6 Things that Made Shoutmeloud, A BRAND

I’m sure many of you who read ShoutMeLoud (SML) daily, not only wants to create a better blog but also wants to create a popular blog. ShoutMeLoud, which is one of the top Blog in India, is an inspiration for many bloggers and many useful guides here, helped young bloggers to make a smart passive income out of their Blog. Have you ever thought, what made ShoutMeLoud so Popular? What Made ShoutMeLoud as a brand and why many of us, love to read SML endlessly everyday?

Shoutmeloud & Harsh Agrawal, I have a personal contact with both of them. SML, one of the blogs that I read on constant basis to keep myself motivated to blog day in & day out, and Harsh Agrarwal, a person that I admire in my life because he had made a brand by his hard-work and dedication.

Today, as I was just checking out the website, a random thought came to my mind. The thought was what exactly Harsh has done to make SML – A BRAND. And I sat down with a pen & a paper. Here are the 6 things/reasons that I came out with that can explain what in Shoutmeloud makes it a brand.

ShoutMeLoud Brand

How ShoutMeLoud Established Itself as a Brand?

One of the best Blogging tip which I can offer to any newbie is: Study one of the top blog in your niche. This will help you to understand how and what made that Blog popular and what elements you can add into your blog to reach that height. Here I’m sharing some of my observations for ShoutMeLoud :

1. Content

SML is known for his  awesome content. At present more than 2200 posts are published on the website and that too of high quality. There is almost nothing about which you will not be able to find info on Shoutmeloud.

Blogging tips, make money online, SEO, WordPress – you will be able to find the top-notch content on the website. And if your blog has high quality content, no one can stop you to be a big brand in the market. And SML took care of each & every aspect of content correctly.

2. Problem Solving Product

I have heard this one very thought from almost every entrepreneur out there – “Create a Product that solves others problems“. And SML is working perfectly on this quote. You can find each & every tutorial for almost anything you want to do in blogging. SEO, social media marketing, WordPress, and much more. You will be able to find solutions to most of the issue people face in their blogging journey. And it really helped SML to grow because of this quality in it.

Specially, I recommend you to check out ShoutMeLoud question and answers category, which will help you to get awesome idea for your own blog brand.

3. Audience Support

No one in this world can make a brand without the support of it’s audience. And SML was lucky enough to get that support. People contribute to a large extent because they are in love with it. People submit guest posts in a large extent on SML because they feel the pride to be a part of the SML community. I am not aware of the exact numbers but still I can bet that SML has more than 400 contributors as guest posters.

Some of the big industry name and Social media experts like Daniel Scocco, Zack Johnson are few of the names here.

4. Services

The best move by Harsh Agrawal was to launch services at ShoutmeLoud. Services help people to use the expertise of the A – list people to move their brands a next step. Currently Harsh Agrawal provides WordPress services, Blog Consultancy services, Free WordPress Installation and some more in this range.

People love to take advice from him, and the best part is, he is willing to give advice. This creates a buzz around the audience as they feel that yes,  this person will help us to move forward. So, we should help him too.

5. Community Touch:

One of the major reason which I believe helped ShoutMeLoud to grow to this extent is because it established itself as Blog community. When ShoutMeLoud was started back in 2008 (Read: Harsh Blogging journey), Harsh started offering guest posting feature along with revenue sharing. Probably one of the first few blogs offering such feature and that helped many young Bloggers to present themselves among other bloggers.

In the initial days, Harsh has taken care of many things which include monthly blog posts and featuring the most active commentator every month. Here are few series posts which helped ShoutMeLoud to create awareness about it’s brand:

6. Branding

And I must say here, the Shoutmeloud team has worked really hard to make itself a brand. They used each & every possible step to make their own brand. Custom Facebook fan page, twitter background, custom theme design and much more.One of the important aspect of ShoutMeLoud branding is it’s unique design and logo.

Take away for establishing your Blog as a Brand:

When ever we talk about blog branding, it’s not one day job and you could just read this post like many others and take no action. Or, you can be one of those solopreneur who can take some constructive action and start working on creating a brand for your Blog. There are some elements which are very crucial for creating a Brand for your Blog and I will list them down below:

  • Unique design
  • Logo + Favico
  • Author Profile (Very important)
  • Important pages (About, Contact, any other)
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Quality content
  • Regular flow of content and constant brand mention
  • Establish your Blog as a niche Expert

These are just few of the elements which will not only help your blog to grow but you can establish youself as a brand. One more thing which you can learn from Harsh Agrawal is, he never missed a chance to brand himself. This always helped him to make his whole blog network grow and add trust when his names pops in.  Here are few articles, that I highly recommend you to read to learn more about creating a brand for your Blog:

Why don’t you go ahead and browse some of the pages of ShoutMeLoud and share your own opinion and observation which helped SML to grow at this level? If you have ever done a Case study on ShoutMeLoud and published it on your blog, do share the link here in comments.

This is a Guest post by Harneet from Postfever. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. Manish Agrawal says

    Really Harsh Blog community So strong and his blog provide awesome blogging information. I had some query about wordpress but when i read this blog then i got more information and i have start own my blog now its also good working. I hope harsh will provide another solution for user… thanks Harsh

  2. sangram says

    Unarguably , Harsh Agarwal is the one of the best bloggers in India .He is one of the
    reason why we all blog .

  3. Sagar Gholap says

    I’ve been reading SML for around 3 years now and I must say Harsh is continuously working hard to keep us coming back for more information he has to share with us.. :)

  4. Sadhil Kumar says

    That’s the reason why i look up to this blog. A great blog for every blogger.
    Although it belongs mostly to the blogging niche, yet every new blogger irrespective of niches can get valuable stuff from ShoutMeLoud.
    Wish it carries on the good work. :)

  5. Satish says

    I would say the services of your company has been the most advantage thing happened in Shoutmeloud. These free services are pretty much convincing and inspiring. :)

  6. piyush says

    hi harneet
    really SML is a brand because of your all mentioned things. im also read SML post daily because every tip share on this blog is really really helpfull n 99.9% correct.
    and a big salute to harsh for helping others by their sevices and by their content

  7. CA Karan Batra says

    The Hard Work and Dedication with which Harsh has worked towards making Shoutmeloud such a Big Brand is certainly commendable…

    Keep doing the great work which you’ve always been doing

    Good Luck for the Road ahead :)

  8. says

    Nice Post Harneet Bhalla, The all point you have covered through this post, No doubt, it surely makes ShoutMeLoud a Brand. I accept one of the best thing about Shoutmeloud is it’s content. This is just what ShoutMeLoud is known.

  9. Harish Krishna says

    I have been following SML right from the day I started blogging. Its exactly about 3 years ago. Back then SML was a just a blog and now great to see it become a brand. Harsh is one of those few bloggers in Blogging and MMO niche to persistently maintain the reputation for such a long time. Most of the bloggers including me quit blogging for many a reasons. But Harsh has maintained it bravely.

    BTW good post Harneeth

  10. Vivek Krishnan says

    This is good stuff Harneet! A wonderful study and SMLs life cycle is something I feel we must all strive to replicate.