What’s the Importance of Blog Giveaways?

Blog GiveawaysYou may have seen many blogs conducting giveaways and you must have thought that even you want to conduct a giveaway after seeing the amount of attraction they get from their giveaways. If you are one of those people who can and want to invest in their blogs and are still not announcing giveaways on your blog, then you are doing the wrong thing. Giveaways have been very helpful for me at least and I am sure it would have been for many others. If you are still thinking that giveaways are of no importance in blogging then you are wrong. Giveaways are very important and this post may convince you and show you the importance of giveaways in blogging. Read on!

Benefits of Blog giveaways

1. Popularity Increases

Giveaways usually have that the participants have to share their post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get entry in the giveaway. This not only popularizes the giveaway but popularizes your blog as well. Just guess, if the person who has shared your giveaway turns out to be a person with a large number of friend and followers, then your blog might get a huge amount of traffic. Just promote the giveaway a bit in the beginning and then leave the promotion work to the participants. This way, the participants would definitely increase and would increase with them is the popularity of your blog.

2. Readers Get Rewarded

There are many times I think that how should I thank my loyal readers. The answer is simple, giveaway. Just launch a giveaway at your blog and reward your readers. Just make sure that the prizes you keep to giveaway are useful and your readers are actually rewarded with them. If you have a large reader-base and you are consistently being supported by them, then you need to reward them at least one by organizing a giveaway at your blog. This won’t only reward your readers but will also motivate them to support you more.

3. Increase In Statistics

Recently, I organized a giveaway on my blog where the rule to enter was to subscribe to the email subscriptions of my blog. The giveaway turned out to be very famous and I got around 25 to 30 new email subscribers and thankfully, only a few people(2 or 3) have unsubscribed from my blog. Maybe, I was able to make the people stay as subscribers with the content or they were just too lazy to unsubscribe. Whatever the reason be, those people are still subscribed to my blog. Just like this, you can add many points like – Like my Facebook page, Follow me at twitter, etc. This thing works and may give you wonders with its effects.

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Have you ever organized any contest on your blog? How was the reaction and do you think Blog contest helps a lot in the promotion of your blog?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. rizwan says

    I agree with you . Giveways are very important to engage with reader . reader gets encouraged to read the blog and come again and again .

    • Vinayak Nagri says

      You can giveaway a premium ebook on stock marketing… search google and you might get a few.

  2. plaban says

    Giveaways are very useful. I’ve organized two giveaways in my blog and both were very sucessful and helped me to get more subscribers.