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What’s New in WordPress 3.2: Distraction Free Writing

What’s New in WordPress 3.2: Distraction Free Writing

If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you must be aware of How to upgrade WordPress to beta releases. Now WordPress 3.2 beta is out and we are testing it on our test server to see what’s new and how it’s going to change your experience with WordPress. Here I’m outlining what’s new in WordPress 3.2 and what all features you going to love in WordPress 3.2.

Twenty Eleven theme:

So we all know that from now on we can expect a new WordPress theme from WordPress team every year. WordPress 3.2 will come preloaded with Twenty eleven WordPress theme. Here is a screenshot of Twenty eleven WordPress theme:

twenty-eleven-wordpress-theme Though this theme is not perfect for any professional blog,  but as a personal blog or non serious blogger, this theme is a good place to start. More over if you are one of those who emphasize more on typography, you will like this free WordPress theme.

Distraction free Writing:

Being a blogger, we all know how important it is to not to be distracted while writing. WordPress 3.2 brings a new feature call Distraction free writing which I’m sure every blogger is going to love. Distraction free writing gives you full screen environment where you can focus on writing and it also offers text formatting option.


Here is a video which shows how to get into WordPress distraction free writing mode and how to come out of it. Do notice the way background fades away when you starts writing.


Dropped support for outdated browser:


IE6 is a history  now but people are still using it. Many online web apps and sites have already removed their support for IE6. WordPress3.2 will show a warning message for using an insecure browser. Also if you are using an outdated version of your browser, you will get a message on your WP dashboard to upgrade your browser to latest version.

The Approve and Reply Commenting System

A new feature added to the way comments are approved and replies are left. Earlier you’d have to approve the comment first and then reply to it, now the new WordPress 3.2 Beta adds the Approve and Reply option. This new option will let you reply and approve a pending comment at the same time, by displaying the Approve and Reply. A nice feature don’t you think, as it will surely help you discuss more on your blog and reply to all the comments easily.

PHP and MySQL requirement:

I have already informed you that WordPress 3.2 will require latest technology and if you wish to upgrade your blog to WordPress 3.2 you need to have PHP 5.2.4+ & MYSQL5. So you need to check with your hosting. Specially if you are on free webhosting, I would suggest check with your custom care or host if they support PHP 5.2.4+ and MYSQL5. Else you should consider switching to any of the recommended WordPress hosting.

Apart from all above changes, WordPress 3.2 will also offer better speed and other improvements. Specially WordPress team are focusing more on making WordPress more faster with future updates.

Overall it will be fun to see WordPress 3.2 rolling out soon and we will make most out of distraction free writing feature. Do let us know what feature in WordPress 3.2 you liked the most and also let us know what feature you might like to see in future upgrade?

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  • arun

    Dear Harsh ,

    I appreciate your writing very much . I have started my blog on legal writing . I was stuck up in lot of distractions while trying to write . It was waste of time . I think your post on distraction free writing has motivated me once again to write .

  • Digital Tech

    These are the visible changes that the user sees. There are many other behind the scene improvements as well… I would expect next article from you from the developer’s point of view…

  • admin

    I v always heard that drupal is faster than wordpress if it is true i hope now it gets faster or what say??

  • Praveen @ Geeks4share

    Sounds interesting… thanks for sharing :)


    Distraction Free Writing is a great feature. I tried this and have not opened the WLW for past one week.

  • shyam jos

    new features are really great ,waiting for the final release

  • Dheeraj

    your point “Distraction free writing” is really informative and helps bloggers to concentrate while writing articles.

  • seema sinha

    I really loved this twenty eleven theme.Thanks for sharing.Commenting system also looks improved.

  • Rahul Ghosh

    Finally Wodpress is doing some things right….although we professional bloggers will be unaffected…the 3.2 update will surely help new bloggers to get accustomed to the Wordpress Interface more easily.

  • pythonskynet @blogWithin

    oh god.. Again updating! In few days, plugins also will come with updates..

  • Maninder

    Overall Nice features. If you are using Windows Live Writer for writing your posts, then I don’t think distraction free writing feature will be of much value. Still it may be worth to give a try at least.

  • Digital Bunch

    Didn’t tried with WP beta yet. Can’t wait to implement it.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Harsh,

    This looks awesome. I’m waiting for the official release though. I have been using Writeroom and OMMWriter for distraction free writing for a while, so this new version of wordpress is perfect for me :)


  • Jasmine

    WordPress 3.2 looks really good. I like the Distraction Free Writing feature!

  • Ashish

    nice features, though i will wait for the final release and will re think to update my blog to wp 3.2

  • Atish

    Very Nice article. I m a newbie for wordpress so can you tell me is it good to take back up of the blog before upgrading to latest version.

    • karthik

      yes u have to take backup before you upgrade

  • Amandeep Singh

    Distraction free writing and “Approve and Reply” are great features… looking forward to the final release…


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