What Is Managed WordPress Hosting & Advantages

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I often talk about Webhosting as this is the first thing which you need in order to create a new WordPress Blog. When it comes to hosting, we have various options in terms of Hosting packages and companies. Most common once are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated Hosting and so on. Now, one thing which is common about these hosting companies, they will let you host any type of Website. Be it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Web builder Websites and many more.

What is Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress is a memory hogging software and despite of me being on Knownhost VPS, which is a powerful VPS hosting, I have been facing lots of problem with downtime and site slowness at times. The reason for is, my VPS is not completely optimized for hosting WordPress sites and either I need to be a WordPress server optimization expert or need to hire someone to do it for me. So, I have been looking for other options that anyone like me can use without worrying about WordPress hosting issues. I have been reading a lot about Managed WordPress hosting and I find the idea very useful and especially for hosting business WordPress sites, managed WordPress Webhosting is perfect. In this post, I will be giving you an overview of these specialized hosting for WordPress and we will learn why you should use it.

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Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

As name suggests, these type of Webhosting is especially designed and optimized for WordPress blog. I was checking out WordPress server optimization slide by one of WordPress.com engineer and realized that there are many things which we can do to scale our server to handle high traffic. Though, with limitations on Shared hosting and if you are not from a Technical background, you will be finding it hard to do it yourself.

Managed WordPress hosting takes care of every inch of server optimization for hosting a WordPress blog/Website.Their technical team is trained to manage WordPress servers and the best part, they know in’s and out of WordPress blog. So when you are talking to their customer support for any kind of issues, you will be getting instant solution.

Many WordPress managed hosting companies offer server level caching & CDN, so you don’t even need to rely on WordPress cache plugins and more over, your site will be served faster and no hosting related technical hassle for you. These type of hosting is perfect for any business WordPress blog, big WordPress sites or if you are a non-technical guy and spending money on hosting is not an issue, managed WordPress hosting will be your best buy. Now, lets look at some of the advantages of using managed hosting for WordPress.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name implies, this term can be defined as daily management of WordPress so that you can focus on something else. This means that professionals will make sure that the critical WordPress platform, plugins and other updates are immediately installed as soon as they are made available. They also handle speed optimization, backups as well as a number of tools that are meant to enhance your experience when with WordPress.


The professionals who provide people with Managed WordPress services understand this platform in a better way, and that’s why they know how to use it in an efficient manner. There are a lot of things which they will do. They might enhance it to provide you with additional security, while managing the firewalls they create and more. Here are some related read for WordPress security:


The service providers will also provide you with support. This is also the biggest advantage when you compare Managed WordPress hoisting provider with the cheaper or free WordPress hosting. Many hosts only provide people with space; however, they don’t have an understanding of the platform. If you happen to face a problem, these providers might not be able to help you in a proper manner.

With Managed WordPress hosting, for a price, you will be able to contact someone who understands the platform and will be able to provide you with the help you are seeking.


If something unfortunate happens to your site, for example, if it gets hacked, the database crashes or everything on the site is lost; a normal hosting service won’t be able to help you. There’s a very high chance that you will lose everything. Not having a backup is the problem here.

You don’t have to worry about losing your data because with Managed WordPress hosting, the creation of nightly backups are commonly included within the price you pay for the service. Having a backup is very important when it comes to websites. It’s very frustrating when everything you have worked for is lost because of something unfortunate. Creating a backup gives you the surety that things will be fine even if something unfortunate occurs.

Some of the managed WP hosting service providers you can try are: Page.Iy, WebSynthesis, WPEngine to name a few. These service providers make sure that everything goes smoothly for you. They also provide you with increased security and performance. The speed of your site is very important for your visitors. These service providers provide you with increased speed because of the resources they have.

Here is an introductory video of WpEngine, which will give you more ideas about how managed WordPress hosting will benefit your site:

So, if you want WordPress professionals to take care of your site, then Managed WordPress hosting is the service you are looking for. This service typically starts from $20 a month and increases to hundreds of dollars per month depending on what you need. Though, despite of being the best hosting environment for WordPress sites, managed WordPress hosting are not for everyone due to price constraint. Right now, ShoutMeLoud is hosted on WPEngine, and here are few articles that you should check out to get a clear understanding of Managed WordPress hosting and WPEngine

To sum it up, if you are hosting a WordPress blog, and none of your hosting company is able to handle the resource requirement of your WordPress blog, you should definately get a hosting which specialise in hosting WordPress blog. From my experience, WPEngine is one quality managed WP hosting. Compare to shared hosting or VPS, cost of WordPress managed hosts are considerably high, which might not be a perfect for a newbie or upcoming Blogger. But for a company site or for a Blogger, where money is not an issue, this is the perfect place to Host your WordPress sites.

Are you using any managed hosting for WordPress? How’s your experience so far and which company would you recommend?

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    Every Blog I read recommends WPengine, Pagely and Websynthesis as among the best managed WordPress host. I subscribed to Godaddys Basic managed WordPress hosting plan for under $7 a month and my blog loads in less than 1 seconds. I am not even using a CDN. There are a lot of unknown managed WordPress host out there whose service is at par if not better than those managed WordPress providers commonly endorsed by popular blogs.

  2. Klixindia Classifieds says

    Hi Harash
    Thanks for the post, I am facing Load time issue on classifieds website. So which company you suggest for hosting to resolve the problem.

  3. Dinesh Verma says

    Managed WP Hosting is for big bloggers, who can afford to pay big sum. New bloggers should their hands first. But if you are running a blog with thousand of daily visitors, then it is important for you to make sure that your website is up all the time.

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      That is not entirely correct, Godaddy and Siteground offers one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosting out there for starting wordpress blogger. The price is even cheaper compared to generic shared hosting offered by the more popular web hosts.

  4. stargaterich says

    Thanks for the great post. Google has recently included the loading time of pages and for that matter how fast a blog loads up an important factor in regards to page ranking.
    You also touched on one critical aspect, that of backup which many people seems to overlook until the inevitable happens.