What Are The Attributes of a Well Designed Landing Page

Landing page plays a major role in the sales of your product and services. So while designing landing pages, website designers and developers chiefly focus on their layouts. They use the same delicate technique to create latest websites, but that technique sometimes breaks down and there’s a conflict about that landing page design.

We will get a better idea about designing a landing page by visiting product landing pages of different websites. What should be the best landing pages for visitors? In my view it’s those which capture their attention and fulfill their goals. Here I will discuss a few ideas for creating best landing page layouts.

What all should be there in a Well-desgined Landing Page

1.      Title and Headlines

While creating a landing page layout you need to keep in mind the title and headline as they are the first things which users are going to see. If you are creating landing pages of products then your title should be your product name and your headline something related to the product. Your title and headline must be attractive and hold the interest of your visitors so they return to your website. Make your landing page layouts such that visitors are more curious to know more about your products and services.

title and headline of a landing page

2.      Go in-depth

While creating landing pages of product and service based websites it’s important to explain in-depth the products and services you are offering. So, while designing a landing page layouts you should always fashion it in such a way that you can nicely display your content in a better manner. The customer always wants to know about you as well as the products and services you are providing to them.

For example if a mobile app is your digital product, then at that time the customer wants to know how that apps work, what it should cover and many other things. You can design your layout in such a way that all content is displayed in the best way the customers want. Create a video for your app explaining everything about it in that video. You can display that video in your layout. By creating a video you are giving more insight about your products. Visitors like to watch and hear things instead of reading. You can do the same thing for a service based site, create videos of different services which you provide to visitors.

3.      Use of product images

When you are dealing with a product based site then it’s very good practice to show product images to the customer. Users like viewing images of products they like and how your product works in general. This will help your visitors to understand your product in a better manner. For example, if you are launching your application in the app store, then many people are already aware about your application and they are using your application from a long time even though they are unaware of some particular part of your application.

product image

At that time if you are going to create a landing page for that particular application on your website and you are going to show screen shots of your app and explain every screen shot in depth, then visitors will understand more about your app and your chances of getting more downloads in the app store will vastly improve. By watching that particular image they will get to understand how your product works on different  mobiles.

 4.      Converting page section

When you are creating a landing page for your website then you should have a sound reason for designing it. Every landing page design expects some kind of conversation from it. It may be in terms of e-mail signups or for trying to get new registration from your customers or for selling your product, which means to fulfill your business goal. Being a designer you need to analyze which portion of the landing page gets maximum conversion and accordingly you should design it. You can get to know these with the help of  software like Crazyegg which will show you the heat map for your landing page and create a good call to action and put catchy content in that place.

5.      Specific content

Every landing page has some type of content on it for visitors. If you are creating a landing page for a service based site or product based site you will need to place the content. This means when visitors come to your website they find some good highlights or bigger fonts on it and that draws more attention.

Specify content

Let’s take the example of website SPINX Digital, a digital agency that has used parallax design to create their website. They are a service based website and they represent their content in a very good manner like in what field they are experts and many other things. They have created their landing page in such a manner that content easily catches the attention of visitors and gets them involved in reading that content.

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Designing a landing page layout is always a very difficult task. So for a long time industry experts have been experimenting to find best practices for creating a landing page. In this article I have tried to specify different methods of designing a landing page of your website. If you have some more methods to discuss, your comments are welcome.

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    That’s right Stephen. Creating beautiful landing pages with attractive titles, headlines and product photos will surely enrapture the interest of the target audience. And boost it up with writing quality content that will address your target readers’ problems and research, are sure to have them coming back to your blog or website. ;)