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    Social Bookmarking for SEO : How it Benefits a Blogger?

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    Social Marketing and SEO are like flesh and blood nowadays. There may be many technical definitions of social marketing but it still holds true that social marketing is a modern form of spreading ideas using Word-of-mouth techniques. It can be greatly simplified and more easily understood by considering it the oldest form of marketing around that has been given a new name. Social networking websites have become the mainstream technology to accomplish social media campaigns for clients around the world. While SEO is about increasing a website’s visibility in the search engines, social marketing has evolved as an important part of SEO to augment this visibility.

    Picture1 300x225 Social Bookmarking for SEO : How it Benefits a Blogger? Social Bookmarking for Blogging

    Social marketing is an important part of SEO because it creates, plans, and accomplishes social media campaigns for clients around the world. According to Wikipedia, Social marketing began as a formal discipline in 1971, with the publication of the book “Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change” in the Journal of Marketing by marketing experts Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman.

    Ranking pages on social media websites, getting relevant and quality inbound links and using social media websites for reputation management are three main niches because of which social marketing has become an important part of SEO strategies. Here are some points that express the ever-increasing influence of social marketing in SEO.

    Social media voting and user views:

    Thanks to Google Universal Search which combines results from the web, images, videos, blogs, and other areas to rank a website. Social media voting and user views are of increasing importance since they help content get on the first page of Google. For example comments play an important role in getting videos ranked because they serve as reviews. So if a website puts out viral videos, it will get comments naturally, which will come to boost its site ranking.

    Social bookmarking:

    Search engines can benefit from monitoring social bookmarking sites because doing so permits them to index sites faster, define and measure the quality of various sites, and index websites more deeply.

    Picture2 Social Bookmarking for SEO : How it Benefits a Blogger? Screenshot of Google search results

    When someone takes the time to bookmark a site, it usually is because the site is worthwhile. When a site has multiple bookmarks from a variety of different social bookmarking sites and by multiple users, it has more quality and relevance in the eyes of search engines. Similarly, the more votes that a page receives from multiple social voting sites, the higher the ranking it may have. The effect of Social Bookmarking is clearly seen in Google-personalized search results where results contain websites from your social circle, although this is in beta state at this time. Recently, Google introduced +1 button. That also reveals Google’s intentions towards “social factor” in their search rankings.

    Getting inbound links:

    Social media marketing plays an essential role in search engine rankings due to its link-building power. Profile pages on social media sites often pass link juice and are highly indexed by search engines, especially when it comes to long tail keyword phrases. Netscape is the best social media site in terms of the link juice passed on.

    In addition, Social marketing is a source to get User Generated Content. User Generated Content pretty much rules the web these days. If a website isn’t including comments, blogs, reviews, thumbs up or polls then frankly it might as well be a book instead of a website. .

    According to searchengineland.com,

    it is reasonable to conclude that product pages with UGC review content embedded as HTML do cause a page to receive greater crawl frequency.”

    One may have seen many Facebook “like” pages created by different brands, and companies is a part of the strategy to make the website SEO friendly by diverting traffic using the power of social marketing. In fact, twitter has become the main source of releasing a press release or a latest blog’s link. The most important part of integrating SEO with Social Marketing is getting started and developing a plan but once these schemes are in place, it’s amazing to see the new volume of traffic to a that website.

    Finally, I must say that, if you are a blogger, not implementing proper social marketing/Bookmarking schemes on your blog is a fatal thing to do when it comes to drive traffic.

    This is a guest post by Rizwan who blogs at Irnovo. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    Rahul Ghosh

    Social Bookmarking and Backlinking are very important. Thanks for the post. I wonder whether paid backlink services are actually fruitful? Please Help.


    ifham khan

    i totally agree with rizwan social media is a traffic source for a blogger specially twitter helps a lot to promote blog links via via.
    Thanks for sharing rizwan good job keep it up



    agree completely. Social bookmarking really helps drive traffic from search engines. The traffic from search is something which helps your blog grow.


    Sonali Joshi

    social bookmarking means exposure and backlinks for your blog…



    Good job Rizwan, Can you list out some good social bookmark sites?


    gaurav chaudhary

    you are right Mr. Rizwan Noor
    As this is much important to fight with WWW


    Sahil BJ

    yes, it is the best mean to get good referral traffic.



    Hi Rizwan

    We are doing Social Bookmarking for our website, and it is only meaningful book marking your site with good and known websites. The new and without PR social bookmarking site doesn’t play any role for me but yes it takes time in fact.

    So i recommend everyone to have a active presence in known social website which truly make the difference.


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