What Is Blogging For you? [Shouter Answers]

Blogging to me is something which I enjoy. I started blogging, because I like documenting, and sharing things which I enjoy. If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you would know here I share about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, technology, Social media and internet marketing. I could have stick to any single, smaller niche, but after blogging for years I know one thing “Blogging for me is my voice” , and I will write about anything that I learn in my journey.

Blogging for me is PassionThis is a short version of what Blogging meant to me, and in reality I could probably write an eBook on my thoughts about blogging. I’m sure you have your version of what blogging is for you?, and to find out this, I asked ShoutMeLoud readers on our Facebook fan page. Along with this, I also decided to give away one single user license of SEOPressor plugin. Winning comment is at the end, and lets see what others feel about blogging.

Though, all answers are great, but I’m picking up only those who grabbed my attention. You can read the entire list here.

What is Blogging for other Shouters?

Lets go ahead and see what others think about blogging:


A way to organize and share my thoughts in the process of learning more from the web.

Mohit Rajwani:

Blogging for me is, making more, and more friends and hep them and get help from them also.It is my passion, and I am proud to be a blogger and will always be.


For Me Blogging is Addiction , way to continue learning new things and expressing my thoughts .

Kulwant Negi:

Helping Newbies to find hidden blogger in them, so that they can live the life which most people dream about.

Rakesh Kumar:

Blogging is an art which lets me do many things. It helps me to do a lot of stuff like teaching the entire world for free about what I know through a medium called search engine. Blogging for me is a way through which individuals and students like me can establish themselves as entrepreneurs instead of becoming jobless youth leading to shameful situations in the future. Blogging for me is an addiction for the benefit of ourselves.

I mean we get addicted to a blog, we work hard for it and do all the things needed for bringing it to the front page. All the acts like keyword research, onpage optimization, offpage seo can be linked to “finding the solution of a problem”, “writing the best possible way to solve it” and so on. In the end, blogging for me is the way “I USE TO ORG ANISE MY LIFE “,


Spreading my words,messages in the form of POSTS for helping the people who are looking for these. It is a kind of work where i see myself perfect, because I can WRITE,UNDERSTAND my people’s requirement, and PROVIDE them good things.


Blogging for me is a way to break the social barriers of a typical Indian Family. I want to prove that Indians are not just limited to engineering and medicine. I want to show our society that I can earn more than everyday engineers and doctors from Blogging.


Blogging for me is a way to share what I know with people who don’t know, a way to help others, to build relationship, to make a living. Blogging is my passion and it makes me happy.


A wise way of sharing knowledge!


Blogging for me is a hobby which I cannot live without. It is my passion as well as life. I love doing it….


Blogging for me is a way to speak for myself…way to educate others…way to tell people who i am…way to interact with the unknown world…and finally a way to earn all the good things in life!

Reema Jain:

Blogging for me is Expressions. Expressions of me and Expressions for all.


Blogging is something which expresses the true face of me. I love blogging because I always believe in “Sharing is Caring“. The more you share the more you get. Blogging makes me do both share and get knowledge. Not only knowledge, but also exposure, patience, passion, entrepreneurship, time management, decision making… I live a life I wished to be ever since I became a blogger. I Love Blogging.


Blogging for me is a way of expressing my thoughts and ideas which gets me happiness and money.


Blogging is a passion. Sometimes maybe an addiction. There’s something about that feel, the craving, the success and interaction that make you go back for more everyday.


Blogging for me – to express and share thoughts on what i am good at and learn from what i am not,help the ones who are new to blogging, build and grow contacts, a medium to brand myself socially, indirect way to earn some moolah for my tech gadgets.Sharing is caring  Live Long Blogging ! Blogger for Life


A thought of collecting & sharing the best things of the internet. Let’s hope that we will achieve it & keep sharing because Sharing is Awesome.


Blogging for me is my passion.I love Blogging.It is the best and famous way to provides best Knowledge on various niches with very simple funda.
1.Learn 2.Teach New Bloggies 3.Share 4.Earn 5. Full-fill All the Dreams A way One by One..


Love affair between me and my Blog.


For me when i discovered blogging it was like a passion. I am not a social guy and working from home was a dream. Even thought I havent reached my goals and dream, I will keep working for it. We all know how making money online is possible and I will make the best to grow my blog and have a career online.


Blogging for me is Passion cum Profession…Honestly speaking I blog for money and I chose it as my profession because its my passion. “Make your passion your profession” Simple as that.


Blogging in my life has a big part, a boy who never know anything about the internet, but today blogging is all for him. I’m doing my mechanicl engg. But today apart frm this I can proudly say that I’m a blogger and I’m work with world’s bst company ‘GoOglE’ Through mY blOG. It provides me more respect as well as knowledge.


Blogging is my oxygen. if do not work on my blog or website whatever it is, i’ll become mental & the only treatment is just blooging. I dont know from where this attitude came but it does’nt matter. I am waiting for that day when people will know me through my website name not through my name


Blogging for me is the best way I found to share and earn what i’m good in and to proof that what i do on PC for hours is something very sensible, other than that a source of income after graduation, so that i should not be dependable on father’s earnings anymore, I love technology and i’ll for forever as geek my geekdom only expands so love to have more people in my geekdom and i’m trying hard to take Indian blogging at par.


Blogging for me is the information sharing system and now it’s changed to a better business opportunity too.


Rather than simply saying what blogging for me is… I would like to state the fact that ‘Blogging completes me’, as it have provided me the way to explore things which share my common interests and made me settle up with life at a crucial level.

Ankit Bansal:

Living the life what others dream off and that too in my tees and shorts.

Winning answer:

I know all answers are amazing, and they hold meaning to them. And it was really hard for me decide, which feeling is the best. I did mentioned that I will select winner, on the basis of Likes, but I think I lied to you. :)

I have selected the winner based on creativity, and here is the winning thought by Amit Sharma:

Blogging for me is freedom at last.
Blogging for me is ultimate glory to bask.

Blogging for me is life my way.
Blogging for me is one hope of ray.

Blogging for me is to socialize.
Blogging for me is life energize.

Blogging for me is a pleasure divine.
Blogging for me is helping friends and family,
and the pleasure is all mine.

I will be sending one single user license of SEOpressor plugin to Amit, and we have more contests and giveaway lined up. You can join us on Facebook and Google plus, to win the freebies.

Thanks everyone for their contribution, and I would love to ask you answer this question: Blogging for me is …… ?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Raghavendra says

    Blogging for me is learning new things. When i do some research before writing my blog post, i learn about a wide range of things :)

    Thanks for inspiring us Shoutmeloud!

  2. Christopher J says

    Thanks for featuring me here. It’s a privilege to be showcased in SML for the first time. If u contest another one I will surely win it! Congrats to the winner! BTW nice and fair contest Harsh!

  3. Ravi budhwar says

    Blogging is my habit and i always love to share something with the people and it is also routine for me like Sleeping and eating.

  4. says

    even i started blogging actually for the research i do to consolidate at one place and now i feel that place should be usable by everyone

  5. Rahul says

    Heyy Harsh… I started blogging as a hobby..soon it became my passion..I really enjoy writing…when I write it gives me pleasure…Thanks for the post..:-)

  6. Amit Sharma says

    First of all, Thanks a lot for the opportunity, Harsh. :)

    (Happily) To be serious, I wasn’t even expecting this, but again, Thanks a lot for honouring me and my answer. :)

    All answers are amazing and holds a special meaning to their authors, and to others as well. These are not just their answers, but their feeling, towards Blogging, their work.

    Keep up the good work, Bloggers. :)

  7. Ravi kumar says

    Blogging is my Life now. It is the new revolution for me. I am sighting the great future into it like a big ship looking like small due to far. We have to travel a lot to reach there.