What’s Wrong With Our Generation on Social Media [Short Video]

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter have brought noticeable changes in our life. Along with all the benefits, it has made many of us living a fake life, which is just to satisfy our inner ego. Likes and comments have become a way to judge the popularity of person, and needless to say this is not the right way to judge the satisfaction level of our life. This short video shows what is wrong with our generation on social media sites.

The only message which I have for you and for everyone else on Social-media site is; use it for being honest rather than impressive. If you enjoy this video, do check out other posts in our life-hacks category. Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Google plus.


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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. sushain says

    I totally agree with you.these days people take these social media to cheat,fake and to decide who is popular and who is not,which is not a good cause for the use of social media.Everyone should think the proper use of the social media site and should use them in a peoper manner.
    Well its being a good thing to share such type of articles and to remind the people to use such great social media sites in a proper manner.

  2. Nikhil Waghdhare says

    Hey Harsh,

    This video is really great. I agree with you. In today’s era people use social media to impress others or to fake it. They are just getting miss-leaded by this social media and providing a wrong message to the next generation by using it in a wrong way.
    I would like to share this.
    Thank you for this great creation… :)

  3. says

    Facebook is now part of most people’s web lives, Twitter is where a lot of people are reading the breaking news and if you want to be entertained then just dial into YouTube.
    Despite it’s minimal mindshare, media profile and awareness Google+ has woven its way into our consciousness and is now the second largest social network.
    As if these social networks aren’t enough to distract us. We also now have Pinterest and Instagram to add to the online temptations.
    The social web is the modern version of Alice in Wonderland, where we are following not one but many rabbits down innumerable rabbit holes.

  4. Udita says

    I think,across all these platforms,something strange is happening,we are facing a phenomenon where we have run out of things to say,but not the desire to talk.The futility of the pings that are bewildering in their lack of content,but our lives are so open and documented,such minute details of what we do,where we are and who we are with,is now available for the rest of the world,making most of the conversation seeking information redundant.So,the more distributed our lives are,the more diminished is the need for personal communication!