If you are not a learner by nature

If learning is not your passion you should never do blogging because it is the constant process of learning and then sharing your knowledge with your readers. You can hire a writer but you have to keep a check over his contents and for that too you need to be a learner first. Otherwise you will not be able to strictly examine the contents which you have to upload on your blog.

Blogging is not the end of this world

This should be your spirit of struggle if you are not fully fit for the above three prerequisites of blogging. Keep it in your mind it has been two decades since blogging has been started. The known history of this world is about three thousand years. During this period we have thousands and thousands of people who are the second name of success. They were not bloggers. They were the experts of their filed. So I am sorry to be blunt but facts are facts. If you don’t fulfill the above three blogging requirements don’t worry another field is eagerly waiting for you to be proud of you. The need is to explore that field and if you can assess your inner abilities you can find it very easily.

Well, I don’t meant to discourage you, but this is harsh reality of Blogging. It’s not an easy task, and if you are starting a blog to make money, there are many other ways to earn from home. You just need to pick, which suits your skill set.

So, is blogging for you or not?

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Mi Muba is CEO of green blog PollutionPollution (www.pollutionpollution.com). With 20+ years professional experience he has expertise in blogging, content writing, internet marketing, social marketing, public awareness, public relation and media management. Presently he is associated with two blogs of blogging and money making niches. Earlier he developed eight niche websites for a UK-based company.


COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Anoop Sudhakaran says


    Nicely written although I cannot completely agree with your second point titled “If you are not even slightly technical”. I don’t think you need to be aware of the technical terms in order to blog. There are so many topics completely unrelated to Technology yet they have seen huge blogs and bloggers. Being technical certainly helps but you can get away with the development part by Hiring or asking for help from dear ones. Once the base is set all you need to do is write and publish. According to me basic Internet usage and a strong passion is all that is required to blog.


  2. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Very nice article Mi Muba, the points you have mentioned are some what convincing i also agree with you on this. Today blogging is a profession there is lot more competition in blogosphere.If one who is starting as blogger should definetly be creative and should stand out of the box.(should give some uniqueness).Technical knowledge is very important it includes SEO also to compit with other bloggers.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  3. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    Exactly, one man can do only one job perfectly at a time. So there are many by which one can make money and gain knowledge other than Blogging.

  4. says

    Sometimes I come across few blogs where posts are written in formal language. It’s so boring to read such posts. I love reading posts on SOL, because they are well written.

  5. Rahul says

    Heyy..I was impressed by the title of the post and as expected liked reading it…Its really important to know your strength and weakness…this post help you in identifying whether you have that in you to be a successful blogger…!!!

  6. Angela Lea says

    Great content. I think that you point out exactly the true prople who dont even know about blogging or they dont even care doing it. i do blogging as it is a great creativety job, you came to know a number of informative stuffs and realizes even your mistakes regaeding anything.

  7. Ravi kumar says

    Now Every Second person is writer. When I was in my home town, no body know it, what blogging is all about.

    But in Delhi, people understand, what blogging is. But, still it will take time to understand little more. If you are a full time blogger at home, people always confused seeing you working at home. Blogging is my passion, but I heard that Google likes newbie blogger and it is fortunate for me too.