10 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Professional Blogger

Professional blogging is a situation when a person takes blogging as a full-time  profession. He  indulges in the blogging activity in such a way that he has no time to do any other work. It means that only blogging become a source of bread and butter. So discussion is, Is it really worth to resign from a current job and to go for professional blogging?

Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging

Some persons always remain in dilemma that what is the correct time to start with professional blogging. Quitting your current job which is paying you some decent recurring money is  a tough decision. Here I am describing some points which you should consider before getting into professional blogging.


Money may be the most important factor for tending you towards professional blogging. If you are earning some decent amount of money from blogging, may be slight less than your income, then you should consider yourself to off from your job.

It is a foolishness to left everything for blogging because it may be possible that some life depends on you. In the case, if your earning becomes very less any period then it would be very difficult for you to come back from the shock. From my personal experience, sound advice would be start blogging with your job, once you start making enough Recurring Income you can consider switching to full-time blogging.

Also, as soon as your quit your job for blogging, ensure you have more than one blog. You can’t put all the eggs in the one basket.


If you have some freelancing abilities like writing articles for money, web designing, web developing then it will prove as a proper backup at a time when you will have nothing to do. If your blog income sucks for a time being then, you should go for some freelancing work to earn some extra cash. This is the best thing that can happen to you, try and find out the hidden qualities of yours, if you are good with blogging, you can consider starting a blog consultancy service. Options are unlimited, you only need to find out what is best for you.

Job sucks

job sucks

Do you hate Monday or are you getting annoyed by the rude and bad behavior of your boss? Are you not become fit in the environment of your office? Is your job you are working right now is not related to your field of work. Tired of Office politics and want to get out of it asap.  In this condition, you may think to go for a professional blogging. But refer to point no. One before you take any decision.

Health sucks

It may sometimes happen that you cannot cope with the current schedule of your current job, and you may indulge in some bad eating habits. These practices may let you bring some bad health to you. It may be possible that you get exhausted after returning from office and get very less time for blogging work.   You may be affected by some disease like Jaundice, cholera or may be affected by migraine. These conditions may improve if you go for professional blogging but you must take care of these points.

Spend potential time on internet

Are you able to spend some potential time on internet because after resign from your job you will have only your computer as your companion, so make a practice to love your computer before going for pro blogging. Make sure you can handle the stress of working 12 hours a day. This not only involve writing articles, but also getting into conversation with other bloggers, commenting, participation into forums.

Proper infrastructure

Proper infrastructure for blogging is must. Infrastructure means you should have proper resources like your own PC, internet connection, own workstation like your own home, table chair, internet connection, mobile phone, pen drive, power backup that can help you to get your work done without any interruption.

Family support

Don’t quit your job without informing your parents because your parents are those persons who make you stand in a crowd. Don’t make any decision which could hurt them.Try to convince them and make them understand what your work is all about. Try to show some checks from Google adsense or show your paypal account to prove your ability. Another thing is, your family is not use to seeing you 24 hour sitting at home, so explain them , what could happen, once you will get into professional blogging. This will help them to understand your work, and they will give you enough space, even if you are working from home.

Writing habit and marketing potential

Writing habit and marketing potential are the pillars of blogging. If you are lacking these abilities then you must gain these abilities before going for pro blogging. You should be ready to write 5-10 articles a day (this may not happen every day, but sometime). By marketing I mean, reaching to target audience, tweeting, and also getting into conversation with fellow bloggers.

Friend’s support

Friend’s support is very important if you are going for professional blogging because they can help you to promote your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook or any other social media websites. Also they can help you to get some freelancing work in case when you would run out of money.

You are ready or not

The last and the most important point is you are ready for professional blogging or not. Don’t take any quick decision, don’t get impressed with other’s blogging income because there are lots of hard work and sacrifice involve behind huge income. Give at least 6 months to grow your blog and once you start earn some decent money then make any decision.

Despite of all the points I have mentioned above, that should not be the only criteria, these are some points which I consider to be important before I have taken Blogging as full time profession.  By the end of the day, its you who need to take the decision, so consider all the aspect before you become a professional blogger.

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.


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  1. rahul rastogi says

    I consider money and family support the two most important aspect when one is thinking to become a professional blogger… because in my case i am facing these two problems as i am thinking to become a professional blogger.. but again via this article i came to know the point i am lacking and hopefully will come over them asap… thanks a lot buddy for sharing your knowledge as it is very helpful for newbies like me to learn from the mistakes and also the knowledge of professional blogger’s like you….

  2. Martin says

    you know, I have to tell that this advantage of earning with blogging is available only for USA or Europe.. I know a guy who lives somewhere in Russia and he is pretty good in English and has a good writing skills. He has a bloggin English about smth like IT and he was so surprised that i don’t work and just doing blogging for living. It is impossible in his country. Very little

  3. Christo says

    Hi Himanshu this is a good post i recently started a blog still in early stages but never the less hope it takes a turn for the best, i am not a pro blogger but still learning anyway keep your good work.

  4. vrunda says

    great post… totally right points.. it’s not a quick process.. have to work consistently for becoming successful blogger… thanx for sharing


  5. Narinder Garg says

    Please advise as to how I can post and inspire my countrymen towards better democracy which is facing the problem of castism and resevation.
    Let my country rise as bi9g as USA.

  6. Mani Viswanathan says

    You’ve mentioned some pretty valid points buddy. Would read this post again when the time comes for me to choose between my work & blogging (+ web services)

  7. Sahil Kotak says

    Harsh, why is this post back in top again?? :)

    I remember this post, as I read it few months earlier on SML. ;)

  8. Tech Maish says

    Your judgment and ability to plan your future is what you will have to consider. If the opportunity cost is great then the work you are doing currently then a wise decision is to skip that work.
    So if blogging is giving you more then in a job, then become a professional.
    Very useful article Hemanshu.

  9. Melvin says

    Awesome post. I picked up a lot in this article. Im actually just getting started working a dayjob as I graduated just this May. I started working even though Im making money from my network of websites and blogs.

    I think family support is equally important too since it can really make headways eespecially if you know theyre just there to back you down when things go wrong. Nevertheless nice post. :)

  10. Techfudge says

    I believe its not necessary to leave your job in order to be a successful blogger.
    And I deeply believe that one should never leave his job before his blog is earning him a sum equivalent to his current income.
    If you are passionate about blogging, then you would find it stress relieving and fun rather than a difficult task.
    And as far as blog commenting and link building is considered if you are a social person it would not be difficult for you.

  11. Tinh says

    #1 is the most important as blogging is a job then you must survive you then you can jump up to a full time blogger, otherwise, blogging as part time is rather safe :-)

  12. Siva says

    I would also say , after becoming a Pro Blogger you should create a website like tools or service which will get huge conversion from your site.

  13. Ron says

    Great post.

    Also if you have some deposits that you can afford some time (may be 6 months without earning), and you are very confident that you have learned enough to start your professional blogging, i would suggest to leave job and start blogging.

  14. Kok Siong Chen says

    I’m not really ready to become a professional blogger. However, i wish to learn from you. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Harshad says

    It is certainly one of the best articles that I have read in the recent time.

    I am thinking of taking blogging as my full time job and whatever you have mentioned from your past experiences would definitely help me take decision. :)

  16. Gabe | freebloghelp.com says

    So many people “try” blogging and realize it’s not for them. The 90% of blogs that are abandoned is a testament to that.

    If people would just read something like this first, they would probably save themselves a few hundred hours and not even start one in the first place.

  17. George Serradinho says

    This is an informative post and one should really way the options up and see if you are geared up to blogging full time or not. I hope to be a pro blogger one day, for now it’s more part time. One can dream and thats what I’m doing now.

    BTW, this post will be added to next weeks Monday roundup.

  18. Michael Aulia says

    Great points! I wish one day I can be a full time professional blogger. The only factor that hold me back is the money I guess.. and also the stability of traffic that relies too much on Google :D

  19. Young says

    I quit my job half a year ago, and started to be a full time blogger, but I haven’t earned enough for the bread, since the saved money are going to be used up, I have to rethink about the choice now.

  20. jan geronimo says

    That’s an extensive list of concerns that must be clear to a blogger who wishes to make it full time. As for myself, I still keep a day job. I have to although the thought of going full time has entered my mind many times not because it has started to pay off for me but simply because I enjoy every minute of blogging and its host of related activities.

    Whoever says it’s a part time job must be secretly laughing because if you’re serious about blogging, you’d soon find out it’s the most demanding part time job on the face of the earth. It’s an insatiable beast, or a needy baby or an alluring but very demanding mistress. Pick your metaphor.

    Whatever you liken it to, and whether you go full time or remain keeping it as a hobby it still is one of the most fulfilling activities of recent history. :)

  21. Ricky says

    I consider patience as contributing factor. No matter how passionate you are, if you dont see traffic and money for few months, you will definitely get frustrated and discourage.

  22. Avinash says

    Himanshu great points listed out,well done,I feel this could also be a good time for for people during the recession who lost their job, or looking for one to start their career to try something like blogging in the mean while and checkout problogging as an alternate career.

  23. Neeraj Kumar says

    That was an amazing post ! Really convincing factors that need to be considered.Thanks for the tips himanshu!

  24. TechZoomIn says

    Great analysis post Dude…i think i’ll be ready to become full time blogger after 1 or 2yrs from now :)

  25. Gabe | freebloghelp.com says

    Family support is a big deal! It’s really tough to explain to them that the work isn’t fruitless, even if the big checks aren’t coming in yet. Without a good support system, it’s really easy to question yourself and lose motivation.

    Also, I think that six-month mark is key, since I think 80-90% of bloggers fall off the map by then.

  26. Ruchi says

    Really Nice Post, I am doing it for becoming my own boss. These are all very good steps for professional blogging, i am lacking a few but over a period i will gain it.

  27. Blake @ Props Blog says

    Wow! This is a very thorough breakdown of things to consider if you want to become a professional blogger.
    I think a lot of it does come down to responsibility. If your living quarters are secure because you live at home with your parents or live at college, you should have the flexibility to blog full time without worry of financial backlash.
    Also, if you have a spouse who is able to make enough money to support your family financially, that also could allow you to blog full time.
    If you don’t already have the financial backing, then blogging part time to “test the waters” is probably a good idea. You’ll be able to see if you can generate enough traffic and build a large enough reader base to make money without risk of losing your home.
    Becoming a professional blogger is a time consuming process. Not only does it take a lot of time invested, but it also takes time (sometimes months or years) to develop.

    • himanshu says

      Totally agree with you Blake and already mentioned this part in my article, Blogging brings almost everything in life, Money , reputation, global exposure and lots of love, try to make it authority of life, never try to make it the dream which can’t be chased. Making proper money backup before leaving job for full-time is a great decision rather than go for any quick decision. Thanks Blake for your insights.

  28. Web Hosting Blog says

    “Spend potential time on internet” Yeah forums and participation on logs are good way of learning, i learnt alots on forums and friends support in social sites are also great ways to build authority, thanks for the great tips!

  29. Shabnam Sultan says

    Excellent post on professional blogging :) . To be a professional blogger you need to have passion of writing and ofcourse health should be also taken care of.

  30. Technologian says

    Great post, Harsh… I realized I chose the right decision for myself… I found myself not yet ready for professional blogging… I am still considering my current job as an active source of income… Blogging is passive for me as of these times… Maybe sooner, as what you’ve said, I’m ready for full-time blogging… It depends on our passion, actually…

  31. Rahul says

    Hi himanshu,
    Every pro-blogger was noob in his initial days. But they learn and do things in better way. I mean they are the best. If you can do things better then other and different from crowd. You will be a pro-blogger.

  32. Teen Blogger says

    Great Post.

    I think deciding to become a pro blogger is a ver big decision to make. As most of us are part time bloggers we are happy with what we are earning, but if you really want to turn to pro blogging then you need to make loads of importent decisions and think about how it will impact your life.

    Also are you really passionate about it and will you be able to blog every single day?If yes then go for it.

    If you do take the plunge then there is lots of money to be made.

    • himanshu says

      Thanks for your kind words, Professional blogging is really a very tough decision as it is a kind of business and every thing depends on a revenue generated by a blog, if no body depends on you then it is easier to make such decision because hardly you can earn that much amount of cash from blogging so that you can survive of your own, but if there are dependents then you must think 100 times before leaving your day job and enter into professional blogging field.

  33. Avi Singh says

    You are right.
    One should follow all these points to become a successful full time blogger.
    Eespecially we have to win our parent’s trust, they are expecting much from us.
    Thanks for this post himanshu.
    This post will surely help me to take right decision.

  34. Ching Ya says

    There is indeed a lot of considerations before going pro blogging. As a freelancer myself, I’ve been through those struggles and definitely, still am. ^^ Between work and health.. ha.. Maini said it, it’s hard to balance the two, eespecially online is your venture now but we still NEED to. I would recommend those who’s about to enter the challenge to think through of those points mentioned. Well written!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • himanshu says

      Thanks Ching Ya, yes Working continuously with a good health is always a tough job for peoples , they should follow certain measures like exercise, yoga, outdoor games etc. to maintain a good health.

  35. Maini says

    Job and health! huh..most of the time we try to balance these two but we never succeed. These days girls are getting into this full time blogging because of their marriage committments and late after giving birth to baby. Hopef this will help many and you always rocks himanshu! All the best for your up coming articles.

  36. kalyan says

    Nice topic to post , completely these points are must to be considered and surely health sucks but most of all passion and satisfactions are a must for long run

    • himanshu says

      Yes Kalyan, totally agree with you, there are some bad aspects of blogging with day job we should take care of, eespecially we should take care of our health

      • Radha Krishna says

        Hi Himan, that was really a cool post on Professional blogging which i was about to post in shoutmeloud but i have some added points (pros and cons). But np, i think i can hire a few extra points from your post as well as from my experience to give it more value. Nice move.

        Happy Blogging Friends :)