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Which is The Best Internet Browser?

Which is The Best Internet Browser?

browsers I’m a computer and Internet addict. I spend almost 10+ hrs on Internet every day and my work involves working on many web pages at once. Being an Internet savvy, I prefer using the best Internet browser and here word best means different for different users. For example, for me it’s browser speed which makes me stick to it. For some, it’s addons which make them stay with any particular browser.

Here in this post we will discus about which is popular and favorite browser for Bloggers and for general users. For me, it used to be Opera when I started moving to other browser from IE, then I moved to Firefox and now I’m a big fan of Chrome. One thing, which in particular I like about Google Chrome is it’s speed and memory management. Anyways, we will look into all this factor individually but will getting reader’s feedback on which one according to them is the best browser. The best way to find out which browser is best on the basis of performance and web standard is by running Acid3 Test. You can learn more about Acid3 Test on Wiki.

Best of the Best Internet Browser:

We are not going to discus all the browsers in the market, but we will look into some of the most popular one. I will add few details about these browsers. If you never heard about any of them, it won’t take much time to download and try it on your system. You never know, you might be missing your next favorite browser.


Needless to say, Firefox is one of the most popular browser among Internet savvy users. One of the major reason of Firefox is it’s addon and being a part of open-source community. Firefox is constantly updated with new feature and there was a time in 2010-11, when Chrome was acquiring the browser market with rapid rate and release of latest Firefox versions (Firefox 7, FF8, Firefox9) new features like: supports Swipe navigation for Mac OS, HTML5 support, improved start-up time and better memory management. All these features, which Firefox was missing from long time is back and needless to say, it’s still one of the popular browser.
Download Firefox <Link>
Popular Firefox Addons:


Chrome Browser

I kind of feel by mentioning Chrome at second position because this is my favorite browser at the time of writing. I love chrome but without addons. I have seen many bugs and issues after installing new chrome addons. I usually stick myself to some of the popular blogging chrome addons. More over, profile managermenet and syncing with Google account will make you fall in love with this browser. Though, chrome crashed for me at times, but I don’t expect it to survive much when 40+ tabs are open with many of them as flash sites.

Though, in recent versions of Chrome, many people reported about slow speed and bugs. Anyways, this is one browser which I can call as best internet browser for Bloggers, but again it’s your choice. As many bloggers prefer such addons which are only available for Firefox.

Download Chrome Browser Chrome


This is the first 3rd party browser which I used after Internet explorer and that was the first time I came across features like password wand, speed dial and many others. Though, Mozilla and Chrome keep acquiring the browser market but at the same time Opera loyal users keep increasing. They introduced turbo technology, Opera Unite and specially for people with slow Internet speed, Opera browser is the best pick.

Download Opera Browser: Opera

Apple Safari:

Safari :Official browser of safari and favorite browser for mac users. It has wide support like Firefox.

Internet Explorer:

There was a time when Internet explorer was completely out of market and only people who were using it was one who got Internet explorer with stock computer. Later on, Microsoft dumped older versions of IE and introduced IE8 which was rated as one of the top browser at that time. Later on IE9 and upper version keep making IE fans happy. IE 10 also hit the market with Windows 8 but I have not yet tried it, but if you have used IE10, do let me know your experience with it.

Internet explorer

This is not all there are many other browsers like Netscape, RockmeIT, Maxthon, Avant browser but many of them are still struggling to make into the list of top browsers. Though, in future I expect browsers to be going more social like RockMeIT. But, this is something time will explain. Do let us know which one according to you is the best internet browser?

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  • Nagesh

    I don’t know why, but I just hate Chrome, since it keeps tracking a lot of personal information without asking users.

    For me, my favorite browsers remain Opera (rocks for speed with Turbo) and Firefox.

  • P@r@noid

    @ Evy
    Thanks for asking. I’m doing good how about you mean while new year greetings to you and all the other readers.

    I started with the same concept and I didn’t realize when chrome become my favorite browser and I use Mozilla because of SU and few addons which I need sometime.

    Though I hope Mozilla will do something about crashing and freezing problem.
    Else I can assure you once Chrome will roll out its addon it will cover the major part of browser war.

  • P@r@noid

    @ Azulfi
    I appreciate your point of view and I know chrome have long way to go but Sometime Mozilla put me in a situation when I’m doing something important and it freezes.
    few days back I was about to loose my one post because of that, thanks to draft feature that It saved me from that situation.

  • Evy

    Hai Denrash, how do you do?
    Well, actually all of them have positive and negative, there is no perfect one. But, if I have to choose, I use two browser, main browser is firefox and second is chrome. I use firefox because it supports a lot of add ons, I use a lot of add ons so I’ve to use firefox. While chrome I use for browsing some sites that can’t load fast in firefox. Yeah, sometimes I get an error in my firefox, but…restart it will solve the problem. Maybe you have a tips for better firefox?

    Ohya, sometime I use also internet explorer only for opening my e-bank account coz it recommends ie.

  • azulfi

    Agree with you Harsh on recent problems of Firefox. But still i feel alot comfortable by using Firefox compare to any other browser. Unlikely to other web developers and IT professionals Internet Explorer is on my 2nd list… i haven’t tried the latest version yet but i find it very comfortable thought not as many features as it competitors got but still its cool..

    Chrome made very gud entry by impressing everyone with its speed but it has to go long way to get popularity to general public..

  • P@r@noid

    @ Scott
    I agree with you, Initially I thought it may be because of lots of addons that i was using so I uninstalled all addon and then tried working on it without any addon.
    Initially for a day or two it worked great but then soon after that it started freezing and point to be noted that I was not using any add-ons.

    If i remember 1 years back Opera used to be my fav browser and I shifted to Mozilla because of its addons and now it is disappointing me probably because I have another better option and that is Chrome!!!

  • P@r@noid

    @ Altaf Though right now I will support Chrome because its fast rendering and the tab task manager which makes it unique. Atleast like moziall it never crashes.
    Lately Mozilla Freezing problem is very common which I never liked!!

  • Scott Radcliff

    I have been using Chrome since it was released but was kind of reluctant due to Google’s “Complete Internet Domination” image. I never really cared for how they had their hands in everything, but I am a web developer so I am kind of obligated.

    Two weeks ago I decided to make chrome my primary browser for awhile to see how well I liked it. I’m not sure I will change my primary browser back to Firefox. As P@r@noid stated, Firefox seems to be freezing alot lately, it takes forever to load, and is becoming a massive resource hog.

    Chrome is much faster than any other browser out there. It renders pages similar to Firefox and Safari. Although I have noticed some minor differences in some sites, it’s not enough to be a deal breaker. The multi-threading is a great addition to browsers, but honestly I really haven’t had Chrome freeze on me often enough to use it.

    Although I never see it mentioned, Chrome does have the ability to inspect the elements on a page similar to firebug. You can access it by right-clicking on any page.

    Unless Firefox gets back to what made them popular, they may be in danger of losing market share to Chrome.

  • Altaf Sayani

    I am obsessed with Firefox it is simple just best. now I m not gonna end like this without giving reasons that why I love it.
    1. Because of its simple user friendly interface
    2. Its fast browsing performance
    3. One of the most secure browser
    4. Compatible with latest web technology and gives the best results.
    5. Huge list of extension and addons availability
    6. Fully customization with lots of themes

    hmmm let me think more and I’ll be come back with other bunch of features :)


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