Which is Right Blog For Your Guest Post?

Writing guest post has so much to offer and one can cease the ultimate benefit for using it. If you want to gain fame, then guest posting ischoose right blog to guest post one of the best way which can turn you from zero to hero. But that does not mean that you run amok through different blogs writing for them wasting your time, their time, just to grab the Page Rank juice. Choosing the right blog to guest post also requires some research and planning, after all, you are going to display your hard work to the totally different set of audience. Few guest posts to a good blog is better option than to writing for the non-deserving one. A question for you all, what actually you see in a blog, how you decide, that yes! this is the right one to guest posts on. Before I will share my receipe of finding the right blog to guest post on, you should read following guest posting tips:

Want to maximize your benefits writing for others? Follow these steps.

Readers Engagement

It`s not the Page Rank of a blog, it`s not the Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program, but first and foremost thing which makes me write for a blog again and again is the readers engagement. I really like the audience which likes to connect and share their views on my guest post. To me, it`s kind of encouragement booster which makes me share my views as a guest post in a more open way.

Blog Design

Now you must be thinking what a guest blogger has to do with the other`s blogs design, but it do matters a lot. How? Let me explain it to you. But answer my few questions first? Don`t you want your guest post to remain at the front page for the maximum time? So read the blog design, think how your blog post can remain on the front page for a longer duration. Check the blog updating frequency. If it`s too high, then your guest post will vanish in a day or two from the front page, and if it`s too low, your guest post blog will not be getting too much readers due to lazy post scheduling. Check how much articles are displayed per page. More is better, as your guest post will remain there on the first page for a longer duration. Check whether there is recent post widget, popular post widget to display your finest work. Check whether is any separate category allocated for guest bloggers. or does the blog owner appreciate the guest bloggers by writing a separate article introducing them along with their articles? So these are some factors with which you can use to choose the perfect blog to write a guest post.

Readers & Subscriber Base

One of the main motive of guest posting is to capture the attention of the different, fresh audience. Check the quality audience, not the quantity. A quality audience will provide you a better feedback than the one which is going to make it all spammy. Try to maintain a balance between the two by going for the large quality audience. Check the subscribers base, the large is better, your guest post will hit more number of mail boxes. Do check whether the social media is inline with the blog. How reputable the blog is. We all know, this is the real audience, they are the real judges, without them even the search engine will be deserted. And do try to write for them and not for the bots.

Blog Owner

Is he/she friendly person, kind enough to help you in times of troubles if you would ask about little help? Is he a reputable person in his/her niche? Is he/she an active blogger? If yes, then you are submitting your guest post to the right person.

Social media promotion:

When you write for any blog, it’s admin work to make sure article is well promoted and seen by new users. That also includes social media sharing. For example, you will see thousands of retweets and Fb sahre for post on mashable and techcrunch. That happens because they are reputed brand and people trust to auto share their content. Similarly, instead of writing a guest post on a blog which has no traffic or very few social media share (1-5), you might be wasting your time with your guest posting. Prefer a blog, which is a niche blog and is also a brand. More over, as a writer, you should also promote your guest post on various social networking site of yours.


Do-Follow Blogs

This is one thing every guest blogger craves for. This is the one thing due to which the guest blogging became famous, came into the scene. So, check whether the blog is do-follow or provides do-follow backlinks to your blog. If yes, go for it and grab few backlinks just by writing quality guest posts for them.


Always try to write for the higher one, but these days I don`t know what`s cooking in the Google Campus. But for your satisfaction, write for the higher one than yours to let the PR juice flow down to your`s too. Getting some high PR back-links is always better for your blog ranking in SERPs.

Google AdSense Revenue-Sharing Program

Now a days, you will find many blogs like ShoutMeLoud, which offers guest posting along with 100% adsense sharing. This is a great idea to add monetization touch along with free backlink, traffic and exposure. As an admin of a blog, it’s quite easy to configure revenue sharing on your blog and you can use plugin like Author advertising to quickly add revenue sharing on your blog. More over, those who are worried about violating adsense policies due to running two adsense pub-id on same page, it won’t be any problem and it’s not violation of adsense policies. By offering, adsense rev share program or any other monetization method, you actually giving more reasons for guest author to write a post on your blog.

What all perks made you write a guest post for a particular blog. Do share with us?

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Amit Sharma is a passionate Blogger, Freelance Writer and a Tech Enthusiast, writes at Pcmastero about various Technologies and loads of geek stuff.


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  1. Hari Narayan says

    Thanks Jayaar,
    And yes, feel free to use two Google AdSense pub-ids on a same page at same time, Google AdSense policies are not against it. One of my fellow blogger is using it(showing one Google Ad unit from the guest blogger and one Google Ad unit of his own on a single webpage).

  2. amit says

    Thanks Jayaar,
    And yes, feel free to use two Google AdSense pub-ids on a same page at same time, Google AdSense policies are not against it. One of my fellow blogger is using it(showing one Google Ad unit from the guest blogger and one Google Ad unit of his own on a single webpage).

  3. jayaar says

    Good Sixer in the first ball Mr. Amit Sharma….
    I am always eager to read the articles posted in Shoutmeloud,,
    thanks for mentioning the point about running two adsense pub-ids on same page. Apart from the clear program policies of Google AdSense, sometimes we need some strong statements like this to keep away our doubts and fear of losing the wonderful online income source.
    Thanks and keep writing!

  4. amit says

    Thanks Dev, it`s you – the readers who encourages a blogger to write good quality posts by providing your feedback and opinion.
    Thanks for the comment :)

  5. Dev says

    Hey Amit,

    Interesting article and these are great tips. Readers Engagement is one of the first things that a guest blogger should look for.